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Hi everyone,

You can call me supergirl! I loved superman growing up and always considered myself someone that can do anything. Until battling acne...

I am a 31 year old asian female and started Dan Kern's regimen since April 1st. I owe so much to Dan and this regimen. I wish I started it earlier because then my face wouldn't be ridden with all of these acne scars.

The acne has pretty much cleared except for when "Aunt Flow" visits and I get a hormonal zit. It always leave a huge hyperpigmented scar just when I was getting my other scars to fade, another one pops up that I have to battle.

I have recently been researching acne scarring treatments but I gotta tell you, it's pretty scary out there. What with all the horror stories and people turning out worse than they were before.

I have to say my scars are mild but still decreases my confidence and my social life. My husband loves me for who I am and never says anything about my scars but I know he sees them. He has beautiful, smooth skin (I secretly hate him sometimes haha no not really) but at least I hope our children don't have to suffer what I am going through.

In short, I call my blog One Life Journey because I really believe that we have this ONE LIFE to live and why live it being so miserable and obsessive over our skin? I know it's media, television, movies...I just want to live a happy, confident, and love filled life. So here's to clear skin and hoping that I live the rest of my life on the good stuff and leaving this acne drama behind.

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