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A blog dedicated to my creative concoctions which eventually got me clear.

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Well yeah, it was working AMAZING. but i needed to quit because the bp and moisturizer i was using was full of chemicals. parabens and other chemicals which cause cancer, organ problems, reproductive problems and more. so i switched to a more natural regimen:

♥ My Regimen ♥

since : 09/26/10

(had to change to a natural regimen because Dan's BP contains many cancer-causing

chemicals, and so do most products I was using)



Raw African Black Soap from Ghana.


After face is dry, use Eucerin Sensitive Skin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30.


Wash off make-up, take a shower.

Put on Calamine Lotion(generic doesn't have chemicals that cause cancer, or other

problems). Calamine Lotion helps with pimples and hyperpigmentation.


Wash off Calamine Lotion, put on Dannon All Natural Plain Yogurt on

whole face. Keep till morning.

Take Doxycycline 100mg.

Status- Moderate acne.


it's day 7 !



I just took a picture and compared it to day 1. it's freaking amazing. i also need to give props to CREMA CONCHA DE NACAR. my hyperpigmentation is fadingg!!

more updated in a week or so.

just know it's working, the regimen works!

Next week i'm gonna order jojoba oil, my skin is a bit dry=premature aging!


Day 3, mid day :)

Well hello there. :rolleyes: lol, it's day 3 on the regimen. i just got back from school, and i wanna say a few things about it. it's AMAZING. in 3 days, i haven't gotten any new pimples!!! i popped like 3 on day 2 and usually this would mean that the next day i'd have about 5. but i didn't have any! i guess the BP kills the germs immediately, so they can produce more pimples (: yay. and just overall my facer is CLEARER. <3 cannot wait till i'm in week 3 and 4. :( post any questions on here. (oh and thanks to the cleanser and moisturizer that i'm using, my brown and red marks have decreased...about 30% ! )

I'll start using half a finger (about) in 09/25/10, week 3. then full finger BP on 10/10/10 (:



Hello, well I received the BP yesterday. A day later than I thought but whatever:)

I started the regimen 09/10/10 at about 8pm. I'll post updates in a week or two to see how i'm doing. i love the BP, it's so nice and doesn't sting (for me) at all, it goes on really smooth and doesn't mess up with the moisturizer. So i'm glad I bought EXTREMELY high quality stuff (;



Hello America, and other countries :(

My name is A**...... but call me Angie (:

This blog will tell YOU how i'm getting rid of my acne, what to use, and how i'm also getting rid of my acne marks(brown/red,not the holes) (if you have wholes i recommend going to w w w . e z p e e l . n e t (( take of the spaces!!!)

and checking out their scars section.

Well, let me start by telling you a bit of my acne history:

In 9th grade I started getting very mild acne, nothing that big at all.

My scarring started when I purchased a blackhead remover, it completely scarred my whole face (chin and forehead, no acne on cheeks) that started everything I guess.

Then this year(10th grade) I started getting more and more, and during the summer I just exploded. massive pimples, all over, nasty brown marks, some cysts, scarring,GROSSNESS,and TONS of pustules. :( school was going to start in like 2 weeks and I couldn't even use makeup because it look ridiculously disgusting. i was in panic mode. i was trying a bunch of natural things(mask, ) which didn't really do anything big for it. I went to the doc, and i asked him about antibiotics, he prescribed me 100mg 2x a day of Doxycycline. in about 7 I had no more breakouts,just marks, and like 1 cyst. nice huh? yeahh, this is what saved me, i'm still on it because he prescribed it for 14 days, and when i stopped like 3 days later i started breaking out a little again and got this pustule with 3 whiteheads in it, so i'm back on it for 30 days 1 a day. I honestly recommend it tremendously. but to take and while your on it like 5 days after starting start using the regimen i'm currently using(i'll have details below) since the antibiotic is holding all the inflammation and breakouts on hold it's the PERFECT time to use something that works, so when you stop using the antibiotic you don't start breaking out again. But what works? you'd think nothing. but when you combine and have a daily routine you'd be VERY surprised. :rolleyes:

Here's what i'm doing that made me want to bloggg, :(

in the morning I wash my face with RAW AFRICAN BLACK SOAP FROM GHANA. may i say best thing on earth?!

i've only used it for 5 days :mad: BUT I love it so much. it's amazing. today is day 5 and yesterday i had this >>huge<<

CYSTS , it was like a huge ball on my chin. i had had it for like 1 month. it's not there anymore. :( <3 it's the soap. it's gotta be.

because the antibiotic slowly gets the cysts smaller, they don't disappear from 1 day to the other. it also takes away all my makeup, i don't usually care about this bcuz i had this cream that gets rid of it from est lauder, and it got my face clean, but recently that burns. so this is perfect because when i get home from school i wash and it ALL comes off. so it's great :mad: i got it from ebay for 5.45 with tax and shipping (6oz, its the cheapest price) so go to ebay and put in the name and it's the lowest priced one.

okay next thing I use is

CREMA CONCHA DE NACAR (mother of pearl cream) it's from peru. it's for acne and acne marks. ADORE this (:

i've used it for like 8 days and i can tell the difference in the marks and acne.

it's moisturizing and rubs in REALLY easy so it's great, because in the morning i dont have time to wait for a moisturizer to dry.

i use it 2x a day, sometimes 3. you can use it up to 4 x a day.

the best person to buy it from is here, it's the cheapest and i got in 2 dayyysssss.

this one is for women, they also sell the one for guys.

search this; Mother of pearl cream for Her Crema Concha Nacar Ella

on ebay, it's 10 + 2.09(shipping) sold by nuestrasalud.

with those two products i've seen a GREAT diff in a few days.

i'll let you know that my regimen will change as of today, i ordered the bp from dan, and i'll be using it. i didn't buy his whole kit because

i want to get rid of my marks and not just acne. i don't want to get rid of acne then work to get rid of the marks, i'd be perfect if i got rid of both at the same time. the black soap and crema concha de nacar are both extremely effective for scars and marks :D

so that's my lil trickk. i'll update. i should be getting my bp today so yeahh. i'll post back in a week with updates.


thanks for readingggggg.