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more than 3months now, but these days still break out, even not that too much, but there is !

2days b4, big one on my forehead, today seems healed,with marks of course.

the worse thing is my left cheek, always flushed and let the marks visible,both cheeks some white head stay long time already, seems not easy to gone, not sure will disappear or not..........

dry always, lips and face, but for me, i didn't feel side effect from long time....strange!

that's all!


oh my god! 80 days?

its true that when you take ROA, try to do something else let your mind dont think about it ,then the days past so fast! you cant imagine!

Since my last post tilll now, more than 1month already, as during these days, i am prepare to have another interview, that's why alll my mind dont care about how many days i take, its became a habbit that everyday after the breakfast must take medicine!

ok, actually my acne is moderate, so its going on like most the similar girls' situation, around the 3, 4 months still have small pimples occured periodic, this is my 80days, almost reach 3month, every 2days there small one go and come!

also the winter is coming , my skin is so dry, i relax my skin when i am off day(2days without make up), the rest days with make up, what i am find out is the skin without make up looks more healthy, as the skin is dry, when i using powder, is flakey.

Still have light headache sometimes, and sleep a lot!

My weight is fair now, so i knew that the ROA not going to put your weight on!

dry skin! dry skin! of course the marks still remaining!

That's all! :redface:

please everyone ! be positive at all time!


oh, more than one week i didn't update yet, not because my face became better,then i forget the blog, :whistle: it cause i had much work these days, so no time to update my recentl situation even get experience from here.haha

bad news...........

the face not that good like one week ago, now seems have breakout, one active pimple on my left cheek, there is a lot small one with red color cover half my cheek, actually the one on my right cheek just healed but left red marks two days b4, and now turned to my left cheek.

:pray: not feeling good since 2days, as a little worse than b4, the reason to feeling bad is i almost finish 2months, but still like this, i am wondering there is no a lot changes when i finish my course.

also there is more whitehead full of all the face, and the blackhead seems be back on my nose, dont know why, actually, is quite clean when the first month finished, but now seems all be back.

i need encourage from all your guys, it really will be clean when all the course is done?



Since i changed to Decutan from Roaccutane( this because the diffferrent derm gave me different one ,not i wanted), i am not feeling any change on my face, maybe the Decutan is useless :wub: who knows?

today is flaky on my two cheek, even i put on hydrated face mask last night, no active one today,

the ones which under my chin heeling a little, but still inflamed with sore.

the whole face is looks gross, as i gained 3kg till today. :pray:

I decided when my next appointment , i would ask my derm to changed back to Roaccutane,even is expensive than Decutan, at least can let me feeling comfortable.

no other thing to report.


gain weight??/

i really dont know, i gain a lot of weight recently cause what?

first, i didn't eat a lot, almost time i didn't have dinner except weekend( Fri & Sat ), even i eat sometime, friut or cookies for my dinner, i keep this habit 2years now, nothing changed a lot,

but since i start the Roaccutane, till today is 37days, i gained 3kg, oh, my god!

is anybody experienced the same like me?

if really cause the ROA, i dont know i should stop take it or not?

but my face is really cleared a lot, even still break out, but heal faster than b4. :wub:

now there is only 2 active pimples under my chin,others only small and red marks, the one between my eyebrow gone completely,can cover with makeup easily, smoother than b4, not that dry, still can see some oily on my nose since last week started. still dont know why?

the headache stronger than b4, easy to feel tied.

hope my weight for temporary, later can lose slowly.

Wait for my Eid hoildays, where is my next destination? ---Maldives!!!!!! :pray:


It's my 33 days !

the big change is texture of my face become more soft, not like b4 what i talked about like sand paper in previous blogs.

still break out ,maybe i have period now, but seems the next day healing a lot, the worst thing is red marks remain :wub:

now between my eyebrow there is active one with painful.

my forhead is 90% cleared! :pray:

since i changed to Decutan from Roaccutane, today is the 3rd day, yesterday i noticed my nose a little oily, so strange, b4 when i took Roaccutane, after have dry skin, i never see any oily, but yesterday i saw ........................... :whistle:

What i am notice also i gain weight, especially my belly like ball, my god!!!!!!!!!! hope is not one of the sides effects? i anybody experience that?

b4 i did not care about my back, these days when i feel pain, i saw more than 5 active one, sometimes when i touch by accident, is horrible!

my dry lips really cant live without chapstick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's all!

have a good day to everyone :clap:


Almost one week not posting, as there is a lot of things to do. :wub:

today i just start the Decutan, hope everything remain the same, no bad effects happen!

