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Jackie :)

Day 76

Sooo i havent written in a long time but not because my face is clear, thats actually the opposite it is. I still have a TON of breakouts which sucks and I hear that it is supposed to clear by month 3 but not for me. I guess everyone's face is different but it really stinks because when my pimples go away, then i get new ones. And it takes probably a good 3 weeks for these things to go away. they stay there forever. meh, hopefully when i update next my face will look nice. we'll see. ill try not to think about it

Jackie :)

On to my third month!!

So i havent written in a while :redface: sorry! But i just finished the two month mark today. WHOOP. My dermo upped my dose and I will be taking 60 mg pill tomorrow instead of the usual 40 mg. So we will see how that goes. As for my face, my right side used to be REALLY bad and its still bad dont get me wrong but I can tell its drying out and getting better. As for my forehead, I have one huge dot in the midding on my forehead, ugh great but at least its only one right? I have a like 12 spots here and there on the other side of my face and on my chin but lets hope they go away soon. I hear people's skin start to get better in the third month so I am crossing my fingers! But all in all my symptoms are not that bad! I really havent been moisturizing which is bad but I feel like my face isnt dry, but I have been putting on lots and lots of aquaphor. It works wonder. As for anything else, I take fish oil every day and hopefully its the fish oil and accutane working together to make my skin nice! My goal is to be clearer than my boyfriend! He has nothing on his face that lucky butt but we will see :D Anyways, I have to study blah Happy Tuesday!

Jackie :)

1 month and 15 days

So thanksgiving is so close I can almost taste it! A week from today and I will be home and I am so excited words cannot describe it! Well my face is still bad which sucks but who can be sad when you can eat turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie and pecan pie??!! Not me!! I'm thinking on the positive side...lets see how long this lasts. Well school is of course a drag and I feel that my face is breaking out because of stress as well :wub:. When I get a pimple, it takes FOREVER to go away...like im talking weeks. So thats a pain to deal with but I havent worn makeup which is hard but its been over a month without make up on so im hoping that my face is crystal clear when I get off of this and never have to wear makeup :)Wish me luck!

Also, the Eagles play tonight so lets beat the heck outta the redskins! Go Eagles!Fly!

Jackie :)

huge pimples, more breakouts....when is this going to end and is this the initial breakout. This is awful :wub: Im embarrassed to step outside looking like this. bad night. goodnight

Jackie :)

1 month and 7 daysss

Well of course my lips are getting worse and the cold doesnt help it at all. I've been applying aquaphor but its just not getting better. Just my luck. My face seems to be getting smoother and evening out in color but i still have a lot of break outs which sucks. Its still really red but mostly on my cheeks but i have rosacea to thank for that one. Anyways, accutane is such a slow process but hopefully my patience will be worth it in the end.

Jackie :)

1 month and 2nd day

So today wasnt that great because I am breaking out even more and I thought the initial breakout was over but I guess not. I have been told the first and the second month are the hardest parts, so I am halfway there but who knows, each person's skin is different. I just really hope my skin starts to get clearer because I hate these huge pimples that take over my whole face....well ill try to sleep it off tonight but its hard not to think about my face getting worse day by day :wub:

Jackie :)

ONE MONTH!!!!!!!

So i just finished one month and I am still breaking out which SUCKS!! ugh, when will it go away and start getting better?!? Anyways, I bought moisturizer, neutrogena facial moisturizer and I havent used it yet but I will soon.5 more months to go :wub:

Jackie :)

28th day!

So this month has flown by! Anyways im getting drier and drier and I do not know what moisturizer to use still!! So I need yall's help and it will be greatly appreciated! So whichever moisturizer has been the best for you and does not clog your pores would be fantastic! Anyways everyone be safe this halloween and have a great weekend!! And only 5 more months till clear skin!! Hopefully

Jackie :)

27th day

So I am breaking out more and getting super dry so I guess am not over my initial breakout. When will it end :wub: Ugh but I need moisturizer ASAP!!!!Any suggestions?! I hear Purpose and Aveeno are two good ones. I used to use cetaphil daily moisturizer and I did not like it at all and feel that it made me break out A LOT so I need to switch to something. Cant believe I am almost done with month 1. It has flown by, really. Last night though, I woke up in the middle of the night and had a nosebleed, thank you accutane for ruining my sleep. Geez. Lets hope it does not wake me up again tonight because it was terrible running in the dark trying to find a box of tissues! Good thing they are right next to my bed tonight just incase it happens again tonight. Cross your fingers and Halloween is this weekend!!

Jackie :)

25th day

I can feel my lips getting worse day by day but I always am applying my aquaphor and burts bee's. My initial breakout is still getting worse but I havent worn make up and its nice to not have to wake up and worry about putting it on. I still am very self conscious but I'll have to deal with it. Hopefully the initial breakout stops soon because I want it to start getting better :pray:. I'm almost done with month 1 which is so exciting and it has actually flown by so lets see if it all gets better from here :wub:

Jackie :)

20th day!

wahoo, one more day until the 3 week point! Dont know what it means but i know its one more day until im closer to being finished :wub: So I went to class today with NO makeup at all...it was hard but i felt it was needed and its going to be better for my skin.I am so glad i am through the freshman phase of college trying to impress because I have an amazing boyfriend who knows how much my face brings me down and he is with me through every step of the way. I could not ask for anyone better to be there by my side :pray: Good day, and my test friday got moved to monday so even better?

