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Day 16

Ah, so it's been a while... There really wasn't a whole lot new to report at the time, I got a couple new things, tried them, hated them, broke out more, blah blah blah. Anyhow, I have finally found something (yes I know it's only been 5 days) that I love! One of my best friends has been using some products by Kiehl's for years, and always loved it. I figured it was something I would just end up giving away because I'm so freakishly sensitive to products usually, besides that, it is a bit expensive for me. However, since I needed to get new face wash anyways, and the one I was using was starting to really make me a bit more dry (not a nice additive with the already drying effects of Accutane) I decided why not :shifty: .

My friend and I meandered over to the Kiehl's store in Portland after I had checked out their web page to do a little product research (http://www.kiehls.com). We talked to one of the guys working at the store who gave us more of a product run down, and he let me test a few things out. I decided on the Rare Earth Oatmeal Milk facial cleanser that I had been attracted to on their web page, and the ultra moisturizing face creme that my friend uses, as it actually soaked into my skin for once! While making the purchases, the rep. gave me a ton of product samples to try for my hair (since it's now so dry), some other face stuff, and a super gentle toner (even though I actually never use toner because it makes my face sticky usually), so I have all these items to try. :angel:

After going home, I decided to try the products and see how well I liked them on my face. I was actually pleasantly surprised about the cleanser, I just stuck it on my dry face, added a bit of warm water and my make-up came right off, well except for my eye make-up. I have a stubborn mascara that I wear here and there that only likes to be removed with a soap bar, so I had to take that off with my back up, super make-up removing, bar of Neutrogena. :ninja:

I did try the toner out of curiosity to what my skin would be like with it, and actually it wasn't bad. I did rinse it off though since I really don't have any intentions of over-doing it, it was more of a curiosity thing. I then patted the moisturizer on and it was very nice, and I was of course surprised ;) by how nice it was, and how well it soaked in. It leaves a small film (although I did put it on thick) so it looks nice and moist.

After waking up this morning, I was further surprised ;) by how nice my skin looked! I actually had been breaking out, thus why I was covering up with make-up. All my red marks, and blotchy-ness, dry chin, and itchy rash spots were gone! I still have a couple of larger ones, but they have considerably shrunk in size and are a much lighter colour! :redface:

That's about it really, I'm going to keep with this product and see if I continue having good luck with it. It's very nice to have my dry chin nice and moist again, and my skin not super tight. I'll keep you posted, but if you get a chance, and you are having problems with your skin being super dry, at the least that moisture creme is fantastic. The bonus is (if this is also important to you as it is to me), that the products are all natural (think home remedy), animal product free, and not tested on animals.

I'll keep you posted, it can only get better right? :wall:

This is my regiment today.

Kiehl's Rare-Earth Oatmeal Milk Facial Cleanser #1

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream


Omega-3 Flaxseed 2 caps 2x's Daily

Vitamin E 2 caps 2x's Daily

Yasmin 28 1x's Daily

LOTSA water.


Day 11

I must say I've learned a very valuable lesson... DO NOT PICK YOUR FACE WHILST ON ACCUTANE!!! :wall: Oi! I look a bit like a meth addict gone horribly wrong right now. My chin was breaking out pretty bad, and now it's just bumpy and gross with several large flat red marks. I have similar marks on my cheeks and forehead as well, and they don't seem to heal quickly at all, I can say it is definetly getting worse though, breakout wise. I look worse than before I started now (not just from the picking) as my breakouts are in places I've never or rarely broke out before...

;) I've also noticed that my skin is not liking the lotion I was using (both oil of beauty and St. Ives) besides making my face very red, it stings like a son of a monkey! So now I've half used containers of both, kind of like before when I could only use things for a few days to a week or so before having to give it up. I'm thinking it's likely there soon won't be a product on the planet I can use!

I did find an older tub of creme for my face that I had purchased when I was living in France around a year ago, it's super thick, but it made me break out horribly when I was living there (my guess was the humidity which is not at all prevalent here in Oregon), so I just brought it home and stored it in my cupboard for a later attempt. It's all natural, called Baume Quintessentiel by Melvita, full of essential oils. I'm not sure what will happen, but at this rate I think no matter what I do, I'll land in the same boat.

I have also been using Aquaphor on my lips, however, being a person who has never had chapped lips, I'm not sure on the rating, it seems okay, but my lips are still bugging me a bit. I'm going for the Corti Balm tomorrow to see if I have better luck.

On to the nose bleeds... ah wonderful bloody noses, still having them, though not as much pain due to the Ayre Gel stuff, nothing like putting a wad of gel up each nostril several times a day. It makes your nose run a bit, but well, not much to do about that. I'm sure the cold weather is an aggravating factor regardless of it previously not affecting me.

So I have a question for anyone in regards to make-up... I usually use Neutrogena (I have Olive/Goldish undertones) because it's toted for not making one break out and because it's the only makeup that can match my skin tone better than others... I'm using Visibly Even right now, and Nars cover in Custard, as well as some Rice Powder by Pillado. If my face isn't too bad I normally just go with Mineral makeup (was using Susan Posnich can't remember the spelling), however, I noticed I'm having problems covering, etc... Any suggestions? My skin acts like an oil slick that doesn't want to keep anything on the spots. I've heard MAC has a product, but I'm not sure on that.

Also, how about blackheads, do they eventually go away? I've read they do, but so far they seem to be very noticeable and I know I'm not supposed to use those pore strips right now.

Does anyone know if birth control can affect your skin while on Accutane? I mentioned previously I'm on Yasmin, I swear it's getting worse.

Until tomorrow...

This is my regiment today.

Garnier Nutritioniste (some gentle oil free cleanser).

