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My last entry was in May 2008, and I continued to use Duac until the summer of 2009. Then I stopped for a while because I thought my acne was fading away and I didn't need treatment anymore.

I was wrong. My acne came back in 3-4 months, and strong as ever. My cystic pimples came back, huge, painful, even if there were only 2-3 on my face at a time.

So I went back on Duac in September and it was difficult to wait for Duac to kick in. It took a good couple of months because I kept picking at my skin, or neglecting Duac in my busy schedule. Now that it's December, I'm finally clear again. I'm much better at stopping myself from picking.

Recently, to save money on Duac (it's a little cheaper with Next RX, $30 a pack but I'm losing my healthcare so I have some stocked up).....I've been using Daniel Kern's Acne Treatment (just the gel) at night before bed. In the morning I use Duac.

The main reason why I decided to write another blog is this: I hear too many stories of people still suffering with acne. I'm 23 now, and trust me, I've had enough. I've had acne since I was 11.

To all of you still suffering: Try Duac gel. Or any other topical cream with benzoyl peroxide AND clindamycin. Daniel Kern's regimen comes with benzoyl peroxide only, if you have mild acne that may be enough. For moderate acne, you need clindamycin. I'm not an expert when it comes to severe acne, but try something with clindamycin anyway.

Best of luck to you all, and Happy New Year :wall:


111 Days! Wow!!

It's been 111 days since I started Duac gel, and as you may have noticed (since I haven't blogged since day 61), MY FACE IS GREAT!!!!

Sometimes, and very very rarely, around my period I'll get a little pimple. That's it. Otherwise, clear, no-cover-up-needed skin. My scars are so faint you can only see them if you really strain your eyes. A few white heads and blackheads still populate my T-zone, but honestly, they're tiny and you can't really see them.

Duac gel has helped me more than anything else. In the next week or so I'm going back to my derm and seeing if I should continue on it or stop. I'm only afraid that stopping will cause the acne to return. But maybe I'm recovered enough for it to stop. (after all, my first major breakout last year was caused by the steroid meds I took for breathing).

Vitamins and other supplements -- I cut back down to One a Day Women's. It's the easiest to take the the easiest to remember. Has everything. Jojoba oil I only use to remove eye makeup, cetaphil moisturizer for my facial needs.

Just bought some cetaphil with SPF 15, which is a good idea as the sun has already given me a burning (bc Duac gel as all acne meds makes your skin very sensitive).

So yeah, that's it. Great stuff! I can't believe I've been living the life! I feel like I don't deserve it, :boogie:

Good luck to all,



Day 61 on Duac Gel

EXCELLENT! My face is getting better and better. My acne scars are slowly fading, no new breakouts, a few small whiteheads still linger, but are progressively decreasing in size.

My face is so smooth, so nice, so beautiful. I nearly cry everyday when I wake up and look at my face in the mirror. It's amazing that my skin has improved so much.

Let me tell you what else I've been using. A few weeks ago I got Jojoba oil, which I use as a moisturizer at night (sometimes instead of the cetaphil, I should really start using only jojoba oil at night) -- and I HAVE to tell you guys, jojoba oil is fantastic. At first you might think it's a little greasy, but it works very well for makeup removal, especially around the eyes, and also as a moisturizer. My skin does not peel at all. At all! I don't remember a time when my skin didn't peel! Maybe when I was 11 years old!

Also, I changed my supplements. At the moment I'm taking Vitamin B-12, A, and E. Also, I'm taking two tablespoons of flaxseed oil a day. These supplements are more for my stomach issues than for my acne, but they help either way.

I just got my brother on Benzaclin, which has the same ingredients as Duac gel. So it's not like I'm trying to promote Duac here. It's more about the contents. BP gel on its own may not be enough for some of you, so please consider getting something with clindamycin. ALSO -- a great idea, I don't know if I mentioned this before -- BUT, every drug company has its own website and when you order a prescription, go to the website and check if you can get a rebate on your prescription copay. Sometimes you can get anywhere from $15-$50 dollars off! All you need to do is save your prescription receipt and send it in.

Alright, I think I've written enough. Good luck to you all and I'll keep updating. Sporadically, but I will. :dance:

Peace! And Happy Easter :))


(P.S. sorry for the essay, lol, oh! and I forgot to mention that the stuff for body acne is helping, :redface: )


Day 49 of Duac Gel - 7 weeks

Wow, it's been 7 weeks, I can't believe it. Well Duac is definitely a godsend. I have no breakouts, nothing. I had a small small little pimple on my cheek a few days ago, but that's it. Wherever I put the gel I am clear. Absolutely clear. Only my old acne scars bother me now. My skin also gets red easily from Duac, but that's what I have to deal with and I'd rather have that than acne.