Going home this weekend and i am so excited to see my family and my boyfriend!

Go Phillies!!!! Beat those giants :whistle:

Jackie :)

19th day

I feel as if my face is exploding with pimples :wub: I am almost to the 3 week point so im not sure when they start going away but i am getting them everywhere and they are not small at all :pray:. Its hard to keep a good attitude but im trying. Just wish these would go away fast. They seem to stay for a long time which also sucks.

Jackie :)

18th day

Sooo i got my first nosebleed today, i knew it would come...And i am breaking out even more but I guess this is accutanes job.I've been a little stressed with school lately and I have a midterm tomorrow so after that then I will be okay :wub: Just trying to take it day by day but my face is hurting and Im praying I dont get a nosebleed during my midterm!! How awful!But this weekend was all in all pretty good because the eagles won and the cowboys lost so very successful.

Have a great night

Jackie :)

17th day

Soo just took my pill and i feel like my lips are getting a lot better BUTTTT im breaking out more and they are still so big!! ugh, well i feel like its working :/

Hope everybody else's journey is going amazing on it and we can all do this and have amazing beautiful skin!!!!!!!

Jackie :)


I dont know if i am going through the initial breakout but my face is getting CRAZY!!!!!! I have HUGEEEEE whiteheads, about 10 of them all over and they are disgusting and I feel so hideous with them!! I hope they go away soon :wub: All my friends are going out tonight and im not because of my skin :pray:

Jackie :)

12th day :(

So I just took my 12th pill and I have noticed that I have had much more break outs!! Oh No! :rolleyes: But my lips are killing me!!!The sides are still cracked pretty bad and I feel like my face is getting really red and blotchy!! Hope thats normal! But I hope the breakouts stop because I dont like them AT ALL!! Wish this would go by faster!

Jackie :)

11th day

So I just finished my first box that has 10 pills in it!! I'm feeling pretty good even though i am breaking out a lot and i am also getting really dry lips. The sides have been cracking and it does not feel good at all but other than that I am okay! Just taking one day at a time. :rolleyes:

Jackie :)

Just took my 7th pill

So....I just took my 7th pill so I guess i finished my first week on Accutane. My lips are starting to crack at the sides and it HURTS!! But thank goodness for my aquaphor because it works wonders!!So I decided to tough it out and go to Dallas and not let my face stop me from doing the fun things I want to do! Because in the end....acne is not the WORST thing that could happen to me. I always have to stay positive and while its very difficult I need to keep my head up and just face these 6 months with a smile on my face. Hope to hear other peoples insights on how their journey is going and keep your head up :rolleyes:

Jackie :)

Not a good night :(

So I feel as if I am getting so many break outs and it is awful :rolleyes:, i have to give a presentation for class tomorrow and I am just nervous to stand up in front of everyone because I feel like everyone is looking at me and counting how many red spots I have on my face. Silly, i know, but thats how i feel! I wish this would be over and done with so I can start enjoying my life and walk out of the house without makeup and feel amazing about my skin! I don't want to quit and I want to stick with it but I am breaking out like nobody's business and it is only the beginning :( I need some reassurance!

I am supposed to go to the Arkansas A&M game to cheer on my school but it is so difficult because everyone I see has perfect skin and I just wish I could have their skin!

Losing hope :(


Jackie :)

4th day :(

Hey all, so im on my 4th day and let me tell you, i woke up this morning with about a million blemishes on my face...not really, but a lot :(. So sad but its okay because thank goodness I have a hat to try to cover and hide my face. I wish this would go by quickly but I just have to be patient. But I really havent had any symptoms, I cant really feel my face getting that dry but maybe in the next week or so? Im not sure but I will definitely keep yall updated on my progress. I'm trying not to think about my face, its hard but it makes me kinda sad but do yall ever feel like everyone is looking at you? I always feel like that and I feel like they are looking at my skin :( Pray for me and I pray for all of you :rolleyes:

Happy Wednesday!

Jackie :)

Starting Accutane

Hey Everyone :rolleyes:

Just decided to make a blog and hopefully someone will read it! I am a 20 year old female college student and have struggled with my skin for a long time and am ready for something to finally work. I went to my doctor and he put me on accutane because i have tried every other face medicine under the sun. I am on 40 mg once a day and this is only my 3rd day and it is not too bad. I have been using aquaphor for my lips and it has worked wonders! I love it! I use cetaphil face wash for sensitive skin and it is really great and does not dry out my skin at all and actually makes it pretty soft. The moisturizer I have used is also by cetaphil, its the daily hydrating lotion and I feel that it is working pretty well so far. I'm only on my 3rd day but i am hoping the side effects are not too nuts...

I have noticed a lot of break outs already on my forehead and on my cheeks and chin. I know accutane is going to bring everything out onto the surface so I am prepared for that and hopefully the tough part will go by quickly!

I have faith in myself and faith for everyone out there struggling like me and I wish you all the best on your journey to clear and beautiful skin!

I will be posting pictures from the beginning till the end :(


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