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Week 3 Accutane

Well.. i ave only had a couple breakouts.. lips getting drier.. and the creases of my lips are really dry and irritated.. cordizone cream works really well for that.. hair is still oily and it smells still also.. hoping it will stop being oily.. anyone know of any good shampoo/ conditioner for dry hair so i know what to get when it gets to that point..? still have had a headache and still tired alot.. but nothing too serious.. next week ill be going for blood work & drs apt.. hopefully it goes well! :)


Week 2 Accutane

I have had a couple breakouts, but they dried out later in the day.. Still have oily hair and face a little bit, but its starting to dry up es my lips and under my nose.. Only had one real big issue and thats a bacterial infection.. hoping this medicine did not cause that.. really dont wanna deal with this for the next 4 months. my face is not really too bad looking.. ill post pics up sooon :) Im using this non drying lotion in the morning and night, but i might need something else, but when i go to walmart looking im just like ughhh all this stuff lol which do i choose. oh and my legs aer itchy a long with my back and arms.. kinda irritating.. Cant wait to see everything completley clear.. Sitting here playing the waiting game to talk to my dr. hopefully they call back soon.. Has any other females had a problem with bacterial infections while on accutane?


1 week on Accutane

I just completed my first week of accutane.. So far so good.. I have been extremley tired and hungry Lol. which makes me go to the gym so i dont gain weight haha. I have only had one really bad headache. im pretty sure it lasted for 2 days straight.. goddd how i hate headaches.. Only regimen i use for morning and night is this cleansing lotion my derm gave me for morning and night and i put cream on my face @ night to keep it hydrated.. Anyone know of any good lip moisturizers? Im so excited about being on accutane.. i wont be finished with this until december.. such a long ways away but im sure it will be here before i know it! Hope everyones treatment is going well!! post next week! :)


2 day on Accutane

Hey Everyone! im def new to this whole blog thing so bare with me haha.. So i just started on accutane on Wednesday.. im on my 2nd pill.. Of course nothing has happened yet, but thats expected. I was so scared to get on this regimen. Heard so many bad things about it, jus figured i would give it a shot. Ill probably only post every week. Im hoping this really works for me. I have always used benzo peroxide [ benzaclin ] which worked great, for my face not my rediculous amount of oil that i have on my skin and my face, so lets hope this really does do the trickl!! ill keep everyone updated!!


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