I'll be seeing my dermatologist soon, but not too soon. Maybe next week or the week after. (I don't need him ripping me off for visits, you know.) Then I'll ask about my scars and what I can do to reduce redness. I'm not red all the time, only when I'm too warm or embarrassed, or if I start laughing pretty hard. Otherwise my skin is great. Just...great. I totally forgot what it's like to wake up and not worry about makeup. Now I know!! Only a few old scars need covering up and that's it!! That is it!! It's so great :dance:

Oh, in other news I bought jojoba oil which I apply at night sometimes. It's on and off with that or my moisturizer. The jojoba oil is great, very lightweight and easy to massage into the skin, if I don't use too much. I'm also thinking of applying yogurt masks once or twice a week. I'll keep you all posted.

Take care and good luck,

--chancesbreathe :confused:

(P.S. I forgot to mention I got this new body spray for my back and chest from drugstore.com. I've only been using it for three days so I don't know if it works yet. It's called Nature's Cure Body Acne Spray, or something like that. I'll mention it again if it works.)


Day 34 on Duac gel

Day 34 on Duac Gel

Duac is definitely a godsend. I haven't had any new breakouts for a good week, and all my old acne scars are fading -- fading slowly, but definitely fading. My skin is no longer red, no longer peeling, it's SUPER WHITE, haha, but that's better than unnaturally red.

Because my acne is better it's easier to keep from picking, and so much easier to live my day to day life without worrying too much about makeup.

I don't know what else to say. I guess only this, if you really have trouble and the Regimen isn't working for you, and you've tried it like I have -- (I was on the Regimen for 2 months) -- then try Duac, or some other topical gel with Benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin. That's what worked for me. Maybe your skin is different, maybe you need antibiotics like my brother did, so if you have any doubts, find a good dermatologist to go to. Sure, some will try to rip you off, but keep looking.

I'll update in about a week or so,

Good luck everyone,



Day 29 on Duac

Day 29 on Duac

My face...has not been this clear...in over a year. Seriously. It's fantastic. Over the last week, the only pimple I had was this tiny tiny little red pimple on my right cheek. My face is 5 times smoother, 5 times clearer, and just gorgeous. My skin isn't perfect, but my scars are healing, and I feel confident again -- or rather, confident for the first time!!

I had a big interview today and I walked into the room, confident -- practically beaming at my interviewers. I didn't care about my face. This morning I was doing a class skit and I took the spotlight. I was funny, people laughed at me, and I felt funny -- which is one of the best feelings in the world!!!!! Omg! this is so great. I know I'm so corny for posting this, but if you have acne you know what it's like. To have that feeling, that constant feeling of inadequacy. Now that feeling is slowly going away!! I'm finally starting to feel good about my skin! And with that, I'm beginning to feel good about myself! Which has already improved my relationships with people. I'm not selling myself short, I'm not downgrading myself because of acne!

::breathes, in and out, several times:: It's just such a wonderful feeling!! Even my parents stopped me the other day and said, "hey, your face is much better." YAY!!!!

good luck everyone,

--chancesbreathe :confused:


Day 24 on Duac Gel -- Went to see my Dermatologist today

He told me to cut back Duac gel to once a day, since I had slight redness and peeling. And, not to my great surprise, he avoided making any decisions. He said I should continue with Duac gel, since it's helped me so far, that I should put some on my back as well, and that I should see him again in three weeks. That means Ka-ching! for him if I come back in three weeks. But ah, my dear friends, I'm not so gullible. I'll come back whenever I feel like it. He can pay that 40 dollars copay himself, thank you.

Next week I'll hopefully get on some sort of contraceptive for my menstrual issues, so that, along with Duac gel once a day will be my Regimen. My obgyn is on vacation, so no news until next week when he comes back.

I've read recently about the use of cucumbers in dealing with acne, acne scars, and just general facial care. Since I'm cutting down to once a day with the Duac gel, I'm thinking of making a cucumber paste/mask that I can use in the evenings. If I come up with one I like, and see results, I'll make sure to post it up here for all of you to see.

Take care everyone and keep fighting the good fight! The fight to be clear!!!! ARRRGG!!



