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Nearly a year.

I left my acne.org blog because school had started and my skin was super clear! I think I honestly love the winter season besides it's cold weather, since my skin rarely broke out. As summer times approach, my skin has been breaking out badly.. Since the winter time, I almost forgot what it was like to have acne. When the weather warmed up, I have gotten more oily and broken out more. On my right side, I have two painful cysts on my jawline. I have probably never broken out on my jaw line ever but now I have a whitehead there and those cysts. I had a tripod zit that I carefully popped and now it's healing.. I think. ugh, is this going be like last summer all over again? Can someone buy me a Wal-Mart giftcard so I can purchase all the acne gelz4lyf3? :cool:


3 weeks updates

I've stopped washing my face in the morning.

I RARELY use Mint Julep Masque & Grapeseed masque, but I should, haha.

I've been very dehydrated, it's hard to drink a lot of water at school.

I've been 98% clear (:

Had two zits which I popped.

Lately I've gotten mouth & chin acne, which I believe due to hormonal problems.. BLEGH.

School is whatever, and I need to go shopping for skincare products..


IDK what to say.

So.. I didn't have internet for a week. My period didn't come for the month of August, but started today. I don't know what to say, seriously.. I didn't wash my face in the morning for two days.. It's going alright, I guess. lol. But, it requires more washing at night ugh whatever. I'm tired. I have a tiny whitehead on my upperlip.. and I'm too lazy to type about my skin but my mom said it looks better. :') Now, I can buy more skincare stuff & saying that it helps my skin.



Well, at least in the morning. I noticed throughout the day- my skin didn't get as oily. My blackheads looked less oily, and kind of smaller? The ones on my nose anyway. I did get shiny, but it wasn't too bad. Hm, strange. I didn't put on sunscreen, lotion, or BP at all. Usually my skin looks good in the morning, not dirty or oily at all. But when I wash it, I get all red and all the lotion & BP is washed out, showing my raw flesh. My acne looks more red. Perhaps it is because over the night, after my lotion & BP has sunk into my skin, my skin creates these natural oils, and stripping them with my cleanser, makes my skin look all ugly? Even in the sun, my skin didn't seem that bad! Hmm. It's interesting.. should I not wash my face tomorrow either?

I don't know if I want to not wash my face as an experiment or not.. I'm getting spots in my forehead because I stopped putting BP there, but I hope they're just from PMS. I stopped putting BP on my forehead because I have wrinkles there.. :/ Anyway, I skipped two days of BP, and I'm getting spots all over. lol. I restarted a couple days ago. Anyway, my . is coming soon, so I think I'm breaking out because of that. I always used to get big zits, but now I'm just getting spots. I guess this is better than eye catching zits. Or maybe because my hormones are going wack because I feel a bit.. horny? Lmao, I think it's the PMS but anyways.. I think that would explain my sudden outbreak of chin zits. I seriously need to like control these bastards with like, double the BP or something. There were ton of flat red spots a week ago.. and several of them started to come up as little red pimples. Arrghh. Maybe it's karma for staring of that girl with severe acne on her chin. I'm a meanie, I know. ;(

After my shower, I usually shower during the late afternoon, or early evening, but I took one tonight, and I washed my face in the shower with my Purpose cleanser. Let's see, I gently squeezed three blackheads out. Yay. Applied witchhazel, and this mix of Dual Moisturizer & Cetaphil lotion because it was in the medicine cabinet. Applied my BP. Going to sleep early tonight.. hopefully. I've been reading manga (LOLgeek), and it's kept me up at night. Okay, night night =)


So many whiteheads.

Every day, I always pop up with a new tiny white head somewhere around my chin or upper lip area. They go away at the end of the day, but I guess it's better than huge pustules.

But yeah. I hate going outside.. my skin just looks WORSE in the sunlight.

I look all oily, darker, and blegh. My scars need to fade faaaaassssssst.



I've had one zit, it got popped. In process of healing atm. I picked at three dead pimples, lol. Those beads came out. Right now, my chin is about to break out. But now, I'm getting those teeny tiny white heads that just go away when I wash my face or shower. I only have one small one, under my lip area. Otherwise, my left side has not broken out for about a week, yay! :) My right side is healing.. from picking at it. I stopped using BP 10% gel on my forehead, no break out yet. I don't really care if I break out on my forehead, because it's never as severe as my cheeks were. Yup. It's been two nights, hah. I'm seeing tons of red little tiny spots. Dunno if they'll ever come up or anything. But yeah. I'm on the search for a new foundation.. even though I said I didn't wanna wear any makeup.. but I want to, for my school picture, events, stuff like that. That is all.

