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My Personal Story...

i suffer from mild acne and acne scars on my face, which makes me feel pretty insecure.

but getting better, and im learning to appreciate who i am.

trying harder and harder everyday to build my confidence and feel better about myslef.

i have EXTRA support from family and friends.

although i wish i never had acne, never picked at it, and never had acne scars, its awesome to know that i might be helping a fellow acner everyday.

trust me, your not the only one, and just look at it like this, it could be worse.

ive seen much worse acne then mine, but still am not happy, but working on it.

im trying to focus more on more important things such as helping others and who i am as a person.

look at it this way: there are people suffering from hunger, natural disasters, loss of family, medical diseases, personal distress, and we are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worried about our acne.

just think about it.

its ok to be insecure, its ok to care, just don let it stop you from doing what you want to do.

if you are looking for results, look deeper, take more time looking for products.

search differebt things on the internet, there are millions of possibilities.

dont think you can just get results the easy way.

if money is an issue, try looking up home remedies for acne,

from personal use, they really work.

dont let acne take over your life.

thats that



My Future.

in the next couple of months i plan on trying...

burts bees acne scrub and wash

st. ives olive oil scrub

tomatoe rub

egg white mask

Ice Rubbed on face

Sour cream, yogurt, oatmeal, and lemon juice mask

thats that



My Skin Type


medium brown skin

African-American, Native American

Oily Skin

Whiteheads, Acne scars

warm/cold environment

thats that



What i Use...

as of now i use lemon juice and st. ives apricot scrub.

i put the lemon juice on in the morning for 15min, then wash it off with that scrub.

then at night i wash with the apricot scrub, wait 3 or 4 hours (and i stay up real late), and then put on the lemon juice.

the reason for this is beacuse when you do it right after it stings like crazy!

in the next few weeks i plan on trying some new things.

thats that



Kits Or Others?

i love Kits, they are just so fun to use!

you feel like you are just in control of everything! :)

but you do need time.

and if your confused, when i say kits, i mean proactiv and max clarity and murad etc. etc.

others...such as astringents, scrubs, and washes...

personally i reccommend these beacuse they might not be as harsh on your skin

sometimes the kits are like spilling chemicals all over your face!

i mean, im no dermatolagist, but i dont think thats very good.

so others wins, (sorry Kits!)

thats that



Scrubs or Washes?

personally, i prefer scrubs

for some reason they just seem like they work deeper into my skin.

i think maybe washes just sit on top of your skin.

but how would i know?

ive never tried any! :)

thats that



way back when this stuff really helped my skin

didnt irritate it,

and cleared it up.

they must have changed something though, because now it doesnt really help my acne.

im not sure if i reccommend this product.

and thats the neutrogena oil free acne wash review



i really like this stuff, it kept me away from coming pimples, but didnt make the prior ones dissapear

i was actually hoping this stuff would work. :)

it didnt irritate my skin or anything, or dry it out.

which is good

i tried the oily skin kind

but it made my skin sting like crazy!

guess i have sensitive skin :(

this stuff is also good for taking make-up off.

just in case u were wondering.

oh, but dont think you can just put this stuff on your face and not wash it before,

because u have to wash it before to get rid of skin impurities.

i highly reccommend this stuff.

and thats the clean and clear sensitive skin astringent review




well i used the supposedly "old" proactiv and it was OK,

i think the "new" one works, but who knows.

try it though, and then let me know what it does for your skin.

and thats the proactiv review



St. Ives Apricot Scrub

i used this stuff awhile ago,

ran out of it,

accidently bought a different brand of it,

it stopped working for my acne,

then bought st. ives again,

and it really HELPS!

but get that, it HELPS, not completely clears, but helps...

use it morning and night.

i reccommend this product.

and thats the st. ives apricot scrub review



Lemon Juice

i read on the internet that lemon juice helps acne scars.

and i have acne scars..BAD!

i suggest that u dont pick at your acne because it just leaves a scar.

and thats what happened to me.

but anyway, ive been using the lemon juice for about 2 weeks now and its really helping.

but the process is kind of slow.

or maybe im just impatient... :)

to sum it up, lemon juice is great for acne scars, but stings every once in awhile when i put it on at night.

i advice you to use it every morning and night, but in the morning wash it off, because i read that if you go in the sun with the lemon juice on your skin, IT WILL BURN!

leave it on at night though.

hope it works for you!

and thats the lemon juice review



Max Clarity

I tried max clarity awhile ago, and personally, it didnt work for me.

it might just be my skin type...

But the commercials were pretty convincing! :)

to sum it up, the stuff dried out my skin and every once in awhile made it sting.

but it did kind of help keep pimples from flaring up.

and thats the max clarity review


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