Day 19 on Duac Gel

Day 19 on Duac Gel

The good news -- no pustules except maybe one small one recently, which I aggravated by picking too much. And yeah, that's the bad news, I'm picking more often. I really need to stop.

Duac is really good in eliminating my acne, but since I've been put on Protonix for my stomach issues, and the added stress of trying to gain weight and eat properly, I don't know how my acne's going to fare out.

Next week I'm hoping to start taking oral contraceptives for acne as well as for menstruation problems. I'll update again sometime.


(P.S. I did have some redness and peeling while on Duac so far, so I had to skip applications, and the problem went away.)


Day 10 of Duac gel

Day 10 on Duac Gel

On day 7 I started using Duac Gel in the morning as well as in the evening, and so far my acne is a little better. It's good. :) Compared to Daniel Kern's BP gel, Duac doesn't dry my skin out. I don't have to sit there massaging my face for 5 minutes, and it's making my acne slowly fade. I wouldn't say it's a miracle drug, but it's definitely helping.

As far as breakouts are concerned, I haven't had a large pustule in a good couple of weeks. Which is like...AMAZING!!!! :D I still get small ones here and there, but they're very very small, the kind I was getting toward the end of my 2 months on DK's regimen. So this is good, very very good.

Let's just hope it keeps on getting better!!


(P.S. Oh! I forgot to mention that my face is not red anymore, my skin is a lot smoother, and makeup is no longer a problem! Yay!)


I quit Daniel Kern's Regimen on Saturday. On Monday I went to see that dermatologist and he seems promising. He put me on Duac gel (which helped me back in the fall), for this week it's once a day, next two weeks will be twice a day.

There's no telling if it will work, but I noticed something amazing after I stopped using the BP gel. After taking a long walk outside one chilly evening, I came home and noticed that my cheeks were red. While I was on the Regimen, I never had that. My skin was always dry, reddish, tired, wrinkly around the eyes, and just blah.

I definitely give the Regimen credit for killing off my gigantic pustules, but it's too tough on my skin. True, I didn't use it for the full three months-- I was on the Regimen for about 8 1/2 weeks. But my skin had such a hard time adjusting and the results were never good enough. I feel I really need a topical antibiotic, or even an oral one. My dermatologist said we'll try with topicals first, then see how it goes from there.

I'll keep updating about once every few days,



Day 60

Day 60 of DK's Regimen!

So here's the thing: when I wake up in the morning and take a look at my face in the mirror (you know we all do, especially when you've lived with acne for years and years) -- I've noticed that over the past few days my skin is much better. It's still not perfect, and whenever I apply BP gel the pimples I still have tend to get redder, but still, the skin looks better. No new breakouts, and if I do get a small pimple, it's small and it disappears within a few days.

Thinking back to the time before I started the Regimen, I was still picking a lot, I was fussing with my skin, my skin was always broken, chapped, full of pustules, etc. Now it's still a taaaaaad bit dry, a tad pink (yes, still), but the acne seems to be dying. My only concern is that it will never die all the way. Whiteheads don't seem to be disappearing-- at all. Maybe my skin is too sensitive or too hormonal and the Regimen doesn't completely work for me.

This week I'm still on the Regimen, I'm not giving up -- but nevertheless I'm going to see that dermatologist on Monday.

I probably won't write a blog until then, so take care everyone and good luck!!



Day 58 of DK's Regimen

Tuesday marked 8 weeks on the Regimen, yet my skin is still not clear. As I've been saying in my blogs, I no longer get those huge painful pustules anymore, but red spots and pimples on my skin make it hard to wear makeup. My skin is still sensitive and dry -- not AS dry but still dry. I stopped using the Neutrogena Skin Lotion with Alpha Hydroxy, which is helping my skin quite a bit.

Monday I'm going to see that dermatologist and I'll see what he says. This is what I'm thinking of doing -- if he gives me a treatment I'm thinking of holding off on it until another month passes by so I truly see if the Regimen is working well enough for me. I'm not sure if I want to do this yet, but it's a good idea since I still have plenty of BP gel and I've stuck to the Regimen so long.

Anyway, I'll keep posting, though probably not as often.

Still not picking!! yay!! I've been good for days!



Day 55

Day 55 of DK's Regimen

My face is better today, no new breakouts, but I did it...I made an appointment with another dermatologist for next week. My mother has this friend who believes this guy is really good, so I'll see him and tell him about my regimen. I think maybe it's time to go on antibiotics. My brother went on them and they really helped him.

