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Oh dear! I am so, so glad I have come to this point with a 100% clear skin!!! I am officially DONE guys!!!


I'm sorry I haven't updated my blog since February this year. I went through a lot of stuff in my new job and school, guess so far so good


I really don't know what to say, it's been such a positive change to have my skin all cleared up that I no longer think about it anymore, I feel good! and people actually don't beleive I had such a severe acne, only those who met me last year know what I'm talking about...(those awful days, 5% selfs-steem, people staring at my face when commuting, children being cruel about my face, I felt miserable...but that's gone guys!! all that has GONE!!


I have to say I am also really happy that my skin responded so well to the several peelings and laser sessions I went through despite the fact that I was taking 20mg a day...many scars have faded


my lips were and are still dry but I keep them moisturized all the time, it's been a long year and a long run, full of ups and downs but let me tell you it's been all worth it!! isoface (accutane) has basically made me another person.

I am 100% confident of myself now...

Good luck to all of you who are on accutane, trust me, you'll see the change!!!

I attached some before/after pictures they took me a month ago!

And thanks for reading my blog!

The end






5 Months Already...

Geez, I just forgot about the days I used to think about my skin 90% of the time... o.o

I really don't think this med can make you feel depressed...I may have been depressed during

the first month but I'm sure it wasn't cause of accutane but because of my serious IB... damn I

felt like a piece of sh**tt during that time...

However, I believe that going through all that gave me an opportunity to better know myself and get to know there were people around who actually didnt care about the way I looked ..it was really a horrible experience but it truly boosted the best of me and made me realize that looks don't always go in the first place smile.png

Updates on my skin:

I feel my skin is a 98% clear now biggrin.png! and I decided to buy omega 3 and vitamin E cause I heard it can help your skin heal faster...

side effects: my skin feels and looks very dry and I have to use moisturize on my lips literally every 10 minutes...it's relateviley flacky but the redness has started to fade smile.png

Btw I got my first peeling about 3 weeks ago! damn, did it burn my face!! o.o 3 days later my face skin was already peeling off!

I still wonder why my derm decided to do a peeling even when Im taking isotretinoin...I asked her why, and she said there was no problem and so I accepted...

1 peeling after, my skin had a relatevly positive change I guess...

Im having my blood tests next week as Im going to start taking 40mg a day...

Hope everything goes well


:D.... That's pretty much how I feel about my skin now!! :redface:...

I'm sorry I havent posted any updates about my course for over a month, I guess I wasnt experiencing any big changes on my skin until now.

Skin condition: I've realised that the feared IB is a relatively serious side effect because it can last from 2 weeks up to the very last day of the whole course depending on each case.

in my case, I'm still having some few breakouts even after taking this medicine for 4 months, yet my face has cleared up in a 85%!! it's just amazing!! :redface:

My forehead, which was the most affected part, is now the clearest area of my face whereas my cheeks, which werent too bad in the beginning, have been breaking out for the last 2 months, but it's nothing serious, no cysts, no big lumps, no horrible stuff just some pimples around...

The redness has also improved a lot, I'm still getting scars and red spots though and it's easy to see the open pores left behind but I'm glad i'm going through a chemical peeling next month to solve this prob...

by the end of my treamtent I will also have a laser treatment for my red spots, I'm really looking forward to seeing my final results :dance::redface:

So, after waiting for over 4 months I'm finally experiencing a huuuge positive change on my skin! this med really works and it's definitely worth all the patience and stuff!

Btw! Ive been raised my dose, im taking 20mg a day now...cool stuff is yet to come :redface:

Thanks for reading and merry christmas :(:dance:!!


Week 10, day 67

Hello again!

I just got back from my first anti-inflammatory facial...it was ok, didn't hurt too much, my face just got a little too red afterwards...

Skin condition: Im still getting pimples everywhere, specially on my forehead and the red spots from previous zits don't seem to fade :whistle: it kinda sucks cause it's hard to tell whether I still have active acne or not. My cheeks, humm...still the same, pimple, pimple, pimple...

