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3 weeks in

I've lost count how many weeks it has been but I'm up to 40mg/day.

I hope I've gotten over the IB. Skin has settled slightly, improved compared to what it was 2 weeks ago.

Skin and lips (esp peri-orally) is dry like mad. Hair naturally dry and scalp is dandruffy.

I don't know how the coming exam weeks will be like: stress, sugar, poor sleeping habits.

I just hope no more huge cysts and no headaches.

*prays hard*

on happier note, germany v azerbaijan tonite :rolleyes:


Week 1

Ok. so I delayed taking Accutane because firstly

- i hardly had time to run to the chemist (and I was too scared) to get it

- i stopped my topicals for about 1 week before my first pill, developed 2 cysts on the chin and a couple of zit on my right side of face

now About 1 week in, i can see the huge cysts returning, my right side a has plenty of white heads esp around the nose and peri-oral area (around the lips, junction between the skin and the lips)

The cysts on the chin are HUUUUUUUGE. What bothers me is actually the hurting and bleeding. And hwiteheads popping. Urgh... I give up on appearances. The sensation of itchiness and heat when u suddenly feel a new zit/cyst coming on is the worst. I dunnoe why but i always get it around where the nose meets the cheeks and lips meet the cheeks. Is that where the most of my minor oil/sebaceous glands located??

Also... i've noticed dandruff started to arrive.

And there is a slight ache/tenderness to my right elbow joint. I attirbuted it to a hard days'work with the laptop and restorative work in clinic... but? I'm not too sure.

And a small tender and slighlty harder spot in my submandibular lymphnodes....

And my big issue is my lack of energy to do anything and I am feeling pretty down. It was so hard to get out of bed to go do work for the past 4-5 days. HMMM HOW?

Do I stop? I am absolutely stressed about Uni and $$$. I don't know what to do.

So in summary

1) breakout: cystic, whiteheads

2) dry lips: can really feel it now, my face is feeling drier too

3) dandruff!

4) tender spot in submd lymph node

5) unsure.... ache in right elbow joint (?)

6) loss of energy/motivation (?)



I've stopped my topical meds and I can feel the zit coming through.

Dr called yesterday, blood test results are good, I'm good to go start.

Except I haven't picked up the meds from the pharmacy... too busy, no time, dreading the start tbqh.



Blood test this morning.

All I have to do is wait.

And read the starter pack, I have yet to do that. I'm actually nervous to read it.



24 year old full-time Uni student about to start Accutane.

Dental school is absolutely crazy! :)(((

Here is a little information about my pre-accutane journey.

I had the normal break-outs as a teenager, and gradually it got worse and my mom insisted it was because I wasn't taking good care of my skin even though I washed it like mad and went for the bazillion facials which i thought were useless. I hate facials urrgh.

I went to a dermatologist who gave a me whole regiment to follow and to be quite honest, it did work. But being a teenager, it was just so hard to follow 5 steps in the morning and at night. Sometimes I'd slack off, and during my periods, they'd come. And the acne grew bigger and more cystic due to the use of the medicaments that I'd used.

I went off to uni, and still acne persisted as usually mild acne on the face. If i'd slack off or be stressed and sleepless, it would get really bad. Huge cystic. Exam time I would look pretty bad. And of course post-exams, you want to have fun and enjoy. But my mom would fret each time I'd go back home from Uni after exams.

So I kept gg back to the same derm, who said that I may not outgrow this problem, by this time it was already about 7 years on her regime. It was partly my fault that I hadn't been very good with sticking to it esp during exam time. But seriously, exams are shit. i hardly sleep for 3 weeks and chug chemicals/sugar/junk in my body to stay awake.

We went to another derm, who gave a second opinion that I should consider Accutane. I did some research earlier this year. Was really nervous about the side-effects. But because most of th eyear I'd be at uni, so I had to go to a specialist which was near Uni. That in itself took another crazy 5 months! Dental school = no free time during office hours. I had to cancel like 4 appointments and the waiting list for the specialist was soo long.

Finally went to the dermatologist this morning. Wasn't particularly impressed by her establishing rapport skills compared to the other doctor. But that's because i guess she has a long list of patients. My appt was at 8.40 am and I saw her only at 9.30 am. :( I don't have that luxury of time when I'm desperately trying to squeeze time between uni to just see her.

Been reading up more about accutane today, nervous about the flare-ups and major side-effects.

Dental school is already pretty stressful, am I starting tx at the wrong time?

How bad will my flare-ups be?

Will i be so listless that I can't study/run around and do clinical/lab work?

Uni is pretty uch 8-6 everyday. I don't want to sound like a whinger and make it sound like Uni is end all and be all and the xcuse to no t do anything.

Will the fasting month affect my hydration and health as well?

I haven't read the accutane intro pack yet. So nervous!!!

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