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day 149

welp i had my LAST derm appt today. and he gave me the option to stop now or continue another month and i chose to continue.

ill be still at 80mg a day until my pills are all gone then he told me it would be 2 months from stop that i would see most improvement and my scars would start fading.

like right not i have no active pimples and i can wake up everymorning feeling confident that i dont have a pimple :):D :D

a few side effects i have are flushing red hot face when i do physical activity and sometimes when im nurvous or what not in public

other than that i have been a little slow and drained because of the medicine but it hasnt been that bad and time flew by

i have a few like purple little bumps on my shoulders from scaring but its hardly visible

ill check back in when im all done and this ACUTANE is all out of my system


day 135

have a few small pimples, it seems my skin broke through the accutane briefly and a few pimples came out. but nothing serious. i had a few tiny red marks on my forehead and one pimple in the corner of my nose. they lasted less than a week and are gone. these pimples make me scared of what my face is gonna do when im off accutane

month or so to go and im done so we will find out


day 119

just got my 2nd to last derm appt today, sill on 80mg a day

winter heat is making my skin a little more dry and eyes a little more dry as well

other than that im extremely ready to get done with accutane and on with the rest of my life

i have a few marks left and i get a pimple a month

developed jock itch last week due to working out and dry skin, antifungal cream has solved that already.

joint achyness is there but not significant

i now weight 185 i was 190 when i started and ive been lifting

so i have successfully lost fat and gained muscle while getting rid of my pimples and in the process i have gained an extra shower a day improving my already great hygene and white teeth.

life is looking great so far, idk how anyone could be depressed on accutane this is a time for improvement of body and mind and i congrat anyone who has to go through this process its hard because accutane literally takes the life out of you and has a lot of potential side effects that i might not even know about.


day 111

day 111 in 2011 on acutane.

no active breakouts just red marks that are slowly fading (seems like anyways)

still the usual dryness, the winter and the dry heat is making it a little worse + i just got over a cold.

i can feel the total body achyness a little more now that ive been taking this shit for 4 months but its still not bad

took a 2 week break from lifting cause ive been sick and the holidays but im starting again today :redface:

been chaffing a little between my legs by my nuts just a little dry skin, been puting lotion on that everyonce in a while to keep that away

when i lift my face turns beat red, ive read about accutane making you flush and its been happening to me the past month or so. something i plan on asking my derm about in a few weeks at my next visit.

other than that all is good


day 97

almost into the 100's, not like anyones reading but ill post anyways.

my face is clear minus the few small blemishes and left over red spots

my back chest and shoulders are clear minus the red spots left over

my lips are dry, arms are dry and face is dry in morning.

still on 80mg a day.

i think my derm is gonna keep me on this till march 15th

drinking lots of water, working out alot, swimming and working and drinking and smoking and doing doughnuts in the snow, playing drums, socializing, women, women,women and some video games.


day 85

just got done with my derm appt for 3rd month going onto 4th.

he kept me on 80mg a day and said i might be extended till march 15th which is fine with me considering my 21st is april 15th.

i asked him if i should be going higher dosage and he said the European way says its the same effect if i keep on a lower dosage for a longer period rather than higher dosage shorter period with worse side effects.

i noticed a small break out twords the end of the 3rd month and ive been blaming it on my non changing dosage but i guess its just how things work. everything is almost completely clear, other than a few small pimples :redface:

girls will be on their knees soon

still lifting... went from 185-190 and im getting more and more defined


day 69

face is clear except for a few spots, chest and shoulders still have a few inflaimed red lumps but still looking better.

face is dry, lips are dry, arms are dry.....

lot of lotion and accutane pills and fish oil daily also aquaphor

sensitive eyes

lifting 4 days a week, almost out of protein and pre mix

diet is good, muscle mass is good, tone is coming

sexyness inevitable cant wait

STUFFING and TURKEY thursday

Yeaaa buddyy


day 57

had my doc appt this morning. im gonna be on 80 a day still and he says i will prob be on for 6 months instead of 5 just to make sure everything gets cleared up for good. that means i will be done march 15, and my birthday is april 15. hopefully ill be all cleared up and sexy again for my birthday.

all of the cysts on my back and neck and face and shoulders have greatly reduced in size and are all drying up, the only way i know they still exist is the white mark of dryskin that they left behind. at this point i dont think i will have very much scarring after i clear up and get a new tan. maybe a 2 indents from really big ones but so far it looks good.

now entering my 3rd month i have barely any active pimples or cysts and alot of leftover cyst marks that are red/discolored from my regular skin.

my workouts are still the same, almost done with my buckets of powdered muscle haha. ive seen some pretty good gains from them i think. i can tell im getting bigger in size. but what im trying to do is trim up the fat while maintaining muscle. (i mean who doesnt want to do that)

its proving to be hard to do cardio and maintain a healthy diet and still have energy to survive the day. i end up eating not so healthy but still not unhealthy foods and just lifting heavy and skipping cardio.

