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Using Both !!!

Ok... by now I am in control of myself! I can't get depressed and let acne reside on my face!

Now the reason behind this statement!.. I read through some posts that BP and Clidac A can be used togther! To make things clear, the pharmacy had a shortage of BP, so I asked for Clidac instead. Now this happened a day back! Hence I applied BP on the whiteheads and the Clidac on the red bumps. And then I applied Closone-G over the entire surface.

At morning when I wrote posted en entry my face was covered up by the white cream, hence I couldn't see the "after apply" effects. And now, when I washed my face, I do see some changes. I mean I can feel the change. When I smile, I dun't feel the stretch and Clidac didn't burn me like the BP did when I had first used it! I dun't know about the future, but till now.. no burns, no redness and the bump seems to have reduced a bit in size.. Swear! Am surprised myself!

I suggest you guys try clidac but with Bp. I really dunno how its going to work on all skin types, but TILL NOW.. its good with me! Fingers Crossed!

My skin type:

Combination skin.

T-zone gets oily during mid-day.



Just like many out here, since I hit my teens, I have been facing..err.. fighting with Acne. I made frequent visits to my dermatologist, who put me on Accutane and worsened my problem :shifty: . He warned me that things would get bad for a few couple of months, since accutane requires time to show its effect. "Alright.. I assured myself... What would be more worse than this?", not realizing that this was just the beginning! Shucks... you should have seen me after a month of accutane! ;) It was really bad... too bad! By then, Acne trauma was something that had taken over me. So whenever I surfed, I googled for Acne stuff. So when I found those homemade stuff for acne and pimples and god knows what what.. I stopped accutane and switched over to witch hazel and rose water and glycrine, etc, etc. It did show some good signs of my face for the first few months... but then acne hung onto me for its dear life! Sheesh! doubt.gif Then one fine day... I just googled in "Acne" and like god-send, I found Acne.org. I wasnt really curious then, but then I just made my way through this site. Dan has beautifully explained the regime with his experience. But then, I thought this was yet another fake site! Nevertheless, I felt I should give it a try.... and let me tell you, as Dan said, for the first few weeks things would get worse, yes it did... but then it even cleared me up gradually :dance: . I took me a span of six months to get rid of acne.. and another 2-3 months to get rid of the scars! Yes, undoubtedly I was CLEAR...or say.. NORMAL! And I received appreciation from everyone! :angel: I used to applied BP regularly even after Acne was gone with Closone-G (scar removal cream).. Then around last year, Acne hit me like never before. The hit was bad! And this time it was around my chin... I thought I would start the regime again, and I would be clear. But I was wrong! My forehead is clear, my cheekbones are clear.. but the area around my jaw and chin are still kind of churned! :redface: I couldn't stop the spread! I have no intentions of going to my dermatologist!! :ninja: BP does work, but its effects have lessened over the year. I see new small white zits on my chin every two days! and I feel bumps on my right jawline. :wall: Scars exist in numbers! And so does a chapped lip, on which I am working right now! My relatives think I have some serious health issues (lol) But one thing I scream for.. HELP! ;) I need a new regime now!

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