Next Monday, the 21st of January, I'll be on the Regimen for 2 months. Even though I don't get many of those really really sore pustules anymore, I'm concerned that the red spots aren't fading quickly at all, and that I still keep getting breakouts. Overall, I'm still very embarrassed about my skin and wearing makeup all the time only makes me more depressed. I'm almost 22 and acne really gets me down. It makes me feel like an eternal teenager. Almost all my friends have completely clear skin. :) It sucks to be the one with the scarred face.

Till tomorrow,



Day 54

Day 54 of DK's Regimen

Yesterday morning I skipped the Regimen because I was basically lying in bed unconscious from a stomach virus. But I continued the Regimen in the evening before going go bed.

No new breakouts this morning, but my face is far from pretty. Old acne still lingers, red spots are still apparent, and I hate to say it but I'm losing faith in the regimen. Maybe it's me -- I recently had to go on medication, Prilosec, for my acid reflux. I took that for two weeks and I ended this past Thursday. Another factor can be my face touching/picking. I don't pick as often as I used to, but I still pick every now and then.

A part of me wants to continue the Regimen until I run out of BP gel, but another part of me wants to go to another dermatologist and get an antibiotic or something. Maybe even the pill (though that's not really a good idea with my stomach issues).

I'll keep you updated,



Day 52

Day 52 of DK's Regimen

Well, of course after picking, and slightly lowering my dose of BP gel (because I realized I was using too much)--- I broke out. Two papules, two small pustules. The papules are sore/tender.

I'm a little discouraged about the Regimen. Yes, I've veered off course a bit, but at the same time I've been on the Regimen for nearly 8 weeks and although I've seen improvement (as in, I no longer wake up with 2 painful pustules every morning), my skin is far from clear. The old acne spots linger and are difficult to cover up because the BP gel dries out my skin and makes it flakey.

At the moment I'm pretty skeptical that this will work out for me in the end. I'll keep trying, at least 10 weeks or so, and if I don't see improvement, I'll quit.

Ciao for now,



Day 50 - wow, 50!

Day 50 of DK's Regimen

I did bad today. ;) I picked. :ninja: WHY WHY WHY WHYYYYYYY?!!!!!!!

Arg I can't believe it. Over seven weeks on the Regimen and I was doing so well! And then I picked out of frustration. My skin has improved, but I don't know, I still have blackheads and whiteheads and they annoy me!

I feel so bad. :wall: I had to wash off the BP gel about an hour or two after doing it this morning because my skin was so irritated. I vow not to repeat this again. No no no. I MUST stop.

::sigh:: Now I just have to keep going...but it's so hard!!!!

sorry for the frustration,



Day 49 - 7 WEEKS!

Day 49 of DK's Regimen

I could have SWORN I wrote a blog yesterday! I don't know what happened to it...

Okay, well, over the last two days I had no breakouts until this morning, I woke up with two small pustules. One on my chin, the other on my left cheek, right by my mouth.

My skin has been horribly dry, but pretty calm. By calm I mean not red. Or, not as red.

Old red spots from acne are still present, my neck where I but some BP gel is peeling like crazzzzzzy, and I'm worried about my skin because I've been on the regimen for 7 weeks and I'm still getting minor breakouts -- AND my skin is still peeling and still pretty spotty. Believe me, I want to continue, at least until the full 3 months, but I can't help but feel a little uncertain.

Take care everyone, for now,



Day 46

Day 46 of DK's Regimen

One new pustule this morning, on my right cheek by my nose. I popped it because I didn't want to leave the house with it.

Otherwise my acne looks okay -- not much better but definitely not worse.

That's all for now,

--chancesbreathe ;)


Day 45

Day 45 of DK's Regimen

I forgot to mention yesterday that my skin is no longer red. No more redness, yay! I have very sensitive skin so I'm not surprised that it took me over 6 weeks to overcome redness. My skin is peeling a little, but it's no where near as bad as it was a week or two ago.

This morning one of my very small pimples turned into a pustule, but it's not threatening. The rest of my face is scattered by old spots left after acne and tiny red pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. Overall, though, I really see an improvement. I think the Neutrogena Lotion helped my acne scars ALOT. Really it did.

Now I just hope everything gets better and better -- and I hope I don't pick. ;)

Peace everyone!