Also, school officially starts in 3 weeks! Accckk! ;(



So like, I have these 'dents' in my cheeks. They're sort of like scars, but not dark. It's like in that area, it's lacks skin? ): You can only see them if you look really close at my skin, but there's another dent. It's not caused by a cystic pimple, or anything, but when I was popping the pimple that used to be there, I guess, I ripped some skin? Eek, Idk. I'm not sure if retinol would help it, but it's just my skin needs to grow back. Oh well. It'll be just a reminder (forever) for me not to pick at my skin. Oh well. My skin has no activity! YAY! :)


So like,

I have NO breakouts of my face, and no active zits.

I'm so not used to this. I'm always used to having some pus-full zits somewhere on my face, but I don't have any right now. :') Omg. Ahhh.

Now, I'm just going to wait for my skin to heal. Scars and such. Hah.



So, this morning, I awake with all my active zits gone, dead, and healing.

But, my chin has broken out with a zit. And, I guess as I was showering, I somehow punched my face, and my chin popped. No, I'm kidding, but somehow the pimple popped/got scraped.

Ahh, anyway, the nodule under my chin, isn't hard anymore. I think it's gotten smaller by .1mm. Oh well, I think it just takes time for it go away. There's not much left to blog about..



Today I finished packing up my whole room! I packed away my BP gel, too.. I was too lazy to take it out, so I used the BP cream. I look like a guido, again. So, I'm moving, and I wonder if my new room will make me break out. It takes me a while to get used to a place, and if I'm not comfortable, it takes me a really long time to fall asleep.


Tonight, I used a sugar scrub, just plain white sugar, and exfoliated my skin. It was really soft and supple. :') The lotion sank in faster. Anyway, good night! Time to study for the ACT, hehe :) I'm studying in advance, so that I don't have to stress study, cram, or anything before the real tests. Which.. I don't think are until 2011! Lol oh well. I plan to study for months, anyway.


So, it didn't work. I washed my face this morning, and then the zit had even more junk. I super gently squeezed it, and all the trash came out. I need to stop picking at my face. My face is really sensitive, I mean, I didn't even pick at this one blackhead, just scratched it, and it turned red. :roll: I think my skin hates me. Anyway, I think I'm going to stop using my Cetaphil Lotion and start using it around winter/super dry times. Also, I'm studying for the SATs & ACT. Eeeek, hah.


So, last night, I forgot to put toothpaste on, so I put on Clearisil Adult Acne Tinted Cream until I looked like a guido from Jersey Shore. Anyway, I picked at face again.. and two zits popped up. Sigh* When will I ever learn. They were blackheads, and they didn't come out, sooo I just knew I was going to get a zit there. ); Oh well. Uhm, I have a tiny zit on the side of my forehead, but it'll go away soon.

Anywhooo, I threw away my makeup! : P So, people get to see my acne. Yay. Now, I mainly have acne on my upper cheeks, than on ALL OVAA my cheeks. The red spots are slowly fading away since I'm wearing sunscreen and avoiding the sun a lot.

I plan to use up all my Clearisil Cream, it's also 10% BP, well, I plan to use all my BP, because I have a tube that I just opened, before I buy Dan's BP. Also, I really want to work at Starbucks, I'm turning 16 soon! :')


C&C Moisturizer..

seems different than the one that is 'Dual Action'.

One, it doesn't have smell that I like. In fact, it smells like shampoo. Weeeirrd.

Two, it doesn't have the tingly feeling that I usually get from DA.

There, it doesn't really moisturize that well..

I would assume that they are the same because they both have 0.5% SA.

Buut, the silver one has MORE ingredients, and most of them, I can't even pronounce. The DA had a clean smell, and this one, I really don't know. Oh well, I'll just keep using this one, and by the time it runs out, I'll decide whether or not I like it as much as the DA one. Mostly likely, I will buy Dual Action, instead of the Advantage one. Unless my skin likes this one much better. Otherwise, I'm scared of all the extra ingredients.


My mom has oily skin, so I blame my shiny nose on her!! Lol, jk.

She's .. nevermind. Not going to reveal her age. But she's older than me. She occasionally gets spots, but never filled with pus, or anything. So, I fear that I'll have adult acne. Ack.

But anyway, she uses carrot juice and yogurt. She peels carrots and uses the juice, she doesn't go to the store and buy carrot juice. She mixes it with plain, normal yogurt. She leaves it on her face, and I guess she looks alright. I don't know, she's been doing it for years, so I don't count.

She has aloe plants, so sometimes she puts it on her face. I did it before when my acne was flaring up. It helps the redness go down, and it's natural. It's sticky, but I guess it helps.

