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since ive been home from indianapolis after staying w. my boyfriend & his family. i was trying to calm my skin down PRONTO. i have to say i have YET to get the regimen grrrrrr. not by choice, but... i thought to myself:

A. i have a droid eris

B. a droid is a touchscreen phone.

C. touching my phone all day everyday...is basically as if im touching my face.

so i began talking using my speakerphone, i have to say that & trying not to be so stressed lately & keep up w. using my green tea scrub?...my face has GREATLY improved A LOT! i just got my period yesterday & yes i got a few bumps here & there but really wasnt anything i couldnt handle. im trying hard to keep up w. this because my skin has gotten SO much better.

when i tan i also use the olay complete moisturizer spf which was recommended from Dan (:

hope this is helpful (:


Ok, ive been using covergirl concealer for idk how long now. & i decided i can never find it really anywhere & im not 1OO% sure on if it was ok for my skin. i went to a local walmart... & after seeing my friends youtube video she lovessssss maybelline superstay foundation.

i was between 2 concealers & decided to try their concealer since she lovedddd! their foundation. i just dont like the size of the tube. its so small & it cost almost $7.OO. im thinking of trying their foundation as well now, especially since ive been tanning & getting darker. revlon colorstays colors arent working well w. my skin color. & i am ready to try something new.

a HUGE plus++++ - this concealer is GREAT for acne prone skin, its oil-Free, non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested & fragrance-free. It is very matte based, but i put my moisturizer on before hand & work quickly. it covers PERFECTLY! i love it.

im thinking of trying their foundation as my "cheap" choice & also try the makeup forever HD foundation as well. - hope everyone enjoys. (:


augh! anxious

i seriously cannot wait to order the regimen, i have to just wait a few more days. i was using Mario Badescu & i feel like it was good but not good enough for me. i loved the Drying Lotion. i do recommend that! it made my blemishes shrink! if you catch them quick enough & continue to apply it they will go away on their own. & i was also using St. Ives Green Tea Scrub. i love how soft the scrub is, its like sand & im obsessed w. the smell. however, im out of it now as well just as the Drying Lotion grrrr. & i was scared to use the scrub anymore because Dan was saying that irritation & scrubs really arent needed & could make things worse aughh!

so, lately ive changed how i talk on the phone, since my phone is touch screen & the oils of my face get on my phone ive started talking on the phone by speaker phone. hopefully it helps. im just ready to get my face back on track. ive only been having acne issues now for a few years but its seriously so annoying & i cannot even stand to put makeup on at this point or go anywhere.

keep ya posted on my progress (:

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