ive had 2 colds in the past month bolth lasting 2 days or so, which is weird. i have a new roommate so my bills will be cut in half :wub: so i can spend more money on my dirtbike (2005 RM 250)and maybe some winter tires for my car.

other than that chicken shit bullshit ill update with anything new and exciting


day 50

welp, as usual nothing new to add other than my derm appt for my 3rd month is next week.

cysts are still clearing up generally but still get them at random. 1 or 2 actives on my face and 4 or 5 on my chest and shoulders but other than that alot of dry skin and flaking

i put lotion on my face but not my chest and shoulders and im wondering if i should start doing that?

been drinking alot on the weekends cause my face is clearing and im prone to go out more

ill make another post after my derm appt next wednesday.


day 41

its monday again boooo. welp i have a shit ton of dry skin on my lips and they are constantly dry and i constantly put aquafor on them. my face is the normal dry, my arms are a little dry,i put moisturizer on it in the morning after gentle skin cleanser and shower. at night i only wash, then go to bed.

my joints feel alot better as i have been taking fish oil every morning for the past few weeks and i think its helping.

i still have been lifting 3x a week ,M W F and cardio/legs on off days. and im feeling great. still working on my diet, eating alot of chicken breast,oatmeal,turkey sandwiches, fruit and drinking water. (still the occasional fast food binge here and there :dance:. ive lost 5lbs since start of accutane and lifting 190 down to 185 so im feeling good about that.

my acne is the usual on my face, i got my dosage upped from 60 to 80 so i think thats causing a small breakout, i have 1 or 2 actives on my face and a few small red lumps under the skin. the cysts that were on my beardline and neck are slowly clearing up. my chest and shoulders are drying out and clearing up, the skin is pretty smooth and non swollen :pray:

ive had these flat red lumps on my armpits for the past week or so, they dont look like they will rupture or anything but they were swollen for a bit, they going away now as well

:clap: i think my ass is chapped and dry a little or something, havent checked it out but i think some lotion will fix that. :whistle:

other than that, SAME OLD ACNE ACCUTANE SHIT, ready for this chicken shit horse shit to be over! :wub:


day 35

been a week since i started new dosage and haven't noticed any difference other than my cysts are drying out faster and peeling flakes of skin more.

my chest and shoulders look like a bunch of flakey skin, but hey its better than big painful inflamed cysts.

which i do have a few that seemed to pop up right around my dose change. they are always on my neck and it pisses me off i have 3 red lumps on my neck and they look like shit especially when i workout they get all red and inflamed and look horrible. but hey fuck it i don't care anymore ill walk around with cysts all day and not care who stares and just wait for that one guy to say something smart about them so i can relieve some stress on his face!

this morning i had a raw throat and runny nose, i hope im not getting sick :wub:

i also got hammered last Friday night, i took my pill early like 3 and didn't drink till around 7 and played thumper/beerpong/flipcup till about 1 and then went to bed.i drank 2 bottles of water before bed and woke up feeling like a million bucks. i was surprised that i wasn't hungover cause i was drinking liquor as well as yuengling

well that's all i got for you today, i don't think anyone reads my blog cause i don't get any comments or anything. maybe its in the wrong section or im just not interesting enough haha


day 30

welp, had my docs appt today and my blood test came back fine so i am getting bumped up from 60mg a day to 80mg.

i was nurvous of my test results because i have been using these new lifting supplements (and loving every minute of it) and i wasnt sure if it was going to effect my blood test.

so far the dryness hasnt been that bad but still dry. my lower back will hurt after any heavy lifting but just for a split second then its fine again.

as for my acne, my face has cleared up for the most part (less blackheads and pimples) but i still get some and still the cysts on my beardline come and go.

i tried posting pics of my chest and face but ig im not allowed to yet cause im still new to the site? :whistle: awesome rule acne.org awesome.

my chest has been clearing up a little, about the second week in if you have been following i had very painful cysts forming and they are now drying up, the worst of it is right on my collar bone cause they tend to be painful.

thats all i have to report today, hopefully this drug isnt fucking up my body with out me knowing :pray: im happier than ever that im back lifting and getting massive pumps :wub: super happy that my acne is clearing finaly


day 22

not much to add, been taking my 2 30mg pills a day. face is overall clearer but still have cysts on beardline and one on my nose :rolleyes::(

next week is bloodwork and 2nd month, kinda nervous yet excited that im almost 1 month down.

face is only dry in the morning, lips dry all day. little dryness on arms

cysts on my collar bone line and on chest and on shoulders (generally drying up) but still some active painful ones :mad:

going to be starting my new workout routine next week along a few supplements (NO shotgun, and NO synthesize), basically little bit of creatine/caffine premix and protein postworkout.

im gonna make sure im in tip top shape when my acne clears next spring :(

also im thinking about taking some gl******** something or other for joint pain cause im gonna be working out. but so far only pain i have is lower back when i bend over for too long.

thanks for reading, or not?