Also, she said that I shouldn't buy cleansers that look like soap. She said that they need to be scrubs, so you can feel it working. Lol, and she's been using Olay spf 15 moisturizer for yeaaaarrs.

My mom said that she never had acne, but she always had boils on her nose. I've had a couple, but they went away.

My mom's phrases, Lol

- What you eat, affects your skin. If your body is hot, your face is going to be hot.

- You have to eat healthy. Mainly lots of dark green vegetables.

- You shouldn't use too many products at once. Use only a few, and stick with it.

- Your body lets out the bad stuff by putting it on your face!

- Use Olay! Use Olay!

No idea, but just felt like typing this up (: My mom is Asian, btw. She can't understand English.. that well.



So the painful zit is growing a head.. I think I'm going to try toothpaste on it, and see what happens.

10% BP as a spot treatment doesn't work for me (considering I use it as an all over treatment). It's a hit or miss, and most of the time, it's a miss..

But, I got the Clean and Clear Moisturizer.. did you know there's two?

One silver, and one white. They both have 0.5% SA, sooo I chose the silver one because it looked like the rest of the bottles that I had. The white one was only 3 cents less. Lol so yeh.

School starts in a month, so hopefully my dark spots (left by old acne) fade away by then!

I think I'm going to throw away my TM.. It's over 6 months old. Ack, think of all the bacteria.

I didn't use it for like, 2-3 months at a time. Oh well, I always feel like my skin can't "breathe" when I'm wearing makeup. I think I'll save my money, and not waste money on foundation..

I'll just wear my sunscreen to Homecoming so my face looks clear! .. and super duper ghostly bird poop white.


I didn't pop the pimple, I swear! I was just touching it, and then the layer of skin came off, and so did the yellow-y pus. No bleeding. Anyway, I dabbed it with some witchhazel, and it looks like I have a dent in my face. Great. But, I guess it's better than having a pimple come back.

Not too far away, I see a nodule forming. Ugh. It hurts to touch, so this is just great. Not to mention it's very red. But, it's smaller than the ones I've had.

So far, any activity that's going on, is on the right cheek of my face.

The left side is okay.

Anyway, I'm off to Wal-Mart to go purchase more of Clear & Clear DA Moisturizer. : P


My bad habit.

I have a really bad habit of picking at my pimples and blackheads. Well, my skin in general.

I don't bother with the ones that are on my nose, but the ones on my cheeks..

I pop pimples on my foreheads and my chin, and that's about it. Mainly because I don't care about them as much as my cheeks. My cheeks are like, my face, okay.

I like to squeeze blackheads, but that usually makes my face mad red and irritated.

I don't touch my face; but as soon as I'm in front of a mirror..

it's like something controlling my fingers to pick at my pimples.

I'm trying to stop, and my first step is this blog post.

The first step, admitting you have a problem!

I have one active pimple that's dying down, and I feel like ripping it out, but I know I shouldn't.. so I'm not. I put on the treatment gel already. I see another pimple, close to it, forming.. ack.

Since I only use the treatment at night, I think I'm going to sleep now.


Firstly, I should state that I've had a regimen before I made an account on this site.

Second, if I add anything new to my routine, I'll let you guys know (:

Generally, I'm really lazy. My routine in my signature is the list of the things I've kept up with. Otherwise, I forget every once in a while, or some days I add in a one time thing, kind of thing.

My acne history:

Sixth grade: I had zits back then, but they were in random places. I never took care of my face, besides showering. I was only 11, okay!? It wasn't severe, but rather mild.

Middle school: Again, didn't really take of my face, nor did I really care. I had a lot of fun back then. But, I do remember popping some zits and I didn't care about my blackheads (nor did I know what they were). If I ever got pimples, they were on my cheeks. Never chin or forehead.


Freshmen year; same as middle school. Didn't really care. But, I probably still had a mild case.

Sophomore year; I was very stressed, and kind of depressed. Acne flared up tremendously. Only on cheeks, though. My diet was bad, and I was an emotional wreck. Birth control made me experience nodules for the first time ever. Going off it, was worse. Painful nodules. Largeass pustules. Getting into makeup may have been a regret. Chin acne. I broke out every day with a new zit. The few months before school ended (June), I decided to take a stand and do something about my acne (and not just grab random products off of Wal-Mart's aisle).

Now: It's the summer, and a month before school starts. My skin is looking waaay better than it used to be. Although, I have a lot of red marks (but they are fading!) I currently only have one active zit (compared to my volcanoes couple months ago), two nodules (that are dying down :(), red spots, and my chin is clear. I try to only wear mascara now. I do use tinted moisturizer, but I'm trying to stop.

I plan to update daily! :)

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