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Saturday, September 4th, 10:07 PM.

Sorry this is a really late update; acne.org wasn't letting me post anything, but now it's fixed.

No one reads this anyway, lol.

So, right. Update.

My face is still improving. My problem areas are still... eh. My chin, being the worst, is I guess getting a little better? It's hard to tell. But un-active pustules have turned into whiteheads and are cleansing themselves out, so we'll see tomorrow if anything helped. My right cheek, which is the one that cleared up after only one night! is still great. I still have little bumps, not nessasarily acne, I don't think, but they are flesh colored, not active, not painful or irratating in any way, so maybe they're just part of my skin. Anywho, that area is awesome.

Now, the left cheek. I still have a small patch with one whitehead (which I drained today. Cleansed it very well.) and a patch of redness surrounding it. Not horrible, but still annoying. Otherwise, that's it. I still have small "red marks" from previous acne, but they will eventually fade with time.

My forehead, I would say, is still improving. I think I have "follicultis" from what I've read and what not. I think that's what I have on my forehead. So, the "acne" there has gotten smaller and less red due to the Cetaphil cleanser. It's def. better than it was before Cetaphil.

My skin seems a whole lot better in the morning when I wake up. I'm podering whether or not I should just cleanse at night, and then just splash some water on my face in the morning. But the fact that I have oily skin, that might not be a good idea. :/

If you're wondering what my regimen has been lately, here it is!


1. Wash with Cetaphil facial cleanser. ONLY USE MY HANDS TO WASH. NO WASHCLOTH.

2. Also rinse with my hands.

3. LIGHTLY pat dry, or on some occasions, air-dry.

4. Apply Nivea's Total Moisture Conditioning lotion.


1. Wash again with Cetaphil. Same routine.

2. Apply Tea-Tree Oil with a Q-tip to problem areas. SPOT TREATMENT.

3. Let oil dry for a few moments.

4. Apply a small amount of BP 10% to problem areas. SPOT TREATMENT.

5. Let dry for a few moments, then apply Nivea's moisturizer.

And that's it. (:

Update soon. Maybe pictures to show the improvement.


Sunday, August 29th, 11:58 PM.

I started this new regimen this last Friday. Just so you know.

Day 2

Now, I wash my face with Cetaphil once in the morning, and once at night before bed.

I woke up this morning with my face looking even a bit more clearer. Forehead "bumps" have shrunken a little and redness is starting to fade. I noticed overall, the discoloration in my face is starting to also go away. My complexion is starting to look a little better. My chin is still the same mostly. Small red marks are starting to fade, but that's about it.

Right cheek area which cleared up yesterday is still looking good. I can finally see my freckles on that cheek. (: And I'm not mistaking them for pimples. That makes me very excited.

Overall, today my face is NOT dried out by Cetaphil. It's not making me breakout.

So far, I've seen only good things. (:

Today, I also added 10% BP to my regimen. Just to see if this would help my chin and forehead even more. I am still moisturizing as usual, even though I have oily skin. It's a must.

But about twenty minutes ago, after I washed my face with Cetaphil and GENTLY patted dry, I applied some BP to my face. Lightly. Then I moisturized with my Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion I bought for $3-4 at CVS. My face isn't over dry, or really dry for that matter.

So today's results are still good. (: Going to go to sleep and see the night's results in the morning.

I'll update with tomorrow's results tomorrow night hopefully, if not a little earlier.


So, Acne.org decided to delete my entire first entry. The whole thing. So I'll try and re-write it as accurately as possible.

Day 1

I brought home the newly bought bottle of Cetaphil.

Washed my face, then moisturized.

Went to sleep and woke up the next morning with a less red face. My whole right cheek area was basically clear. I had a red patch with a few bumps the night before, nothing too bad, but the fact that it was clear and smooth, (and still is) made me happy.

My forehead, which is one of my biggest problem areas besides my chin, was less red.

I also noticed that a few of the bumps on my forehead turned into tiny whiteheads.

Now, this isn't a bad thing.

The bumps the night before we just red, and not even active. Just there and annoying me with their presence.

But the fact that they turned into whitehead, looking like they could be popped if wanted, (which I didn't) is a good thing. The "toxins" under the bumps were brought to the surface, in a way you could say was part of the healing process. Bring the bad stuff up and get it out.

My chin, which is probably my biggest "active" breakout area didn't have too much change. A little less red, but that was about it. A bump also turned into a whitehead, but that was about it.

Overall thoughts of day one?

Lookin' good.

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