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Almost end of month 3

TIme has flown by. I stopped writing for awhile b/c that seemed to drag the process. Taking the tane pill just feels like taking a regular pill everyday. Like a multivitamin or something simple, I never think "Oh, here's some accutane" haha but yeah, my body has handled accutane very well. My skin isn't that dry, I actually need to wash my scalp every few days cause it does start to feel oily (not gross oily, just normal) my cheeks are pinkish but not bad. But my face has been unpredictable. Last week or so ago my face was starting to look bumpy again, that only lasted for about a week. Now it's smooth. It's like, "okay skin... make up your fucking mind!!!"

And I'm feeling slightly heartbroken. I wish I was in LOVE. okay, maybe not love... but madly in LIKE with somebody. I was dating sombody for a few weeks and I was fallin' head over heels... but It was me who broke it off a few days ago. I did that because I knew it would be best for me in the long run. Okay, this doesn't make sense so I'll explain. To make a long story short, he is in the process of a divorce (it's been over with his wife for about a year and she has a boyfriend)...

he doesn't want to jump into anything serious. He still wants to date other people. He is 27.

I'm 22, almost 23. I have dated tons of people. I want to finally have a boyfriend. It's been too long. I agreed to be in a open relationship with him, go out on other dates with guys (not have sex) but then I came to realize that I can't do that. I just want ONE for now. I am not looking to get settled down or married right now, but I just want to be in a steady relationship. This guy that I am seeing is not ready and I told him it was in his best interest to date other girls and not have to worry about telling me about it cause we are in a open relationship. FUCK, this sounds confusing. So I broke it off. I knew if he were to start dating other girls it would break my heart a little. I can't handle that, just can't.

I can't believe how fast I fell for somebody in just a few weeks.

This sucks.

My heart hurts.


Month 2 day 5?

I think I'm on day 35. I don't even try to keep track anymore because then it makes the process seem a lot longer :/ but it just kinda sucks cause a week ago my face was looking good and now it looks gross again. I got a whitehead on the side of my nose, and my pores looked clogged and gross. When I wash my face some of my pores get unclogged and it looks like I have little holes in my face. I fucking hate this! My face is looking a little more red and I'm getting just a few whiteheads on my face that harden up and leave little holes if I brush my hand against them. WTF. Its weird cause my hair has been normally dry and not oily but the last few days it has been like oily dry. Its weird. Ah, I hope this gets better. Its just crazy cause the other week my face was realy looking nice, not much redness and was looking clear. Now Its looking like shit again. WOW. FML.


Day 29

Hola everybody. I went to the derm today, did the preg test thing, blood work. Last month my derm told me that his goal was to up my dosage to 60mg for the 2nd month but he said that since I am doing so well on 40 mg he will just keep me at this dosage for the next 5 months. Oh, the only side effect I'm really experiencing is this weird rash on my arms and legs and he said its just dry skin. Weird, it doesn't feel dry and itchy, just bumpy but I can't really complain. I hope being on 40mg for 5 months will knock my acne out forever! I was kind of hoping to be put on a higher dosage but if I don't need to be, then I guess I won't press for it. What do you guys think? But I have also read that in the end it is only the cumulative dosage that matters, that a low dosage for a longer time is just as effective as high dosage in a shorter amount of time...

If you have taken a course for 40mg for 6months let me know what your results have been, I'm curious :whistle:

Anyways, so far so good. I am feeling good, if anything I have been happier. My skin is starting to feel smooth. My cheeks are a little red but it looks fine bc it gives my pasty skin a little color :pray: I am still breaking out a little but its not all that bad. :wub:


I just want to fast forward time 6 months from now! ugh, I can't really complain about the accutane side effects right now but I just want to stop worrying having to take a pill and just finally have pretty skin and some REAL natural confidence, not the fake confidence that nasty makeup can give me. I want to feel pretty just being natural. Hopefully in 6-8 months I will be able to get a boyfriend! I think the reason why it hasn't worked out with a lot of the ppl I have dated is b/c of my shitty self esteem and lack of confidence caused by acne and oily skin. Well not anymore, thats going to change... :wub:



I put a pic of me up but its NOT really what I look like now, that pic is 4 or 5 yrs old lol I can't figure out how to post new pics of myself b/c the files are too large and I dunno how to make them smaller :/ :wub:


Day 20

My face felt awesome today! Usually my face is sooo oily and nasty but it stayed super matte all day long. I LOVED IT! I absoluteleeey loved it, I can't even described how much it made me happy! This morning I put on my makeup and in the afternoon usually I "dab" my face with the oil sheets but today I did not have to do that, and when I got home around 5 it still looked the same... and even right now too, its 8. Its great:) I hope my face will continue to be matte looking even after accutane... hmm... I Hope. does anybody have experience with reduced oil production AFTER tane?