Back to my face, there is some change of course, but not that much.

you can say today when i washed my face, much smoother than 2weeks b4, no active pimple :dance: only a lot of small white head, can be touched only, cant see from the surface. :pray:

my strawberry nose much better, as i picked up last SAT, is peeling a lot this morning!

last week , a little break out, now healing and left the red marks, hate it!!!!!!!!

last night, getting such bad headache , which is worse than b4, never badly like this.

always feeling tired, wanna sleep :dance:

no itchy, no bleeding, only dry lips and skin.


guys, dont count the days, as the time flying! today is my 32days! 1 month finished! houhou!

cant wait for my free acne skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap:


Last Sat i went to derm as appointment, unforturnately he is in vacation, will be back after 1week, i couldnt wait, so another derm checked for me, after 2mins, is done, she gave to me the next 3weeks'dosage, but its different with ROACCUTANE(which my 1st derm gave to me)

this one named DECUTAN, i was told its same effect with ROACCUTANE, only different company, but till now, i am still wondering for the final result, it mean i will take 2 different medicine for my long journey? actually the DECUTAN is cheaper than ROACCUTANE, this is 2nd reason why i am wondering.

i am still confusing, would like ask you guys, is anybody had the same experience with me? is that normal, common? is really will not effect for the whole curing? :wub:

i really appreicate if anyone can answer me !!!


Big apologize to my lovely friend who read my blog and put comments, i am so sorry about my delay reply, as maybe when i am dreaming, :dance: i made a seting which should be approve with others comments( i swear, i didn't notice that , also doubt whether i made the setting or ghost, ha ha )here i should give big thanks to Look'n-Up , if you are not telling me this, guess till i finish with 6months and cant find out yet. ha ha ha ha anyway, i changed it already, hopeful. later i will received more....(kisses) :dance:

That's why when everytime i open it wanna to see anyone left comments or not, always dispoointed, this is because stupid myself :wub:

Actually, still have a lot friends give caring to us, to be honest, since i start my blog, i feeling quite good ,as i release bad emotions through this, b4 i cant tell other friend who doesnt have acne, but here is different ,all the friend understand and know how we feel and sucks.so i advice more and more people who sucks with acne, should come here and find your self! :dance:

ok, back to my face now, 4days b4 that breakout, till today almost gone, maybe there is 2 new active cycsts, still more and more up and down blackheads and whiteheads with small pimpes.

today i finish 20days, why my nose still like strawberry :clap: (paitent!!!!)

under my lips, there is 3 small pimples stand in a line. funny :pray: , one of them, which seems healing a little, as my lips a little thick with sexy(its hind a lot )so others cant see it, i can touch it only :whistle:

my chin is flaky, not that much..

still no side effects except my sexy lips, houhou :drool:

that's all, will go to my derm this Sat, hope everything gonna be fine, i will go ahead with my long long jounery ...................

free acne skin, come on!!!



happy birthday to my lovely mama!

I finished my 18 days with ROA, the big change for me is the not oily at all for the whole day, whole day, omg, i never image that b4, its quite good for me, :(

but another problem is dry, around my mouth, peeling a lot, 2days b4 i had breakout like rash, but i noticed that healing today, not stay long time.

the worst thing is my face like garbage, like sand paper, tons of whitehead and blackhead, small pimples up and down, i dont wanna touch it at all, but nothing cant handle with my make up, even that, the looks and the texture is so bad. i hate , really hate this a lot :rolleyes:

no other side effects except dry with burned lips........ :mad:

i pray the days going fast.......... let me see my flawless skin soonnnnnnnnnnnn :mad:


I feel so bad about my face now, dry dry dry lips, itchy, itchy, itchy :rolleyes:

more and more small pimples and some cysts coming , red marks full of my face, i dont know is this the breakout or these days i eat a lot of spices............

when i wash my face, the texture is more rough and dry, is hard to move my hand.....what is this? if continute like this, one day my face really will get clear and smoother? ? i dont know ........................ :(

as it seems the new skin of my lips instead of the the old skin, so red now.........

cant live without lipstick right now............

urhhhhhhhhhhhhh................i am feeling itchy coming from everywhere........

sleepy also.................. :(


before i take ROA, almost the time i did not have breakfast,since i started, everyday must have breakfast for ROA, funny thing happened this morning, after breakfast, i did make up , wearing uniform prepare to go to work, as the driver miss call me earlier, i am hurry up to go, suddenly i remember, it seems i forgot take ROA, that time i already went out, even that, i perfer let the driver wait for me, as i cant miss one time for ROA, finally i did the same, but this is the first time i forgot it :rolleyes:

thanks god, i did the 12days with ROA, you know...........urh, through these days i find out dont think about your face and will be more better :(

be honest, i did not feel good about my face without puting anything now.

There is 2 cysts on my forehead obvious, except that , a lot of small pimples, not obvious.

3 cysts underneath on forehead, nose, left cheek. 2more in my chin, small ,fading half..

the big one which located in my right cheek,closed my mouth, seems fading slowly, maybe will take 2weeks went completed.

my lips is horrible, even i should be careful when i laughing, it start flaking,cuting, drying...

my headache is more slight than before, even some time i cant feel that, nose and my hand start dry, but not bad, face also, but i keep puting on mask everynight to mosturizing, a little better than 2days before, at least the next day easy to put make up............ :mad:

we organize a small party in friday, urh, almost 8 persons,hope that day my looking will be more better than now :(


dry dry dry

my face start dry now, not oily like before, but skin texture is still rough, not smooth at all,any suggestion lotion for the dry and sensitive skin? my lips is extremely dry, my god :rolleyes:

there is more pimples coming in my forehead, small and red. :( but it seems heal fast :(

urh......i forget one thing, my eyes dryness and redness, not feeling well, even looks like sleepy.......