day 17

overall my face is getting better except for the few renegade cysts. i have a new big red round lump on my neck that just popped today, its about the size of a dime and its big,red and inflaimed. i put a bandaid over it for work cause it looks so bad :rolleyes:

anywho, most of my chest is getting less tender and more dry and itchy, which is a good thing cause that means its healing. there are still a few painful cysts but most of them are flat and dry ready to be gone!!. skin isnt too dry, lips aren't bad. ive noticed my hair is really dry and my arms are starting to dry out.

also i have a few red tender marks on my armpits? they are like cysts but im afraid to sqeeze them cause that would be a bad spot for one to get infected :mad::(

not sure if anyone else has this problem but when i get out of the shower i hate drying off cause my skin is so irritated :D:(:mad:


day 14

i never used to have bad cystic acne on my chest and shoulders untill now. right before i started accutane i started to break out on my shoulders and chest. and when i started accutane it got worse. i now have around 15 painful inflaimed cysts on my chest and shoulders. they arnt super big or infected just painful when i sleep and workout, also sometimes they are unbearably itchy and just AHHH. im pissed cause i work hard in the gym to have a nice chest and traps and now they are covered in big lumps. cant wait to be done with this so i can have my nice body back. it makes them worse cause the skin is tight around my chest and shoulders

im taking this as my inital break out cause my face isnt that bad (its been worse) but my shoulders and chest are the worst they have ever been. im gonna ride this out but its very uncomfortable and im sick of it.

ive put in my time with acne, TIME TO DIE CYSTS

other than that statement, aquafor or whatever is a godsend for dry lips. and no matter how much moisturiser i put on my face has flakey skin that i need to stop peeling off. but it looks like shit when there are dry skin flakes on my face.

time is flying by :rolleyes:


day 12

welp, my acne is officially worse than ever. since ive started ive never had so many cysts on my chest and shoulders, and a few on my back. my face isnt that bad for cysts 2 or 3 on my beardline but they are "inactive" mostly dry skin and white heads there. ig this is my IB. SHIT, well the weekend is over and its back to work tomorrow. i had a few friends over. was a little bit shy cause of my dry skin and horrible looking face but it was bearable and not to bad :rolleyes:

cant wait till i have clear skin :(


day 9

woke up this morning with like 50 white heads, most around my mouth were painful and sore. WTF. also yesterday i noticed 2 of the cysts on my chest were like mushy and weird, i gavethem a squeeze and a jet stream of blood and puss exploded out like ive never witnessed before (gross) but it was relieving and for somereason i feel better haha. anyways they bolth are reduced to almost nothing today! yay.

i keep peeling my lip dry skin and it looks bad but its something i will have to work on. :( other than that nothing new to report other than i cant wait to be done with this and start my new life

oh yea and ive been working out consistently again and im not looking forward to this joint pain cause i feel 2x as sore after workouts now that im on this stuff. :rolleyes:

i feel like a little girl posting this shit but oh well, it gives me something to do when im bored at work :(


day 8

Face is dry, lips are dry. alot of dry flakey skin. been using CVS cheap brand gentle face wash and, moisturizing lotion squirt jugs, seems to do the job. other than that i feel fine and am getting more than usual white heads. overall my face seems to be getting clearer. my back and shoulders have been worse then ever though. not alot of big cysts but alot of dry marks and whatnot. my shoulders started getting 25% worse before i even started the CACK-utane (cack=cock but funnier :rolleyes:

i hate using lotion it makes my face feel oily but if i didnt used it, it would be pain and agony. most of my cysts are on my beardline/jaw line and around my neck so its uncomfortable to turn my head with really dry skin.

things are looking good, hopefully they stay this way and eventually i can be a regular person with regular skin, in a regular world lulz


day 6

face is starting to get tight and a little dry (60mg/day) lips arnt getting dry but applying lip balm everyonce in a while. i got really drunk sat night at a wedding reception, then after i was done drinking i had a meal and waited about an hour and took my pill so i my liver wasn't processing them both at the same time :rolleyes:. still havent posted my pics, sorry im lazy and i doubt anyone is reading this anyway.

as for the initial break out, i have been getting normal pimples nothing special or extreme. hopefully i skip it and get right to the healing :( . but i doubt it


day 3

started CACKutane a few days ago to cure my dreaded CACKne lol. anyways im 20 years old and have had mild cystic acne since i was in highschool. it wasnt that bad in school, i was very social and had a few gf's all the way through. you could say i was a chameleon(i hung out with everyone) the jocks,preps,punks, and skaters. i drank and smoked chron every weekend and enjoyed myself even having mild acne. now that im a few years out of school my acne has been persistant and annoying enough to get on this stuff. (and i have health insurance through my new awesome job). i love everything about my life (lifting, drums, dirtbike, video games, friends ext.) EXCEPT, now my acne has worsened a little and i have developed the anti-social stray from everything cause of it, also i have lost my confidence when it comes to beautiful women. (i see alot on here :rolleyes:.

im hoping that the initial break out isnt that bad im on 60mg of claravis a day, and looking forward to next spring when my cutting phase of lifting is done, acne will be done, and my 21st birthday! woot to that and happiness.

will be posting pics soon of my before :( looking forward to meeting some new faces

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