Anyway, my lips weren't that dry today, my skin was a little dry around my mouth but it didn't bother me much. Eyes are feeling fine. At school I had a massive headache and had to lay down when I got home, but I think thats 'cuz school stresses me out and gives me a headache! :wub:

Okay, well I hope I do this well on 60 mg in a few days. I'm hoping to see my derm next week but with Thanksgiving going on next week I think the derm office will be closed :whistle: so I might be a few days without this stuff, that kinda frustrates me cause I don't want to keep pushing my appts back, I want them to be exac. Lol.

If anyone ever wants to talk, feel free to email or text me! :pray:


Day 19

Um, so far so good. I'm wondering if I should continue to blog or not... this is getting kinda boring lol :wub:


Day 18

My face isn't as red as it was a few days ago :pray: and my skin is a lot less oily :wub: yay. My skin isn't too dry, just a little bit around my mouth but that's pretty much it! I hung out with my friends last night, which I was so hesitant about since the beginning of the week my face was looking crappy that I was nervous to be around my friends with my face looking so crappy, but since the redness and bumps have subsided I feel okay. O, my eyes feel kinda dry too but I have been using systane eyedrops which have helped a little.


The real day 17

Okay so today is really my day 17 lol my skin doesn't feel that dry today but I'm wondering if thats cause I slathered my face with cetaphil lotion last night hahah my lips not too dry, just a little and the redness on my cheeks has subsided just a tiny tiny bit. I wonder if my body is getting use to the drug now? Hm, oh and today when I had to speak in front of my class my face flushed easily. I don't know if that's bc I'm shy and easily embarassed or if thats a side effect :wub: Overall, I feel great. No achey joints or headaches ( i had little headaches the first few days on this) but not really ever since. felt kinda tired during class but I will blame that on lack of sleep :pray: I went on a walk today and ran a little and i felt great! o and today during my walk I saw the cutest guy and I swear he smiled at me haha, I wish I had the balls to go up to someone I like and just ask them out! that would be amazing. I guess I will have to work on my confidence now..

And yeah, I also use neutrogena healthy skin foundation and that helps mask the redness initially really well. Later on in the afternoon you can see the redness more cause my cheeks are still a little oily and the oily causes my foundation to look splotchy but thank goodness for foundation


Oh btw...

I doubt anybody is reading this blog but just wanted to say that I have been able to work out everyday and I have no achey joints or pain. I don't know if this will change once I start 60 mg next month but so far, so good. i love working out and I'm glad so far that accutane has not interfered with that. I work out 30 mins everyday, 15 mins running, and brisk walking and then a few mins of sit ups and weights. I think working out keeps me sane and feeling nice.


Day 16 or 17

I can't remember what day it is, 16 or 17... anyway, I can't believe its almost been a month since I've been on this stuff. Now, if only I could fast forward 5 months from now, then I would really be happy!!!

UM, no changes since last time. Face is starting to get drier but no flaking. A little less oily. But face is still lobsterish red on my cheeks :wub: It looks so ugly... but bleh, thats it so far.


amnesteem 40 mg once a day

cetaphil dry/sensitive skin soap

aveeno or cetaphil soap, I mix it up. sometimes I use one or the other

vaseline for lips or carmex spf 15

thats about it!


