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My cure to my worst acne!!

I had the worst acne 3 weeks ago. I've tired everything, but I finally found a solution for me and I promised myself I would share it.

1. Purpose Soap (in the pump)

2. Clean & Clear Invisible Blemish Treatment or any gel that has 2% Salicylic Acid.

Place gel directly on your pimples and let dry.

3. Apply Hydro cortisone 0.5% - you can get this at Walgreen's(do not apply a higher percentage)

4. Go to sleep

In the morning, I was like wow!! My entire face calmed! I repeat the same steps minus step 3 in the day time and replaced it with the water base moister lotion with SPF 15 from Purpose.

This is what has worked for me. I wish u the best


Ps. I'm lovin' my face!

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