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Day 7

I couldn't get on for the past few days because of my busy schedule, but I am back now! I have been faithfully using the Regimen for about 6 days now, and I am pleased with the results. My skin definitely looks a ton better! The coloring is very good! No red splotches anywhere. I feel a ton better about myself. I have more confidence. I only have a few pimples left. That HUGE one by my nose has shrunk and faded into a tiny, flat pink spot. :) I have 1 pimple on my right cheek and 2 small ones on my chin. I do have 2 red marks on my right cheek where it looks like the skin burnt off or something, but I am not sure. It isn't very noticeable after my skin calms down after being washed. I switched from that SLS-filled Olay cleanser to "SFC Lotion". When my dermatologist prescibed me Duac, the SFC Lotion came with it. It is a "gentle soap-free cleanser" with no SLS. :( It seems to work well, but it doesn't lather, which takes some getting used to. It does make my skin feel clean, though. I would recommend it.

Today was my first day of work at Delia's as a sales representative. I had to stand there and greet people as they entered the store. Thanks to Dan's advice, I didn't feel bad about my skin. :( I think the fish oil and zinc are also helping my skin a lot! I have also been eating a ton of apples. I have still not experienced any dryness since starting the Regimen. I think it is because my skin is used to BP, which is a good thing. Who wants to start school with big, flaky patches? I still haven't heard back from my doctor about my blood tests. I might or might not be going on birth control. I should find out by tomorrow at the latest. I will write tomorrow. Bye!

P.S. - To the lady who asked a question about which gentle cleanser to use, I would recommend Dan's cleanser or Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser.


Day 4

OH MY GOSH! Olay Gentle Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin is made with sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a pore-clogging, skin-irritating ingredient! What was I thinking? No wonder my acne has not improved significantly! I will never use that cleanser again. I thought because it is "gentle" and for "sensitive skin", it would be good for my skin, but nope! It is loaded with sulfates! Gosh. And SLS is a #5 (5 being the highest) on the scale of irritation.

Anyway...my skin looks slightly better today. My chin is less red. A lot of my pimpes have developed heads and look ready to be popped. I will do that when I wash my face tonight. I am done with over 2 and a half days of the regimen. I don't know if I can even count it now because of my cleanser mistake. Oh, well! At least I found out now rather than later.

I went to my doctor today because of menstruation problems, and she might put my on birth control to regulate my hormones. Hopefully that will clear up my acne if I start taking it. That would be great!

I need to find a cleanser that is SLS-free. I wonder if Cetaphil is...I know we have that upstairs in the bathroom. Maybe I should just use Dan's cleanser. I will check it out. I know he would only put the safest ingredients in his products. :)

Well....I will check back in tomorrow!



Day 3

I have officially been on the Regimen for 1 and a half days. This morning, I washed my face after my workout. It took me a full 25 minutes to apply the BP, wait for it to dry, then apply the moisturizer! WOW! When school starts, I am going to have to get up very early so that I have enough time to properly treat and moisturize my skin. My skin is not dry and flaky anymore. My jojoba oil moisturizer is really good because I have been putting on a ton of BP, yet my skin is not dry. I had 2 pimples the day before yesterday, and now they are only flat red spots, which is really good. They are fading and will be gone soon. That GIANT zit that I had by my nose popped yesterday! YESSS! A TON of yellow/white stuff came out. Sorry..that sounds so gross. This morning, it had a head again, so I popped it again right before I got in the shower. I think it will start healing now and go away. That will be a huge relief because that is my worst pimple by far. My chin feels better today..yesterday, it felt itchy and weird, but today it feels totally normal. I woke up with a red bloody spot on the middle of my forehead..weird, but I'm not too worried. Some of the pimples by my right eye have gotten smaller. Some of the pimples on the left side of my nose are fading. Oh, I also popped a pimple on my chin this morning. It was really small, but it popped well and easily. I got all of the dirt out, I think. I have some pimples under my chin. They are like on the bottom of my jaw. It is really weird. I am washing them and applying BP to them. My facial moisturizer is kind of thick. Sometimes, it is hard to spread around gently, so it takes my a long time. The BP is much thinner, being a gel, and is easier to apply. Dan said to avoid the eye are when applying the BP and the moisturizer, but what if I have a few pimples near my eye? And I like applying the moisturizer under my eyes because it feels good when that skin is dry. Hmm..I don't know if I should listen to him or not. Overall, I feel okay today. I am praying and hoping that my pimples go away once and for all! When I apply the BP and moisturizer, I hate how I feel all the pimples under my fingers. I can't wait until I can run my fingers over clear, smooth skin!