Baume Quintessentiel

Acne Free Benzoyl 10%


Omega-3 Flaxseed 3x's Daily

Vitamin E 2x's Daily

Yasmin 28 1x's Daily

LOTSA water. wink.gif


So it starts...

Okay, so I've done blogs before, but to be honest they were all travel related, normally I don't go about wanting to blog about my face, or to be more specific, the spots on my face. ;)

I decided after reading dozens and dozens of blogs from other users of Accutane, to join in. Why? Well everyone is different, the reactions will be different, the side-effects, etc... I found it extremely helpful to read these blogs before making a decision, and after. While I know that how I will react on this medication will likely be different from others, maybe it will help someone get more ideas while on, or perhaps while deciding if they should or should not go on Accutane.

Let me start of telling you a little about myself, I'm 26 and have suffered from mild to severe acne since I was about 15 or so. I never had any skin issues until my mom decided to take me to the doctor on a freak out about my skin. This particular doctor, who I believe is no longer in practice, put me on all sorts of scrips, regardless of the fact my skin never broke out, as a 'precaution'. Well I started having issues while taking Tetricycline, and using the special face wash and prescription topical. Of course from there it just landed up getting far worse, and then you get other stuff to stop the problems, and my skin has never been the same. I'm not sure why that happened exactly, but it did, and having other doctors and derms comment about the old saying 'less is more', it seems that the precaution did more harm than good, and I've been fighting it ever since.

I have thought about going on Accutane in the past, but was a bit nervous of the side effects. I am hypothyroid and wasn't sure of what would happen with that, and some other stuff. Anyways, after a co-worker of mine went on I started talking more and more with her about it, and she loves it so far. In her case it's made her slightly more snippy, but her face is very clear, barely breaking out (it really didn't too much before however, just on her chin a bit). After her second month I made an appointment with her derm, and did all the initial stuff, and as of 10 days ago I started myself.

The first 3 days I didn't notice much of anything aside from going to a BBQ and drinking a few beers (turns out Accutane lessens your drinking tolerance, and mine is usually relatively high) feeling like I had drunk a bit much (mind you I also took the pill several hours after my last drink, but it was an odd feeling). However I do not at all feel tired, or any different, I thought I might, but so far so good.

On the fourth day I noticed I was more dry, however, my skin often gets dry and oily at the same time, so with the exception that I wore some lotion and I didn't break out on my face, it wasn't too much different. The weird thing was that my left arm and shoulder broke out, my arm has never had a zit as far as I can remember, so that was a bit odd.

By the fifth day my nose started getting quite dry. Consequently days 6 - 10 have been not fun in the bloody nose department. I have a bit of a history with bloody noses as several years back something or rather happened (never did find out what exactly) causing my nose to bleed continually (in a thin stream rather than drip) for several minutes before paramedics could control it. Otherwise I just get them here and there, but now with the Accutane, it seems that I will probably have this problem a bit more than I'd like. If you do have any issues with the bloody nose, I highly recommend Ayre nasal gel, you swab it in and outside and it does wonders for me.

On about the 8th day I noticed I was breaking out more. Now I know this won't apply to the guys, but I am on my period, but I am on Yasmin (though I've never taken a birth control before this) so I don't know what is going on with my face.

Day 9, more breakouts on my chin and hairline, and my skin is super dry and oily all at once, suddenly my lotion doesn't seem to want to do anything but sit on top of the skin... again. This is exactly why I never use lotion, my skin doesn't absorb diddly squat, it sorta did a couple days, and now I'm back right where I started.

This is day 10 and the breakouts are much worse. I probably don't help things much as I do mess with them :ninja: as I can not stand them, and they just sit for ages (I'm not kidding) festering. If I do get one down, it usually heals quick. I tried a baking soda and cold creme scrub on my face in hopes of getting some of the dry skin down.

:wall: So we shall see if anything happens. I am a little bummed right now :angel: , because it did seem for a few days to cooperate with me, but now I'm just back to where I was and I'm miserable. I put lotion on for it to sit atop my skin giving me no relief, I'll be wearing make-up tomorrow for sure so no one asks me what's wrong with my skin (nothing more embarrassing). I am trying to hold hope, however this is the exact amount of time that happens when I try ANYTHING, then it just quits working on me. ;)

I'll report more as I go, cross your fingers, I could use some good luck (it's been an awful year).

This is my regimine, or has been until day 10:

Garnier Nutritioniste (some gentle oil free cleanser).

Oil of Beauty (Oil of Olay knockoff).

Ponds Cold Creme

St. Ives Collagen Elastin

Acne Free Benzoyl 10%


Omega-3 Flaxseed 3x's Daily

Vitamin E 2x's Daily

Yasmin 28 1x's Daily

LOTSA water. :shifty:

Day 10 I used Noxema Antibacterial (since I messed with it).

I don't use Cetaphil, I have had bad reactions with it in the past, I'm not sure why but it makes me really red and itchy. I hate their lotion, well I hate most lotions because my skin won't suck them up. I do have mild eczema, so I do have to be careful because it will flare up here and there.

I do take suggestions, but there are some things that I don't know that would work with my current state. Boots made me breakout worse, haven't tried Aveeno again, can't use anything Proactive, tried Origins for a bit but it made me dry, clean and clear usually makes me breakout, etc... I literally have tried everything, but if ANYONE has skin similar to mine (think moderate acne, lots of white and black heads too. Skin that doesn't take to lotion, is super oily but looks and acts very dry also, oh and if you can use products for about 1-2 weeks before having to switch...) then I want your suggestions. I'll try things, but I seriously have spent more money than I ever should on any product you can order, get in scrip, or at the local drug, so I'm a hard sell, but try your best!

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