--chancesbreathe :wall:


Day 44

Day 44 of DK's Regimen

Only one small pustule showed up on my skin today. I was bad and I popped it, and I picked at some of my skin. ::sigh:: I could blame it on the current stress in my life, but I know it was my fault either way.

Otherwise, no other changes except that the red spots from old acne are less and less visible, especially since I wear little to no makeup these days. ;) so yay

till tomorrow,



Day 43

Day 43 of DK's Regimen

No new breakouts today. ;) yay! I've noticed that the less I think about my acne the better it gets. It's also easier to keep away from picking when I don't think about it except when I'm writing my daily blog. The blogs are so helpful, they really are. And I hope anyone out there who happens to be reading this benefits from my daily ramblings. By no means am I perfect example, I skip the Regimen sometimes and sometimes pick, but I have seen a significant improvement.

My skin is scattered with red spots but I have no pustules. :wall: It feels so great. It really does. Thanks again Dan.




Day 42 of DK's Regimen - SIX WEEKS! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I skipped the Regimen last night because I went out, but that's only a one time thing, from now on I promise to stick to it. My skin has no new breakouts and one of the pimples from yesterday has died down, the other one I had to pop last night before I went out. (It was pretty bad.)

6 weeks...wow...okay, not bad, but not too great yet. I guess I'll have to be real patient for a change. Or, it could be that the stress in my life is making my acne worse. I'm trying to relax more, but that's pretty difficult at the moment.

Well that's all for now, peace everyone,

--chancesbreathe ;)


Day 41

Day 41 of DK's Regimen

Over 5,000 views, yow! that's crazy! :shifty:

Okay, well, here goes the daily update: I woke up and my skin is pretty much the same, though two of the pimples from yesterday just swelled up more while the third died down. The red spots and smaller pimples seem better, but they're still there.

Dan's BP gel came in the mail today! yay! I was worried because I only had only a few applications left. Now I can rest easy. If it keeps working I'll buy 2 or 3 at a time, but I wasn't sure when I was ordering so I only bought one.

I'm still with the AHA Neutrogena Skin Lotion. I'm still taking One a Day Women's Multivitamins (somewhat consistently). And I'm hoping everything works out fine.

Right now I'm listening to Enrique Iglesias's "Nunca Te Olvidare," and I'm enjoying my day off. ;) Happy New Year to everyone living in New Zealand and where ever the clock has already hit midnight. :ninja:

I'm out. Good luck everyone :wall:



Day 40

Day 40 of Dan's Regimen

Wow, 40 days. Although I can't deny that my skin has improved, it's still very dry and it still gets a little red when applying BP gel. No new acne today, but the other pimples are still on my face, so are many red spots from old acne.

I don't know what it is, but since I started using the Regimen my skin is taking twice as long to heal. I'm still rooting for the Regimen, since it has stopped the enormous acne from popping up on my skin, but at the same time if it doesn't clear me up in 3 months (tops) I'm afraid I'll have look elsewhere.

To anyone wanting to try the Regimen: Please do not be discouraged, the Regimen worked so far for me and I'm hoping it will help more. I've skipped days and started very slowly (I have also picked at my skin here and there). I'm just reminding everyone with sensitive skin (like mine) that BP gel does dry out the skin -- ALOT. And it's hard to wear makeup. My skin is always peeling and it's getting me down.

Anyways, enough ranting for today,



Day 39

Day 39 of DK's Regimen

Sorry I missed my blog yesterday! (Okay, I'll admit, I'm a geek for writing them everyday, but shush, it keeps me from picking, so it's all good. ;) )

Yesterday my acne was fine -- no new breakouts :shifty: , a bit of peeling, but not much redness. Everything was great. This morning, however, I noticed a new pimple on my chin, one on my left cheek and one on my right cheek. I popped the pimple on my chin (which I know I shouldn't have) but the other two are still here -- though they're not that big. (yay!)

I'm near sighted, so I'm pretty lucky for not being able to see my acne as well as anyone with 20/20 vision would. But today while I was at the nail salon I looked at myself in the mirrors (under fluorescent lighting no less) and I happened to be wearing my glasses. Well, it was bad. ;) My acne really stood out. And all the women around me were so clear. I felt so bad about my skin. :ninja: It made me feel disgusting and diseased.

To end on a happier note, I think last night I had a bit too much fun with a certain someone :wall: , which may have aggravated some acne I have on my chest. But I'm not complaining about that. Oh no, not at all. :angel:

Peace y'all,


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