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Alright so it has been about 10 months since I last posted on this blog. Since then, I have re-ordered the regimen kit twice. I order the 16oz of the cleanser, treatment, and moisturizer. Dan's products have truly kept my face under control; I love it.

I ran out of the regimen products during the end of June. I couldn't re-order right away because my parents usually fund my acne.org orders, and since it was summer and it was the month of graduation, their money went to paying for my parties, graduation, plane tickets, my gas, etc. Anyways, the point is that I went approximately 1 month with NO regimen; this made a total difference! Honestly I thought that my skin would be fine because I've been using the products everyday for months now, but IT WASN'T!

My skin without Dan's regimen:

more oily

there's little bumps everywhere

big cystic pimples pop up, especially during my periods

Ugh it was so frustrating. I went for months without my skin hurting, and now I have pimple popping up everywhere! It's ridiculous. Usually when my skin is on the regimen, 1 or two MANAGEABLE pimples would pop up close to my period, and I was ok with that. Now giant pimples that HURT pop up. I went through 2 cycles of my period without the regimen. During the first cycle, a big cystic pimple popped up on my right cheek. It didn't go away for two weeks and it got infected. It was very painful to was my face, and I couldn't wear sunglasses because my pimple was THAT big. The worst part is that it left a discolored purple scar. The second cycle, another cystic pimple grew by my right eyebrow, on my forehead. It wasn't as bad as the worst, but it was comparable.

Usually stories end with happy endings so this is mine:

I FINALLY got to order the regiment TODAY! Thank goodness!

I ordered the 16 oz cleanser and treatment and 2 AHA+.

I'll keep you posted after I receive my order, and start using it again!

What was it like when you didn't use the regimen?


5 Weeks 1 Day

Yay! It's been over a month now, and I can honestly say that my skin got so much better!

My face is smoother and clearer! Also what I also love is that my face actually is fine in the sun now. Before, my pimples and bumps and other stuff really stood out.

Putting on make up is great! Since my skin is smoother, my foundation looks amazing!

My only concern is that my face became dry. It was dry to start off before I even even started the regimen, but now it's dryness to the next level. It's not too dry to the point where my face is cracking, but it is dry. There's crease lines on my forehead and wrinkles around my eyes when I smile =( I slather tons of moisture so hopefully my face will become more hydrated.\

What's really weird is that my moisturizer is becoming really thin now. It slides of my fingers so easily. Before, it didn't. Has anyone had this experience?

All in all, the regimen worked for me. It definitely improved my skin more than any other of the products out there in the market that i've tried and it also prevents pimples from forming! Also the cleanser is such a great makeup remover! I love it! Currently I am running low on the products and probably will need to order more in the next couple of weeks. I might order the 16oz kit. I just hate how the shipping and handling is so much money. It's totally ridiculous. Maybe that's why the products are so cheep. lol!


2 Weeks and 1 Day

Ok so it has been officially been 2 weeks and 1 day that I have been on the acne.org regimen.

Current Face Condition:

some flakiness

mostly break out free

smoother complexion (not totally clear)

oil balance is good

I'm loving this regimen a lot. Compared to many of the said acne clearing products out in the market, Dan's products are hands down amazing. The most obvious factor is how gentle it is. 2.5% BP is tolerable and not so irritating to the face; same goes with the cleanser and moisturizer. Everything is just feels so fresh and clean.

So my forehead is pretty much clear. My acne isn't really prominent on my forehead mostly on my cheeks. The regimen really helped even out the texture of my face.

In the next couple of days my period is going to start, and I usually get breakouts before that.

I can honestly say that i have NO BREAKOUTS. yay! I'm soo happy. What makes me even more excited is that I've been feeling a pimple coming out on the side of my nose, it is red, but the regimen helped prevent it. No more giant inflamed breakout pimples!

The BP does tend to make my face dry and flake, but that's treatable with the moisturizer.

