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It was the clearest of times, it was the reddest of times.

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So yes, I was very clear thanks to Dan's Regimen and I was a happy man about that.

But I didn't know how to deal with the intense dryness. Yes, I moisturized. I moisturized like a madman. I waited until the BP dried, then used two pumps of Acne.org Moisturizer. Sometimes, I even used two more after those dried and I started feeling dry again. And yes, I was very very familiar with jojoba oil. I even tried to gently exfoliate using a washcloth but that made my skin so ridiculously dry and just felt flat out unhealthy. I'd be at school for about five hours, and I hated thinking that I had the flakey looking going for me, so I used everything I had to prevent it.

I investigated the Acne.org AHA, and being as desperate as any other desperate acne sufferer, I ordered it and began using it the day it showed up: A very thin layer applied evenly after the BP in my nighttime regimen. I woke up the next morning very disappointed as I looked at my peeling face :sad:. But I heard it took time, so I used it diligently.

A couple more weeks passed and I was still so dry. My face was barely movable, and I was constantly paranoid about dry, peeling skin showing. I would look online for hours trying to find the perfect moisturizer. The Walgreens staff probably thought I was the biggest weirdo because I would show up so much to buy a new moisturizer. But, alas, I was always dry.

Then, one fateful day, I took a picture of myself to post on Facebook as my profile pic. I looked at the pic, like "Holy crap. Is my face really that red?" I was totally oblivious to how red it was until that pic. It also then occurred to me that all of that moisturizer made my face shiner than, well, apparently I lack a good metaphor but it looked something like a greasy mess.

So smart went crazy and I had to do something, which was to cut back on the BP. I became aware of many mistakes I was making in my old regimen prior to using Dan's, so I figured I might have been causing some of my acne in trying to prevent back then anyway. So I cut back to only in the daytime for applying BP.

Then, I attempted to relieve myself quicker by skipping a few days and only spot treating in the meantime. If you are someone who considers yourself unfortunate enough to have sensitive skin, NEVER SKIP OUT ON THE BENZOYL PEROXIDE FOR A DAY OR SO. If you do, your skin might decide to react differently next time it comes in contact with it. Why? I don't know. I didn't care to know why, because it happened anyway and there was no going back.

So I looked in the mirror after a day and yes my redness was gone, but I noticed some red marks that I decided to just treat as acne so I l decided to do the whole BP part of the regimen again. It was a Friday night, and I applied that sticky, powerful chemical over my whole face. I drank that night, and noticed my face felt as though it was throbbing. But I wanted to relax, so I did, and just figured that was the BP doing its job.

I fell asleep at 2 AM, then I woke up at 4 AM when I realized I had been gently itching my face in my sleep all night. I was so horrified looking at myself in that mirror that I swear if had walked in that bathroom to find a murder scene it would've given me the same feeling. I was very, very red, so swollen I could barely open my eyes or mouth, and I had orange/gold pus flowing from areas of my face that I thought was my face scabbing over because the BP burnt it. I immediately washed my face and grabbed a towel with ice to attempt to relieve the swelling, as well as pop an advil because that's all I could find in my friend's cabinet. I did this for 3 hours. After just getting dumped from a relationship of 2 and half years, I was emotionally exhausted, physically exhausted from being awake, and mentality exhausted from stress. I fell asleep for a few hours.

The next morning, I came home to take an ibupofen, a shower, and tell my parents that I think I had an allergic reaction. My face was still very red, only slightly less swollen, and I still had this gold crust oozing from my face. I sat down on the couch and tried to relax, but my face felt so dirty and infected that I was flipping out. But I stuck out that day, believing I could resolve it myself.

However, I could hardly sleep because of the itchiness of my face, as well as the sticky, heavy feeling of the ooze resting and drying on it. I went to urgent care the next morning, where I was given oral steroids to reduce the swelling and kill the bacterial infection I had. The infection was many tiny and some larger pimple-like sores oozing golden pus that would dry into a crust. Disgusting, I know. Believe me: I wished every second that I could just disappear. Or that every person in the world had the exact same face. That way nobody would have acne if everybody else didn't have it.

So yes, in about a week the infection pretty much disappeared which was cool because if the sores had been acne, it would've taken months. I remember one night my forehead was covered in the sores, but once I finished the steroids there wasn't a trace of them. But a side effect of the steroids I was on was--yes, my sworn enemy--acne. I broke out so badly, especially on my chin and the sides of my mouth. Around my cheeks too. In addition, parts of my face were completely damaged from the BP swelling my face up, and I was now lucky enough to sport a deep, fine line on my left smile line, as well as two others across my forehead.

That was my experience with benzoyl peroxide. Never, ever again for me. For any loyal BP users who read this, I don't mean to diss on your acne fighter. As evident in Dan's case, some people can use it without ever having an experience like me, and if so, you're lucky and I guess use it. But there is evidence that says it may not be good for our skin, and it left me as a dry, flaky, swollen, red, sad, and bacteria-infested fool.

If you read this, would ya mind saying hey? I'm a newbie on here and could use an acknowledgment. And if you have any tips or knowledge about the fine line situation, could you spill'em on here? I still got those unfortunately.

Thanks, everyone


Back in January, I ran out of Step 3 of the Acnefree system (which was the only part of the system I actually used because it was so harsh on my skin), I googled around to look for something that could save me from my constant self-consciousness when I saw, in I think an Amazon review for the ridiculous "Acne Free in 3 Days!", somebody mentioned Dan's Regimen.

So my journey begins...

I explored this website up and down, thought it was awesome, devoted myself, and ordered all 3 steps.

I followed the regimen perfectly, which isn't hard to do when you're use to washing your face and doing some regimen every morning and night of your life anyway. I washed my face just as Dan demonstrated in his videos: Lather, then wash for about 10-15 seconds very gently.

I knew I had to be careful with the BP part of the regimen, because my skin has always been on the sensitive side to it. So I took it slowly, applying it very, very gently only in the mornings. Then, over the course of the next 6 weeks, I slowly increased the amount of BP I was using until I could use a whopping amount morning and night.

I was so very clear, and I could eat all the junk food in the world and still be clear :). It's a very powerful regimen, and I honestly can't imagine it not working for someone if done exactly as I did it.

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