Day 2

So, today is August 1st. My junior year of high school starts in 9 days. I have 9 days to get my skin looking better. I worked out this morning, showered, and followed Dan's instructions on how to apply the BP and moisturizer. I went to church, and when I got home, I was pleasantly surprised with my skin. I had 2 pimples that had heads, so I popped them, then applied more BP and moisturizer. I don't know if this was smart. I also peeled some dead skin off my cheeks and chin. I have a lot of flakes on my cheeks today. I don't know if I should leave them or peel them off. Usually, when my skin gets flaky, I will use a scrub to wash away the flakes. Dan said nothing about a scrub in his regimen, so I will not use one. My left cheek looks a little bit better.

I am SO glad that I didn't take that annoying Iodine-filled multivitamin today! I took the Zinc, fish oil, and Amoxicillin, though. I feel good about that, but the Zinc did make my stomach feel a little queasy. My skin is pretty used to BP, so I was able to use a good amount on my face. I used to put the BP gel only on my blemishes, but now I put it all over my face because Dan said to, and Dan has great skin. Although my skin is really flaky, it doesn't actually feel that dry. It feels okay..My chin just burns a little where I peeled it. Oh, well.

I am eating SO well, and I am getting sick of it. I feel like I can't eat anything normal because I have broken out. I haven't had chocolate in over 3 weeks. I never eat my favorite Nature Valley Granola bars. I haven't had dairy all summer, I think. All I have been eating are apples, Flax cereal, black bean soup, tomatoes, carrots, and celery. What a lame diet! How boring! I just want to have clear skin again so I can feel GOOD and eat NORMALLY.

I don't want to go ANYWHERE because of my skin! I only left the house twice yesterday. I spent the rest holed up in my room...seriously! I am not living because of my acne. I am practially a recluse. It is so depressing. How I wish I had never taken that multivitamin. I wish I was an adult so I could have clear, normal skin. Mine is just such a mess. I WANT TO FAST-FORWARD MY LIFE TO A TIME WHERE MY SKIN IS CLEAR! Life with acne is just miserable. Absolutely miserable. I have this GIANT pimple on the right side of my nose...nasty. What happens to a pimple that I never pop?


Day 1

My name is Valerie, and I am 16 years old. At age 14, my skin started to break out very slightly. I ran to the dermatologist, and he put me on BenzaClin and Amoxicillion (an antibiotic). My skin was virtually flawless for 2 years. When I turned 16, my acne came back full force. Now my cheeks and chin are covered in unsightly pimples. I spent my entire summer trying products from the skin care aisle at Wal-Mart. Absolutely nothing worked. I decided that my problem must be a vitamin deficiency, so I bought a multivitamin. After about a month, I was confused because my skin was so terrible. I checked online for a link between acne and multivitamins, and sure enough, the multivitamin, which contained 150 mg of Iodine, was the culprit. So, my skin is left a mess from the dumb multivitamin, and I am feeling absolutely terrible and unconfident. I am going to take some of Dan's advice and apply it to myself. School starts in 10 days, and I have to clear up my skin at least somewhat by then. Here is what I am going to do:

1) STOP TAKING THE MULTIVITAMIN! I just found out this morning about the whole Iodine situation.

2) Use a gentle cleanser that is soap-free.

3) Use Epiduo twice daily, which is 2.5% BP.

4) Apply Desert Essence Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer, which contains jojoba oil and aloe vera.

5) Keep taking Amoxicillin twice daily.

6) Continue my healthy diet.

7) Continue to exercise.

8) Try to enjoy life despite my acne!

I cannot imagine going back to school looking like this. I would do just about anything for clear skin.

Current skin condition:

Right cheek/nose area is completely broken out. My worst side.

Chin is disgusting. Weird clear bubble things are forming. 3-4 zits on chin.

Left cheek/nose area has several red zits.

Forehead is mostly clear except for 2-3 small, flesh-colored zits.

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