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Week 1 Day 5

I've been on everything, first at the age of 14 i got on Minocycline (for a year, helped acne but i had a bad reaction to it and i had lots of dark spots on my skin and it looked TERRIBLE). Then I was perscribed Doxycycline at the age of 15 or 16. I took it for a year and thought my acne would stay gone, so i stopped taking it. but I was mistaking BIG time. It came back 6 months later, but not as BAD :wall: I loved doxycycline! Then I started taking it again, and u would think i'd be immune to it by then right? nope, sure enough it worked and I didn't stop taking it til maybe 10months later i started becoming immune to it. So my doctor gave me Solodyn at the age of 17 (It was a stronger version of minocycline) I was afraid my allergic reaction to minocycline would happen again. but it didn't. My acne never really got MUCH better or worse tho. it kept it under control i guess. I took it for a little over a year..... And Now at the age of 18, my doctor has decided to put me on accutane b/c she said i should be responding alot better to solodyn b/c its suppose to be strong. My acne hasn't been unmanagable since my first breaking out at 14yrs old. I mean it was horrible, i had maybe 4 cyst's and all kinds of bumps covering my forehead and the sides of my cheeks. I was depressed for a long time, up until i started taking doxycycline. I mean b/c before that big break out, I NEVER broke out. It just all the sudden happened...

Anyway, that's a little about my history with antibiotic's... Now I'm on sotret (generic form of accutane) Ok, I'm taking 30mg twice a day (60mg). I'm on Day 5, Not much going on right now. no side effect's yet, just feel a little fatigue at times. I have a total of 2 average sized bumps, and a few little ones on the forehead and marks from bumps. but these bumps and marks were there before i started taking accutane. My acne isn't very bad, only b/c i was taking solodyn to keep it under control. but i know if i wasn't on anything my face would erupt. I have very very oily skin. and on top of that it becomes dry easily.. The only annoying thing i don't like so far about this, is the ipledge program. I mean i don't really mind but its crazy that i have to go to it and answer question's to get my perscription..

Well I'll keep Posted! ;)

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