When I apply BP i apply it on my whole entire face excluding around my eyes. Well on Tuesday my eye area became very very dry to the point where when I smiled, the outer corner or my eye and the bottom of my eye area were so wrinkly. I totally forgot to apply moisturizer to those parts because I do the same routine with my moisturizer as my BP. Well, I applied the moisturizer and it fixed it =) Most people have turned to the Jojoba Oil to help with the dryness, but I my face hasn't gotten THAT dry to the point where I need the oil.

I can't wait to see the progress after 2 more weeks on the regimen, for a total of 1 month!

Why the regimen is working for me:

For starters, I had mild acne. It wasn't severe, but it was bad. I had a mixed of white heads,pauples, and pustules. (Read my first blog) I mostly broke out a week before I stared my period, and it was terrible. The pimples I got varied; cyst, white head, inflamed. Altogether, pain, annoying, and embarrassing. Because of these I acquired many acne scars on my cheeks. The regimen is good for mild acne because it's less irritating and easier to handle. Now if you have more a severe type acne, I think you would need to start out with a dermatologist first. These products can't handle too much.

Since I've had acne for about 7 years now, I've learned some of the in and outs of acne products. My face grew use to all the harsh chemicals, which helps me when I slab on a think full finger length of BP twice a day. I have a step up ahead of a person who hasn't used a lot chemicals on their face. This is why many people have troubles with BP when they start.

I follow all of Dan's steps, and I look forward to using the regimen every day and night =)

My only concern is that I wish either the regimen helps out with reducing the appearance of acne scars or Dan comes out with a new product.

Current Regimen:

1) cleanser 10 seconds

2) thick full finger length of BP

3) moisturizer every morning and night

every other night AHA+ and on the weekends

I'll keep you posted on week 3, or any major changes =)

I would also love to get feedback on your experience or concerns about the products.


1 Week Mark

So it has been 1 week since i've been on the regimen and i'm pretty content.

Obviously my face isn't completely clear, but it has changed dramatically!

Most of my acne bumps are gone, making my face really smooth.

Now it's time to get rid of those scars! =D

My complexion has definitely brighten up, which is a major plus.

Current face condition:



My face is not super dry like to the point where my face is cracking.

I just get those wrinkles around my eyes when i smile.

hopefully by week 2 the dryness will be over as well was the redness!

I still enjoy applying the regimen every morning and night =)

Yeah so tomorrow i'm going to start applying me oil-free non-comedogenic makeup on

i just hate going to school without it


1st Mistake.

Ok so currently my face is burning. I just did my night regimen and I accidentally applied AHA+ instead of the regular moisturizer. Ugh and it was a full finger length too! Any ways hope this burning stops. Other than that I still love these products. I can see small, but significant changes everyday. I just can't wait to see the outcome in one month.

Changes to my regimen:

I now put 1 whole finger length of BP

and I will try to remember that the AHA+ is only every other night.

:) If you have AHA+ when do you apply it? What was your experience?


First Day and Two Nights

I've officially done the regimen three times now. I must say that I really like these products. It's is nothing like all those other three step system acne kits. The biggest difference that I can tell is that Dan's products aren't so harsh on your skin. Everything applies so easily, leaving your face feeling fresh. Usually when I apply products on face, my skin turns red. When I apply the acne.org products, my skin barely turns red, which is a big difference to me.

When I woke up this morning, my acne wasn't cured (obviously), but it did look and feel healthier. Usually, my face would be dry. I didn't have any breakouts to start with, so I wouldn't know if it would automatically zap them away. I did the regimen early and didn't put on make up =). I'm pretty happy about that. I was thinking of putting on my eye makeup only, but I told myself that if I was not going to put foundation or anything else on, I might as well not do eyeliner either. My makeup is very natural. I never go over the top. It only takes me about 7 min and I intend to keep it that way.