My derm said I should get another facial in two weeks to accelerate my skin response to the IB because the medicine is pushing all the comedones to the surface and they eventually turn into zits and cysts, mainly painful horrible cysts... :pray:

I'm really anxious to start seeing some results cause it's been already 2 months and my skin has just gotten pretty weak, full of red spots and stuff...

I've been trying my best not to feel worried about that...it just pisses me off when people comment on my skin and start asking me if the treatment really works.... :wub: OF COURSE IT WILL!!! IT JUST TAKES SOME TIME!! THEY DONT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THAT THOUGH!!! x.x!! and that kinda makes me lose my faith for a second... aghhh. I wish I was going through all this on vacations so that nobody could actually see me >.>

Anyways, I guess I have nothing else to report for now...

To all the acne-suffering people out there who are already on accutane: stick to it! don't give up!! this med can really take us through hell (...where im still at...) and back...


Hello there! This is me again...

I'm officially done with my first set of pills: 20mg every other day. Yeah I know it's a very low dose for my severe case of acne but I guess I kinda understand why I am taking such a low dose...

Yesterday I got to visit my derm for the second time and she noticed I havent stopped breaking out ever since I started taking isotretinoin. My cheeks, which used to be clear before Isoface, are full of pimples and red spots :wub: and my forehead, which was the affected area, is sorta clear by now...yet full of redness, scars and spots o.o it's horrible!!!

I kinda asked her why I've been taking such a low dose and she said that given my current breakout under a low dose I probably wouldnt withstand a higherdose! I'd get a lot more scars, spots and of course more acne... so...she made a point :pray:

The redness and the spots are my worst concern for now... they look like lots of pimples going on on my face...I hate it..I really hope they banish with time... :whistle:

I was also told to have a an anti-inflammatory facial in two weeks cause I have a lot of comedogenic acne and the isotretinoin is pushing it out of my skin and that's when it becomes either a cyst/a zit or a pimple... **sighs**

So, this is my update so far... I really feel released when I get to share my experience with others because having acne really sucks, it has altered my life in so many aspects...I no longer feel like going out with my friends, I'd rather stay home than spend some quaility time with my familiy or friends...oh well, I guess it can't get any worse.... .____.


Week 6, day 40

I'm almost done with my first set of pills! :(

Lots of things have happened during these two weeks...

My skin has actually cleared up in certain areas of my face, specially around my temples where I constantly had painful horrible cysts...

Inflammation has also reduced around my forehead...Im still getting some big pimples here and there and it's kinda weird because they look very small in the morning but they grow bigger throughout the whole day until I accidentally scratch them and boom! they burst!! so I have to run and find a washroom where I can cleanse my skin...sometimes I cant help scratching or touching my skin cause it's so itchy!! >.>

I havent stopped breaking out since I started the medicine, sometimes I get 2 or 3 huge pimples on my forehead or cheeks even behind my ears...but they seem to dry out quite fast....and that's when they become itchy as hell!!

Today I woke up and when I looked in the mirror I noticed that some areas of my skin have many purplish red spots, I don't know if that's hyperpigmentation or just part of my skin reaction O.o! Im just pretty concerned cause every single pimple I get leaves behind a reddish spot...my dermatologist said I cannot wear any sunscreen for now as my skin is very oily (not anymore though)...

Humm, I cant deny I have had an improvement on my skin, it's nothing big but I can tell it from previous pictures Ive taken...

Side effects?....nothing serious to be honest. Sometimes my lower back hurts after standing up for a long time andmy skin is still dry yet not as flaky as it was last week, my lips are dry too but I as I stated before, it's nothing out of the ordinary...

There's just one thing I've noticed...I have two red patches on my neck, they're not itchy and they don't look like skin rash either! so I really dunno what they are o.o ...I really hope it's nothing serious!!

Has this happened to anyone while taking accutane?? :rolleyes:



First month! o.o

Hey there again!

Wow, 1st month on this drug and I remember like yesterday I was so eager to start this treatment...

