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Okay well my skin is definitely better than it was two weeks ago, but it is still taking a long time for all my acne to go away. The difference that I see is less bumpy on my cheeks, less red, but still really bumpy on my forehead :rolleyes:

Anyone used doxycyline with ziana and can tell me how long it took for your acne to go away?



BTW I will be posting a new entry every couple of days or so just to keep you posted on how my acne is doing.

Has anyone else used doxycycline and had good results?


My Acne Story

Ok so here's my story with acne:

I had pretty clear skin, but when I was 14 I started getting more pimples than usual so I started on Minocycline and that cleared up my pimples significantly and kept them gone. But then the summer before I turned 15, I started breaking out a little more than usual. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me with doxycycline. Two days after taking it twice a day, my skin broke out into crazy moderate/severe acne. All over my forehead, cheeks, and chin. Worst my acne has ever been! And of course it had to be right when school started. I stopped taking the doxycycline because I felt like it only made my skin worse. After three weeks, I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed me doxycycline and Ziana. I have been on this for about three days and I see little improvement, but my acne has not gotten worse. Acne has been making me so depressed and I have even missed a little bit of school. I really hope it clears up FAST.

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