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miss lyss

giving it a go..

so, i came across a post by a user here names: delna. and she has suggested a few adjustments to the regimen, to help fade red marks fast. i'm super excited to find this, because i feel like the red marks are totally stressing me out right now!

so heres the regimen

Here is the morning routine:

1) Dan's Cleanser

2) Exfoliate: Baking soda and water - massage into face, then wash immediately.

3) Tone: use 1:8 apple cider vinager and water, apply, then wash off after 10 mins.

4) Apply Dan's BP

5) Dan's Moisturizer

Heres is the evening routine:

1) Dan's Cleanser

2) Protein mask: egg whites + tiny bit of lemon juice, apply, then wash off after 10 mins.

3) Apply Dan's BP

4) Dan's Moisturizer (I'm going to use Vasline all over my face at night)

I really want to try this. I'm worried about all the morning steps.. because I barely have enough time as it is. lol. so I might have to do those morning steps only on the weekends.. but the night steps I can definitely do, So I'll just see how it goes.


miss lyss

i love sundays..

yup. sundays are my relax/hide out day.. gotta watch my Jets play and i try to give my skin a break from wearing make-up. :(

so its week 9, and im doing okay. i still wish results were coming faster... and my face just feels so weird right now. like its pulsating, tight and just feels like im wearing a mask.

im hoping the this month will bring good things.. no more breakouts, and some fast clearing!!!


miss lyss

yup almost quit..

so, i woke up this morning and almost died. my faced looked HORRIBLE. i had put AHA on the night before.. half my face was flaking and the rest just looked gross. the whole day i was so upset becauase of my dryness/ 2 new break outs in places i thought i was controlling nicely! the whole day, i was convinced that i would quit the regimen. i did a lot of reading on the site.. and ive decided to stick with it. i've been on it exactly 2 months now.. i dont wanna throw it all away if im finally getting close to clearing. i came home and actually looked at myself, not so horrible.. it just painful/flaky right now. heres to sticking it out!!!!!!

miss lyss


soooo i have this SUPER painful pimple on my chin!!! and this smaller one by my lip.. i think its different bc its about to be that time of the month any day.. idk i feel better about my face overall.. but im just so annoyed still. lol. just gotta stay positive!!

miss lyss


so, yesterday i was feeling pretty good about my skin.. my make-up covered up most of my blemishes and i had no flakes!! but i get home, after night out with some friends, to a white head on my forehead, that came out of no where!!! so all today i had to hide it, i come home and my left side of my face feels funny, like something is brewing up... and just washed my face and did my nightly routine, and my face just hurts. like its just sore. I HATE THIS! whenever, i start to feel good about myself, something just comes up and bites me in the ass.. bringing me back to my horrible reality. hopefully the shit-load of Bp i just put on my face will make tomorrow bearable....


miss lyss


i feel horrible right now.

yesterday, i felt like yay i'm making progress!

but i just took off my make up and saw like 3 new pimples coming in! i can't stand this.. when will it stop?!? i wanted to go out tonight, and here i am, lonely and pathetic. oh well.. i'm gonna go lather my face in bp now.. :rolleyes:

miss lyss


yup that title pretty much sums up my day so far...

i had like a horrific time putting on my make up this morning.. a bunch a flakes!

then i head to work, (i work as an EA at an elementary school) and had an interesting interlude. i was doing lunch duty, and this cute blonde girl maddy asked me if i use proactiv on my skin. a few things go through my mind.. first of all, how the hell does a 1st grader know what proactiv is!? and second of all, i used to love proactiv, until it started reeking hovic on my skin 8 months ago, and thirdly, shes probably asking because my skin looks horrible today?

so, i ask her why she asked me that.. she responds and says because your skin looks so clear!

i laugh, and walk away.. i'm glad she thinks so! woke up with a new pimple right in the middle of my left cheek which is my bad area where it was FINALLY healing.. thanks maddy for trying to make my day.

ugh, and its friday and i all i wanna do is hide.. but i have to set off for job #2 and then lots of stuf for the night.

adios. :rolleyes:

miss lyss



I had my profile set to the Spider view.. and for some reason could never get the blog to work!

figures.. im already 6 weeks in, and i figure it out....

Oh well!

f-you acne.. i'm stronger than you. :rolleyes:

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