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So i'm sitting in bed suppose to be studying communications but I felt nostalgic for acne.org. I'm sitting here in pain topless because I have acne on my back and tazorac is burning it lol. Anyway I read my first post and wow, I have no regard for grammer what so ever. Second, those were the good old days...which are still kinda continuing but I haven't been mingling around other singles because I had my first boyfriend for about a year however, we are kinda on a break/not together so I'm taking this opportunity to flirt. Also i'm more studious because i'm a mechanical engineer and I can't be drunk and high all the time ;)

This weekend I had a really good time at a party. Super good, and I just got to thinking, about how far i've come from having acne. How I would avoid kids during break time in Middle school and wish I was some where far away from everybody else. Now I love being loud and sometimes even the center of attention at parties. Seeing this growth in me as a person is tremendous because I use to think I was hideous, and now i'm making guys that want free shots tell me why they think i'm pretty. >.<

anyway I keep a seperate blog with funny pictures and videos if people are bored sometimes www.sjenda.blogspot.com


Things are going this summer. Very well: funnesss, maintaining my intellect,relationships with other people. Minus the fact that i can't get a job, some employers don't want college students

however I find myself super picky. I'm like a dude now After, that one guy...I am now a transvestite. (just kidding). I changed. I am no longer that girl who was abstinent for 18 years. now im like that horny heartless honest cool person. Like...ok we can mess around...oh wait im bored of you and dont want to do anything....ok we're just friends, don't be sad.

Chemistry is very rare for me now. After the one asshole. There have been so many great people but the only one i experience chemistry with is this random guy I met at the foam party 2 hours away from home...we are still trying to see eachother tho, which is good.

I must say, for a girl with a blemished face, im doing pretty well. I realized, that there must not be complete ugliness to me, because I do have acne, my forehead is nowhere near as shitty as it was but i dont think it looks smooth and my cheeks are not either. I use to never have acne on the cheeks now I do also i still got the scars. to me, it use to be a wonder that people are attracted to me. Maybe i just have this awesomness personality...lets see instead of full names i'll do first letters of people ive physically connected with: T, T, K, M, P, J, J, T, N, P, C, C. I think thats all. Meeting new people is one of the best things somebody can do in this world. My own definition of physically connected may be different than yours. Dont worry, I only had sex with 4 of these people and two were girls :)

Naw honestly, after i suck face, I break out more!. Its like karma for not being a good asian child.

I now understand the people that have sex with many people. I dont think they're whores unless you go about it a certain way. I dont think people should be so fast to judge lust.

college. Oregon state university. weary to start it, i'll be like one of three girls in my engineering classes. hopefully there will be attractive people in it.

Book: In the Company of the Courtesan

I like erotic novels that take place in renaissance or older times in europe.

I gave up driving my truck this month because i don't wanna pay insurance. I spend 245 on a used Specialized bike. When my dad leaves for Cambodia next month, i'll probly be driving his Acura. But Im in love with trucks now. I can't wait for a new toyota tacoma!

Oh yeah, I have a crush on this rugby guy. He has a nice defined back. and is white with sun kissed skin and sandy hair...hes a senior and i will be a freshman. I dont think i have a chance but i've thought that so many times before and things happen that you can never expect in the future!

So I told my dad i'd mow the lawn this morning. but last night i left to go down the street to a friends and we went to sleep past five. its now 3. and i should go mow the lawn...i should...also tell him where I'm at....

i just looked at other peoples blogs. was this suppose to be about just acne?!

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