Day 11,12,13

AHHH so up until day 11 is when my face started to look... bumpy. It was weird, my face was no quite red yet but it didn't have a smooth look to it, and I didn't have big red zits, almost looked like welts. It kinda looked like an allergic reaction type of thing but it only looked like that on sat afternoon, went away, then at night it looked bumpy ugly again. On Sunday it looked okay, used cetaphil lotion which kinda calmed it down but it was still red. OKay so todays monday and my face looks like shit! I seriously want to cry! its crazy how you can go from your skin looking normal and having breakouts controlled to red, irritated and gross looking! I was at school today and felt so ugly. I almost want to cry thinking about it. The skin on my face is just starting to get that dry, tight feeling. Doesn't look really flakey. But my face is red around my cheeks, which sucks. I do want to say that my face has been wayyy worse than this in the past but I'm just freaking out because I'm not use to it. I'm so use to using my creams day and night, which has kept my breakouts somewhat controlled... to using nothing at all and praying this stuff will work lol I need advice. How did you guys get through this "initial breakout"



Day 4,5,6,7

I don't have much too update yet. Skin still oily, so I'm still using cetaphil normal to oily face wash. My scalp has been dry and flaky so I just bought dry scalp shampoo yesterday... Hmmm... my lips were really dry yesterday. They weren't too bad today, just kept applying a shiz load of carmex on my lips which helped. The first few days I started amnesteem I had some headaches but I didn't have any today or really yesterday. I was sleepy today but I think thats cause lack of sleep, I was up studying. O and as far as breakouts go, its still the same. i have maybe like 1 or 2 new zits, so nothing out of the norm. wonder when my ib will be? hm?

o and since my face is still oily, it has not been dry at all. I use aveeno at night and in the morning, which is probably helping.

regimen: 40 mg amnesteem

cetaphil normal to oily face wash, aveeno lotion, carmex


Day 2, 3

Nothing has really changed yet since I've started. I'm on 40 mg amnesteem. My acne hasn't really gotten worse or better, and I'm not expecting improvement either since its only been a few days. lol I have noticed that yesterday I felt headachey and today I had a dull headache in the morning but as soon as I ate it when away. My skin isn't dry yet, its actually still greasy. I woke up to a greasy face this morning :wub: but thats not out of the norm. My lips aren't dry yet ( I live in Utah and its starting to get cold, so if they are kinda dry its because of the weather ) My skin is not dry yet, I am using a sample of cetaphil dry sensitive skin lotion and that has helped. I have a a moderate sized zit on my face that hasn't improved or gotten worse, I had it before I started amnesteem. I know this sounds gross but I have noticed that today I had a lot of gas :/ I don't know if its because of this medication and my body is getting use to it or if its cuz I ate a fiber one muffin haha

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude.

I want beautiful skin sooo bad...


Day 1

Went to the derm yesterday, took my preg test, he wrote me up a prescription for amnesteem, I took my first 40 mg pill today. he said he hoped to put me on 60 mg next month, which kinda scared me cause that seems kinda high? Hope my side effects aren't too bad :pray: I'm anxious to see what the next few days will be like...

If anyone else has taken accutane plz email me or reply to my posts, any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. thanks! :wub:


1st month:40 mg

cetaphil face wash, aveeno lotion, benzaclin and retin amicro .1( which I will have to stop using when my skin starts drying up)


Hey I am kinda new to this blogging thing so bear with me :rolleyes: first I will tell you a little bit about me... I am a 22 yrs old female and I have been dealing with acne for 9 yrs now. my acne was worse when I was in middle school and moderatley bad in high school. my skin has calmed down a bit since then but I still have to use creams, birth control, antibiotics, ( skin very oily, big pores on cheeks,redness, slight scarring) and my self esteem and social life has taken a turn for the worse. I can't believe I have let this get to me so bad, but I know I am not the only one. the effect acne has on you emotionally and mentally is horrible. I went a new dermatologist yesterday and first he kinda told me everything that every derm has told me... stick with the bc, try yours creams, theres no cure... yada yada. but I told him that would not work and that I wanted to try accutane. I was so scared to ask bc I have been told No before. OMG and he said he was pro accutane and really liked this drug. He asked me how much my acne has been bothering me and I said a lot so he said I can give it a try. He will have me do a lower dosage for 6 months. I took a preg test and blood work. I got ipledge pamplets and made an appt next month for another pregnancy test and blood work again (i think?) after my 2nd neg preg test I can start accutane. I can't wait. I am kinda scared but excited! I hope it works out for me and I can finally start to feel good in my skin. If you guys are going through accutane, have questions, or have tried accutane plz feel free to msg me, I am open to any advice :(

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