5years before i did laser operation for my eyes. really dont know is that any effects with Roaccutane or not? will ask the derm on 16th Oct when we have appointment........

hope everything gonna be fine, also wish others who with Roaccutane will have ance free skin soonnnnnnnnnnn :mad:


the weekend always let the days past fast, after 2days off, i already in day 9 with Roaccutane, so excited, :( now back my situation with Roaccutane, during the 2days off, there is a little changed, e.c my ears 90% good without any painful, the cysts run away......

my forehead almost cleared, but still rough, :(

the one between my eyebrows gone away, but inside of my eyebrow still tough and living there happily............ :(

there is alot small whitehead in both cheek,& tons of blackhead in my nose,uh......my right cheek and chin totally 3 cysts underneath.

the red marks fading a lot , at least now i go out without any powder in these 2days off( actually there is a lot red marks full of the face, like get some allergic, i still feeling shy when the people looking at me, but i told my self , anyway, be tough and strong, one day they will look at you and feeling jealous about your skin :( ) be honest, now i am living with a hope ( one day i can be acne free) but if really i cant have other people's experience curing it very well, i will be down for long time........ :mad:

urh....my lips start dry 2days before, as others mentioned the same time will be dry , if you are not put anything after washing your face or finished eating :mad:

slight headache keepiing always............

feeling tired easily..............

that's all, why nobody come here to support me , i am soooooooo sad........ :D

anyway, i write it for myself , later can be a good memories......... :rolleyes:


Even not feeling the time, is already 6days with Roaccutane, skin looking a little better.

no new pimples, the old one between my eyebrow & inside left eyebrow both is became smaller, thanks god i didn't pop it up.

there is 2 in my left cheek 2days before, today is fading , cant touch it, but left a small red scar.

there is many many many small whiteheads & blackheads full of my nose and forehead, the perivious red scar both my cheek now is fading slowly..

for the side effects, still slight headache , if i am not wrong, the eye is dryness( as they said the eye dryness you cant feel but is already dry long time) i am sure the headache happened cause my eyes, as before start Roaccutane , never have such kind of feeling, anyway , is only slight, not that bad.

till now did not feel dry lips, i put all the lipstick all day.

but i feel my hand is dry.

one different effects is my both ears painful, it seems inflamed , if touch carefully , there is two big big cysts underneath, painful......

my throat and nose start feeling dry now......

that's all, would like buy the eye drops , any suggest which one is more useful?

the mood is good, seems not think too much about what happen with my pimples,as i know with days , all will gone, only what i need is paitent, paitent, paitent, and paitent!

wish all of you guys who suffering with acne long time , should have the same thinking, be strong and paitent, we will have clear skin soonnnnnnn......... :rolleyes:


Its really by accident find this websites, my name is nana, an orginal Chinese girl, 24years old. as the most people who come here always, i am suffering with my ance for long time ( almost 7years), its not that horrible but moderate, every day have new pimple on my rough face, actually my skin of my body is white and smooth, the same with my face when i was younger, that time all my friend admire about my skin,as really like a baby's. since i was in high school, the storm is coming, i started have some, later full of cheek, i uesd a lot of medicine, all is useless, as later all come back, my face is destoryed completed, until now , i hate my face, dont wanna see people outside,including friends, only wanna stay at home, even that, whenever i saw myself in the mirror, and suddenly feel blue, feeling the life not desver to live , why others have pretty clean skin, and i have that kind od garbage ,ugly ,rough, full of small red scar , pimples, why, why , why........................some times the people staring at my pimples, and ask, what happen to your face, maybe they are care about me, but inside me, i hate them keep asking same questions, i hate hate hate, really the ance effects me since i have till now, i am really not feel my self for 7years now, it hurts me a lot lot lot, i lost my confindence, even some times dont wanna to talk, always keep quite ( actually i am a girl talktive, active, love laughing, outgoing) but now i think have autism, melancholia..........

I Worked 3years now, everyday put make up , it make the ance worse , and the pore is big........ i am afriad to see people without make up, the make up let me feel a little better at beginning, but now is useless at all, as cant cover the ance at all, i always complained to my BF 3years( we are stay together 3years :rolleyes: ) , Thanks god, he stay with me not because my face but my heart, that's why he try to find a good medicine is really useful, this is the story how i found the Roaccutane and start it now, this is already 5days for me, ( i started 25th Sep ,2010) 40mg/per day,except light headache and painful of my back and waist, no else side effects happened to me till now, after the Roaccutane, i got around 4 or 5 small pimples ( of coure is red )coming out in both cheek , and big one between my two eyebrow, one inside the eyebrow, i dont know this is what we called the break out or because of my period also coming when i took the Roaccutane at 2nd day. will keep update once i have an


Question: ---is there any food to avoid to eat (like seafood, milk, egg, spices.......) any one know that ?

-----is that ok to take Roaccutane as usual even we have period?

----What else we should do or dont do when we have Roaccutane?

Thanks a lot for read and advice .....

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