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It's been awhile...

So if there is anyone out there that actually reads my blogs, I apologize that it has taken me so long to post! It's been a busy couple of months for me.

To update you; I have been doing the regimen religiously and have come upon my second month with about 5 pretty big pimples. They aren't cysts, but they are big...nodules? I guess that would be the right word for it. The good thing is, they are starting to go away, the bad thing is they are annoying and unsightly. However, I was looking at pictures I took of my face pre-regimen and I am so thankful for how much it has cleared up as compared to what it used to look like.

So other than that, I am pretty bugged because I ordered more BP and Dan's Jojoba oil. I selected flat rate shipping and he sent it priorty which was so nice, but I wasn't home Saturday when it was supposed to be delivered and the stupid mail person wouldn't leave the package because apparently my signature is required so...instead of getting it Saturday like I'd hoped...I have to wait till today (crossing my fingers :wub: ) for it to be delivered. I am not home again today so I had to sign that little slip and I am just sincerely hoping they will leave my package...I am dangerously low in BP. I have back up from the store, but it's so white and chalky....Dan's is so much smoother and easier to rub in. Anyway, somehow that ended up sounding really dirty...LOL :whistle:

So here's to hoping that these large, obnoxious pimples on my face go away soon along with the PIH from previous acne! I am going to try and get on here more often to update...

Thanks for reading! :pray:


Feeling MUCH better...

Okay, so I tried cutting back on the AHA+ and I only use it every other night instead of every night like I was doing...so now my red marks are fading a little better which is good. You know, I was thinking about it and I realized how lame it is/was to be so frustrated with the red marks when I should just be greatful I have FINALLY found something that seems to be doing wonders for me. So, I have decided to drop the self pity :pray: and try to focus on the journey, not the destination.

Update on my status is I have roughly four active pimples. I referred to them as "roughly" because a couple of those are healing cysts/nodules so I can still kind of feel them under the skin, but they are not out and screaming for attention anymore. Ha-ha I went back to wearing makeup...just until these marks fade a little more. I have decided that the makeup also helps boost my self confidence right now which is what is needed some days.

Other than that, my husband has been commenting on my skin and telling me how much better it looks which I love and asked him to do....I make it sound like he is critical of me and my skin ha-ha :wub: He's not...just the opposite really and he has been tremendously supportive during this rough acne patch I have been going through. I am still hoping to get some pictures up...I think even though my skin looked really bad at one point, if there are others like me out there who are interested in the regimen and want to know if it really works...the pictures could really help.

Anyway, just thought I would check in...any comments/words of inspiration are always welcome!



So today I am feeling slightly frustrated. I really felt as though my overall complexion was looking much better, but lately I feel like my red marks are redder than they have ever been. I'm not sure what has been aggravating them so much so I've decided to use AHA plus only every other night instead of every night like I have been doing. I'll keep you posted if I notice any major change from backing off the AHA a little.....

Today I wasn't going to wear any makeup...I really wasn't, but the site of my face this morning had me running for my concealer. My face would look incredible if it wasn't for these STUPID red marks! I wonder how many of you feel that same frustration....

Anyway, just thought I'd vent..


Day 12 on the Regimen

So...I honestly didn't realize it's already been 12 days. I think because I got the acne.org products on the 7th, but I was using Clean and Clear face wash, with On the Spot for BP and Oil of Olay Classic for moisturizer before my products arrived. Since switching to Dan's products I have noticed a MAJOR improvement in my overall complexion. Don't get me wrong...I'm not 100% clear, but my oh my do I look better? :clap: Not only that, but on certain days that I DO wear foundation, my skin looks airbrushed... :wub: loving the regimen and loving my skin at the moment.

I know the various message boards say not to use AHA until the 4th week, but like I mentioned before, I am so impatient and I figured that since I was already doing chemical peels at home once a week, AHA couldn't hurt so I have already incorporated that step :whistle: . I have only used it twice though because the first time my face was insanely dry the next day from using WAY too much. Ha-ha So last night I tried again using about a quarter size and voila my face is SO much better today and far less flaky than it had been! YAY! :dance:

Not only that, but I was COMPLETELY expecting to get a really bad breakout with this regimen because that seems to be a normal thing for others and so far...nothing...just pimples going away a little more each day! Of course, I will keep my fingers crossed and :pray: pray that I don't have some huge breakout lurking around just waiting to be seen!

So for now its been decided that even though the regimen is very time consuming...it's worth sticking with as long as I can continue to see some really nice results like I have been.

If anyone is reading this...I will keep you posted.


So, I'm sure there is nothing that I can possibly say that is "new" when it comes to acne. Bottom line: it sucks. I have struggled with it since I was 12...I am now 27 and I'm sure you can already guess that I have literally tried just about everything from Accutane to Proactiv to Exposed to Murad to natural remedies...the list is endless :rolleyes: .

I'm not entirely sure why I started getting acne...I would like to think it was something as simple as me wanting to wear makeup at such a young age, but I was always very good about washing my face so I don't know if I can give makeup that much credit. I also used to drink a glass of milk everyday and I know there is some connection between acne and dairy, but even that hasn't been medically proven. It really makes no sense to me. My parents had immaculate skin so I know it's not genetic...I have thought about trying the "do nothing" routine and I just can't bring myself to do it because it absolutely terrifies me to think of what could become of my face! :(

So in my endless search to find something that works for me I have ended up here at the acne.org website and I was reading through the various success stories with Dan's regimen...so I thought...why not? What can it possibly hurt? I ordered it on Friday and it arrived at my house today so I am itching to get home and start using it. Since I am so impatient, I went to the store and bought the OTC products he recommends so I have already been implementing the steps. I don't really know how I feel about it. I don't think its doing me any harm...no new pimples, but the pimples I currently have aren't going down, nor are they getting any bigger. My face is pretty dry because of the BP, but since I quit wearing foundation about a week ago it isn't very noticeable. Also, I think I will like his BP better because it seems to spread a little easier than the Nuetrogena so I am looking forward to that as well.

Anyway, I thought I would start a blog here tracking my success or failure (LOL) with it. I plan on attaching some pictures to have a little comparison, but we'll see if I can muster up the courage to show complete strangers my various stages of ugliness. :(

Words of encouragement and wisdom are always welcome!

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