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Today I received my package from acne.org. I only ordered the 8 oz treatment once again. I will be starting the regimen tonight, and it will be as follows:

Morning & Night-

Wash with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser (Normal to Oily Skin)

Use fingers length of BP Treatment (I'll start with less first couple weeks)

Moisturize with Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

Add a couple drops of Jojoba Oil if needed

I will be posting pictures probably every other night to track my progress. Currently, my problem area is my forehead with a few breakouts on my jawline/cheek. I will post a current picture.

Hope all goes well second time around!

edit.. ok please comment if you know how to post a picture?? I can't figure out how


My Skin History..

My skin currently is the worst I've ever seen it. My order for acne.org regimen will be here in a couple days, so in the mean time I'll give a history of my skin..

In high school, my skin was never very bad at all. I rarely broke out ever. That summer before my first year of college, I started to get worse breakouts, mainly on my forehead. So then, I moved into school, and the first month of school, I had really bad skin, the worst it had ever been. I broke out mainly all over my cheeks, and I didn't know why. I got so sick of it that I finally decided to try an acne skin care system, which was the acne.org regimen/Dan's regimen. I researched it awhile before purchasing, and I read so many great reviews plus there's a money back guarantee, so what could I lose? I made the order in the beginning of October and started the regimen probably a week later. The regimen did wonders for my skin. I couldn't believe how clear my skin finally was, and it only took around a month or two . I used up the kit I ordered, and since at the time their shipping was really expensive I decided to try something else to try to keep my skin the way it was.

I received a prescription for Clindamycin from my doctor for acne. I just washed my face with Cetaphil, put the Clindamycin gel on, then moisturized. This kept my skin clear still for quite a long time. However, then I thought that I could get away without using Clindamycin, since I wanted to not have to rely on a prescription forever. I started experimenting with face products, which I shouldn't have. It was then early summer of '10, and my face was the clearest I had ever seen it. I was so happy with my skin. However, something changed, and I have no idea why. I started getting breakouts again, mainly on my forehead. I kept trying new face products, but I would give them weeks to a month to work, and nothing ever did. I moved back for my second year of college, and my skin just got worse. I decided to start using Clindamycin again, which I am still using today. However, my skin has only gotten worse, and now it's at an all time low. I have horrible breakouts all over my forehead. It isn't cystic, but they're pretty big surface pimples I would say. I hate it, and I finally decided to go back to the regimen that saved my skin exactly a year ago. I have high hopes it will do the same it did before.

I placed a new order just for the treatment, and it will be here probably the middle of this week. I'm going to document my process with using the regimen again, to do a more in depth review, and possibly help other people interested in the acne.org skin care. This is all I will talk about today, but I will soon write a post explaining what my whole skin care regimen will be, and I will start documenting my process with both pictures and descriptions.

Thanks for reading,


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