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So today marks month 3 since my dermatologist took me off of Tane! My lips by now are completely back to normal, my eyes are no longer dry and painful, my eczema has gotten extremely better....and better yet, I have NO ACNE!!

Accutane has changed me for the better and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to take it! I have no regrets! If you are deciding to take Accutane or not, don't hesitate, it was the best thing I ever could have done! I am so happy!

Until next time, Ciao!


Last Friday was my 7 month follow up appointment with my dermatologist and my last day on Accutane!! I currently have 13 pill left over but was instructed to take them down to my local fire department to dispose of them.

As for my skin.....it is 100% clear! :(

In the last month, I haven't had any new lesions what so ever! I am although still dealing with minor dryness of my face and lips..as well as eczema patches on my arms/hands.

I am so ecstatic with the outcome of my Accutane process, I never imagined having NO ACNE!! It is a wonderful feeling. I am 100% more confident and no longer miss out on big events (by isolating myself in my room) due to having horrible cystic acne!!

With all of the side effects that I have experienced throughout this process, I wouldn't take it back...I would do it all over again. Accutane is a blessing.

Will post in a couple months with my post-Accutane effects!

...Until next time, Ciao


Last month on Accutane!

So this is my 6th and final month on Accutane!! Last Friday was my 5 month follow up appointment with my Derm and she was more than pleased with the results of tane.

I still have dry lips and my eczema is worse than ever (along my hands, wrists, arms, shoulders) with being on the drug. I'm still using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer and am using only mineral makeup.

I havent had a blemish since my 4th month but because I did have a breakout during my menstrual cycle on my 4th month, my Dermatologist argued that I needed another month. She claims she likes to see patients on Accutane with 2 months free of blemishes...So I have one more month to be acne free before I am taken off of it.

Accutane saved me. I am no where near as self conscious as I used to be. I am not afraid of showing my bare face, its finally beautiful

I've had some bumps along the way but I am so glad I made the decision to take this miracle drug...I just hope I stay acne free!

Until next time...Ciao.


Today is day 128 and I have now finished my fourth month on tane. I am still currently taking 60mg of Amnesteem a day. I only have three blemishes, two on my right cheek and one on my chin and I also have a small dry patch at the right bottom half of my chin.

This past Friday was my fourth month follow up appointment with my Derm and she expects two more full months on Accutane. She wants to make sure I wont have an IB when I stop taking it as well as around the time of my menstrual cycle (which seems to be the only time I still break out). Although I still have an occasional breakout around my pd, my doctor says I am looking great and my skin has improved perfectly.

My eczema is killing me but the Vanos cream I was proscribed seems to be working pretty good on my hands/forearms/and shoulders.

Till next time..ciao.


I am into the 16th week with my Accutane treatment. Right now, my face is 99% clear. I say that because i have a blemish on my right cheek. I still am breaking out horribly the week before and the week of my menstrual cycle but thats the only time I have a new break out.

I am now taking 60mg a day and will asked to have my dosage raised to 80mg for the remainder of my treatment when I see my Derm in January.

As for side effects.... I use both Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizer twice a day and my face is not dry, or cracking like before. My lips are still dry but I've gotten use to it over these last four months. Other than that, I haven't experienced anything too horrible this month other than some minor back pain.

I'm not sure when exactly my treatment will end, I havent really talked to my doctor about that but I'm worried my acne will return once off the medication. I pray and I hope my face will stay as beautiful and clear as it is now once I stop taking Accutane and forever afterwards!

I am now feeling comfortable in my own skin. It doesnt bother me to wear my hair up or to make eye contact. I feel so good about my overall appearance now. This drug is amazing, its taken forever to get to this point but I'm finally here...with clear beautiful skin.

Till next time..Ciao.


So today is day 86 and this past Friday, I recently finished my month 3 cycle of Accutane (alternating 40mg to 60mg every other day). I have yet to see my Dermatologist but I have my month 3 follow up appointment this coming Friday.

I am really impressed with the effects of this drug. My face looks soo good compared to a couple months ago. I still have a few small blemishes amongst my face but no painful nodules like before. I am still having difficulty around the time of my monthly cycle, it seems thats the only time I get any new breakouts. Hopefully with the next few months that I'm on this amazing drug, the breakouts around the time of my cycle will subside.

As for side effects, My lips are still really dry and my eyes seem to be more sensitive (especially) since the dosage increase. I have noticed more flare ups with my eczema, especially on my forearms, left shoulder, and hands.