I did break out once today and that was just about 1 hr ago. It was just probably because I went to the movies late at around 9:30 pm and didn't get home around 12. It's not really a big deal; just a simple white head. So I took a shower and did the regimen when I got home. Tonight, instead of the moisturizer, I applied a thick line of AHA+ the length of half my finger. The consistency of this AHA+ is very thin. I'm going to start putting on AHA+ at night after BP everyother night.

I'll keep posted on how AHA+ worked out for me tomorrow.

LOL! I feel like a nerd because I look forward to doing the regimen day and night =)



After 3 long days, I FINALLY received my acne.org products. I am so excited!

I got everything I ordered, and thankfully non of the products spilled, like some other users wrote about =) When I opened my box the products were kind of cold, but weren't frozen. They were the perfect temperature. They have that no sent smell, which is good.

I just currently did the regimen, right after I got out of the shower, seeing that I take my showers at night. What I love about these products is that they have a great texture. They aren't overly thin or gooey, and they glide on so easily on your face. They absorb pretty well and in no way are greasy.

What I did:

1) cleansed my face gently with the cleanser counting to 10.

2) pat dry my face with a towel

3) applied a thick line of BP half the length of my finger (it applied so easily)

4) waited 5 minutes (i always wear a watch)

5) applied the moisturizer

I've tried a bunch of products so my face is kind of use to chemicals being put on it.

The BP is giving my face a little sensation that is noticeable, but it's not unbearable.

I can feel my face getting a little tight, but my face is dry starting off anyway.

I ordered AHA also and I'll start applying that tomorrow night and every other night after that.

During this 1 month or so process I will not be wearing makeup, which is going to be super hard for me. Hopefully I can get over that 2 weeks flare up, then get nice skin =)


Still Waiting...

I't has only been a day since I've ordered Dan's products, but I'm so anxious.

I'm tracking my package and as of right now, UPS hasn't shipped it yet =( ; they only received the order. 2-5 days of shipment needs to come sooner.

Anyways I'll write about my acne experiences.

It all started around 4th grade. My face started to break out and I would get those giant cystic pimples. Most of my acne was developing on my forehead. My face was extremely oily and I hated it. I have a couple of years worth of school pictures to prove my breakouts. In 8th grade I had my picture retouched for that extra $8. Word of advice: Never get your picture retouched by a school photographer. They will make it look horrible. Instead of touching up my face to be clear, they made my pores and pimples so apparent! I cried.

At the beginning, my acne was only developing on my forehead, but as years progressed, acne started to hit my nose, cheeks, chin, then the bottom jaw line. When my cheeks started to break out, I felt so sad; my cheeks were the only clear part of my face. Those cystic pimples developing on my forehead every couple of weeks or so have now moved on to the tip of my nose and cheeks. All I was thinking was HOW EMBARRASSING.

Now I'm in my last year of high school and my face has changed. Instead of oily, I now have dry skin. All those pimples on my cheeks are now hyper-pigmented scars. My forehead doesn't develop pimples anymore, not noticeable scars, but has large pores and the texture isn't smooth. I don't get giant cystic pimples anymore.

Even though my skin got better, it's still not great. I have pimples and scars which I definitely want to get rid of. Acne.org products please come sooner =)


Purchase the Products

I have mild acne and a ton of hyper-pigmented acne scars.

When i was in middle school I had terrible acne because of my newfound hormones, but as 3 years went by, my face got better. Now I want my face to be totally clear and acne free.

I've tried many products from Proactive to Burt's Bees, but nothing seemed to be working for me.

One day my friend suggested acne.org for some acne advice. I looked up the website and was totally convinced. After 3 days of non stop reading the message boards, successful stories, and acne.org youtube videos, I finally bought some of Daniel Kern's acne products today.

1) 8oz Starter Kit

2) 6oz AHA+

Total: $64.08

I'm so excited, and I cannot wait to receive these products. I've read so many good things about the regimen. Hopefully i' can start soon.

I'll keep posted on my routine and progress. :)

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