Skin condition: fortunately my skin doesn't look as red as it did last week (my worst week so far)...there are some small areas which are clear by now and it's easy to see the scars left behind :rolleyes:

Also, my face has dried up a lot, it looks flaky specially around the cysts area...it looks so gross that I feel in need of covering them with micropore tape x.x

I think I was a little dramatic when I wrote that my lips were horribly chapped and dry...actually they're not and their dryness is pretty manageable as long as I use lip moisturizer.

I havent had any other side effects so far...I think I really wanna start a higher dose, but Ill have to wait till next month to see my derm.

Imma start posting new entries every 15 days from now on...unless something extraordinary happens!

Thanks for following up!



Third week...awful

So, this is my third week on isotretinoin and things have just gotten worse >.<

I wasn't expecting any serious breakouts due to the cortisone pills, but hell no!! Ive broken out big time! Ive got two huge pimples on both of my cheeks, my forehead has 3 big lumps and lots of pimples everywhere!! it's horrible, plus, my lips are very dry and chapped---uggh...:rolleyes::mad:

I forgot to tell you I was also prescribed clindamycine+aloe vera gel which doesn't seem to be working ...Im still using it though just in case :(

As you can see, the feared moment arrived >.> Im having an IB and knowing that this is just the beginning makes me feel even worse :( but, at the end of the day I know I just have to stick with it and deal with it.

hopefully one day (soon...?) I'll be laughing at my past times as an acne sufferer!!

I wonder if I'll break out even more in the next days, I hope not cause I work in a department store on the weekends... you guys must know how hard it is to show up looking like this, once again, im feeling depressed, I hate the way my face looks right now, everyone just cant stop staring at me x.x im feeling so blue (yet!! not suicidal lol).. :mad:

Almost 1st month!!! o.o what to expect??


Hey there again!

So today is my second week on isotretinoin...and yeah! I've taken 6 pills so far...

I havent had any dramatic changes on my skin, Ive had some breakouts, nothing serious, so it's hard to tell if it's due to the drug...some pimples around my face, my forehead has cleared up a bit, which is good and my skin is still a bit oily (not the usual oily though)...

Side effects?...actually nothing out of the ordinary...however Ive noticed my lips have started to look a bit drier than normal so ive used some moisturize on them (they dont feel dry though)...

Im almost done with the cortisone pills. Ive been taking half a pill a day for the last 2 days and ill stop on the fifth day, I cant take them again after that because side effects are pretty bad too according to my dermatologist...

maybe the cortisone has prevented my skin from breaking out exaggeratedly so I dont know what to expect after I stop using it...

oh yeah! for the first time after three months I have actually stopped thinking about my acne when talking to people!!, I hated it when people stopped looking at me to stare at my pimples and pretend I didnt notice agghh!!! I guess I just dont pay attention to that anymore as I know Im doing something about it , so yeah...my acne has gone into the background for now.

We'll see how everything goes in the 3rd week

I'll try to post some pics to keep a record on my journal :rolleyes:

Regards from Colombia!


Hello everyone!!

I'm glad I found a place where I can share my own experience on isotretinoin...

first for all, my name's Juan and Im a 23 year-old guy with severe acne x.x

I've suffered from acne since my adolescence and, as many people out there, I have also tried lots of things (diets, topical medications, even homeopathic stuff) but ended up not having any decent results....

My acne has gotten worse for the last 3 months...I started to break out around my temples and it eventually spread around my forehead....I got pimples, nodules, cysts, some white and black heads here and there making me awfully depressed... Acne has basically taken over my social life.

So I went to visit a dermatologist about 2 weeks ago and she suggested me isotretinoin in a very low dose of 20mg every other day plus some cortisone pills to reduce inflammation...She seemed very nice and proffessional, plus Ive heard wonders about this drug.


Good news so far!

Today is my firfth day on isoface+cortisone and inflammation has significantly reduced!! eusa_pray.gif yay!

I no longer have those big lumps on my forehead!! Neither have I felt any side effects yet... probably cause my body has just begun to absorb the medication so I'm not really expecting any breakouts soon...

We'll see how everything goes in the second week!

Thanks for reading btw biggrin.png

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