I feel so much more confident now that my face has cleared, I've even switched makeup. I'm now using bareminerals and it looks like I'm not wearing any makeup. Its so amazing. I have that glow, I'm looking forward to the beautiful skin!!

Until next time, Ciao.


Today is day 57 and I completed my 2nd month and am continuing on with my third. Yesterday was my dermatologist appointment and my dosage has been increased. For the first 2 months, I was taking 40mg a day, I am now taking 60 mg one day and 40 mg the next. So overall, my average dose is 50 mg.

My derm says I am right on track with the Accutane process. I am still seeing nodules and small blemishes throughout my face but mostly around the time of my cycle...My skin is still exceptionally dry. I was prescribed an ointment from my derm because my eczema is flaring up due to the dryness caused from the medication. I am still suffering from dry lips but I'm sure all the dryness that I have to go through now will be well worth it in the end.

As you guys know, I've said in previous posts that Accutane seems to be effecting my mood (according to both my mother and boyfriend). I am working on my mood swings as I know it hurts when I lash out on people for no reason. Of course, I haven't mentioned the effects the medication has made on my mood to my dermatologist in fright that she might end my course early.

I want this so bad..I need this so bad. I want to feel beautiful in my own skin and I think Accutane will do this for me.

Till next time, Ciao.


Day 25

So today is day 25 and I definitely have some things to share..First off, I've been experiencing a lack of sleep. Every night for the past week or so, I toss and turn and am up all night. Sleep deprivation, for me, is not good. I go to school everyday and with a lack of sleep, its difficult to pay attention..and I seem more irritable....Last night I also got in a fight with my boyfriend. He says I've 'changed'. That he is tired of my attitude and wishes it would be consistent for once. He says I can be nice one minute and rude the next,( just like that!)...I honestly don't know if this is from the medication, "that time of month", both, or if it was just an off "week" for us. Im afraid to bring this up to my doctor because I don't want to be dropped to a lower dose of Accutane. So hopefully we'll get through this, both my boyfriend whom I love very much and myself.

As far as other side effects...my face has been extremely dry as well as my lips..I'm using the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream and it seems to help but only lasts during the day, but by late afternoon my face is back to its dry, itchy, flaky self.

Hope you guys are doing well.

Until next time, Ciao.


Day 14 on Accutane

Well today is day 14, week two of 20mg two times a day of Accutane. My last entry, I posted was day five and I told you guys about the side effects I was experiencing...well it turns out I totally jinxed myself. It was literally day 6 when my lips become unbearable and I have completely stopped with the Proactiv regimen and have now switched over to Cetaphil because my face burned with the strength of Proactiv. I am using both the cleanser and moisturizer by Cetaphil and it works wonders for my dry flaky skin!

This past weekend I had an IB and I was so embarrassed! It has calmed down now, still have blemishes pretty much everywhere but my nodules are gone!!! Really hope my clear beautiful skin comes soon!

Till next time...ciao.


Day 5

So this is day five on Accutane at 20mg twice a day. I don't have much to report other then a few minor side effects. First of all...my face has broke out w a few nodules on my forehead and a few small pimples on either side of my cheeks. :rolleyes: I am experiencing some dryness on my face, enough to make me want to scratch my lower right side of my chin all the time!!! I hate it! I am also experiencing dry/irritated lips, but although they seem dry and sore, it's not like what I've read in other blogs but still enough to be uncomfortable! I bought a double pack of Aquaphor on Sunday and it seems to be working pretty good! I love it!...I am still using the Proactiv regimen but plan on switching over to Cetaphill once my skin is irritable to the touch and too sensitive for the strength of the Proactiv line

Good luck with your Accutane journey!!!

Until next time...ciao.


First Day!

Well, today is my first day taking Accutane. I am on 20mg twice a day of Amnesteem. I am 19 years old and I am in the 'mild to severe' acne category according to my Derm. I am worried about all the side-effects that come with the drug but I am excited to finally have clear, beautiful skin!!. I don't have much to report, that being its my first day but I am sure to come back and post my progress. Good luck to everyone!

P.S..I've been reading around and am getting mixed reviews about what moisturizers, lip balms, and face cleansers to use while on Accutane. I am currently using the Proactiv line...is that too harsh on top of Accutane, should I switch to something more gentle?? Thanks!

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