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Happy Me

Its been about 6 days since my last entry. took a few days to clear the small breakout I had then. as of now, no new pimples. My skin is completely clear. Even the usual small jawline bumps have gone away. If I didnt have red spots from old acne, I could seriously go outside with NO MAKEUP.

I am happy. Will definitely beg the doc to let me continue on this. Have to do potassium tests soon and I hope they come out normal.


Not exactly perfect

So Ive been on Spiro now for almost a month. Noticed a huge difference at first. Last week I had a small breakout on my cheek, and now another pimple just under the ones that are healing. Still overall my skin looks better. Less number of pimples but still have a few.

Ive read alot of other people on here said it may not fully kick in for a few months. So I guess Ill have to be patient.

But still pretty happy. :rolleyes:


Day 15 or so

Finished my round of antibiotics.. Dont know if that is contributing to a small breakout on cheek or not or if its my messed up cycle. Not a terrible breakout though.

Still pretty happy with the results so far. Im hoping to see a total clear up when not on my period. I know that with all these changes Im going to have to be patient.

Still feeling pretty groggy. I guess thats about the worst side effect. skin is feeling a little oily. But Im not sure if Im just noticing it more now due to the fact that I dont have so many pimples to obsess over. Definitely feeling much more confident.


Day 10

So after my doctor visit its been concluded that my body is just reacting to a lot of change. I changed my BC and also added Spiro. I did finally start my period and I guess the body does take some time to react because Yaz has a different cycle than my last pill. My doc didnt like the frequent urination thing so she put me on an antibiotic just in case I was developing a UTI.

I still feel pretty groggy in the morning. Im taking my spiro at lunch so maybe Ill try to take it in the morning or the evening and see if that helps.

I did get a cyst pimple on my cheek a few days ago and then started feeling two bumps on my chin as well. GRRRR.. Then my period started, and that made sense. But in comparison to what usually happens to my face before I start my period... this is cake. The cyst on my cheek came to a head and flattened almost the same day. crazy. Only one bump still on my chin but only one. Other than that. Skin is great! Skin on my jawline is usually a hot mess. Not one pimple there.

All in all. Pretty happy. :rolleyes:


Day 7

Last few days have been a little rough. Continued fatigue and frequent urination. Drinking lots of H2O like its going out of style.

Was kinda hoping that the frequent urination would subside, but it hasn't. I finally decided to call my doc to see if this was normal. They want me to come in today to do a urinalysis. I guess it could be some strange coincidence that this hit when I started the pills.. but don't know.

So the other thing is that I'm not having a period now. Was supposed to start Monday, still no period. Im not sure if this is due to the spiro or the fact that I just switched BC to Yaz. Ive always had a very irregular cycle w/o BC so I guess changing pills could do that.

On the upside. Day 7 and NO NEW PIMPLES! I can hardly believe it. My face hasn't been this clear in, well, I don't know if it ever has. I seriously would endure any side effect I have to if this is going to be how my face reacts. I haven't felt this good about my face in a long long time. I actual feel like I want to be social. I went to a friends birthday party and didn't run when the camera came out.

Its only week one so I dont want to call it a miracle yet.. but damn it feels good. :rolleyes:


Day 4

So I forgot to add that Im also on birth control - Yaz. This is my first cycle. the yaz alone didnt seem to do much better on my acne than the last pill - Tri Nessa. But I was willing to give it a chance.

I was unpleasantly surprised with the worst cramps ever last night and this morning. So now, I have these cramps, still a little bit of the urge to pee and cant. Im pretty much feeling like crap right now. I certainly hope this passes.

On the up side.... dare I say??? My face is actually clearing. No new cysts. Old bumps almost gone, just red spots and its the week of my period. I dont want to jinx it yet so I wont say its working.



So Ive read about a lot of different people who have tried Spironolactone and had varied results. Im actually blogging to keep track for myself and see if there is progress.

My history with acne starts when I was about 14, thats when it really started to take over. I was the girl in high school who used sick days to stay home because my face was so broken out I couldn't stand to face my classmates. My parents spent thousands and thousands of dollars on every treatment you could think of for my acne. Which resulted in rashes due to medicine allergies, 3rd degree burns on my face and hands, and ultimately no results. As I got a little older the acne did start to calm. I still had breakouts but they werent taking over my life, and I became quite good at covering them up. As I started getting closer to 30 it seemed like my acne started getting worse again. I felt exactly like I did in high school. Except now I am a business professional who has to face her clients everyday weather I like it or not. After years of not trusting dermatologists I decided to go back.

I saw an amazing dermatologist who told me that the cause of my acne was hormones. She asked if I has ever been diagnosed with PCOS, which I hadnt. Next stop to the gyno and then to my primary. After receiving the PCOS diagnosis a lot of things started to fall into place. but how to treat these symptoms?

Probably my worst symptom of PCOS is the acne. I have large cyst like acne that is extremely painful and lasts for weeks. Most of the time my breakouts are right before my period, then it takes 3 weeks to heal, then the breakout again. Therefore I never have clear skin. :rolleyes:

My derm prescribed me Aczone gel and differin lotion to start and recommended I start on spironolactone but wanted me to see my primary first. After the ok from my primary I started on 50mg a day.

Today is the 4th day taking spiro.

Days 1 - 3: first 3 days had some strange side effects. Fatigue and crampy legs and arms. Also was experiencing urge to urinate and then nothing. Extremely thirstly, Ive been drinking TONS of water.

Day 4: better. Urge to urinate constantly mostly gone, still drinking crazy amounts of water. fatigue seems to be gone except for the mornings when I find it very hard to wake up the last few days. No real results on my face yet except for that My period is due in a few days and I only got a few little pimples which is really rare for me. Old cysts seem to be flattening and healing.

Here's to hoping!

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