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Starting my treatment and want to keep a log of it. Also if it is effective it may help out other people going through this awful problem

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Day One!!

So here we go!

For future blogs I shall start at the top with a Spot Count (yea kinda gruesome but thats what I am trying to get rid of!!) Mood - some people believe this can affect to your skins condition, I find its the other way round, my skin condition affects my mood!! And my routine/administrations of medication for that day.

Spot Count: 24

Mood: Hopeful/excited

Morning: Lymecycline


Evening: Dianette


My avon products and my prescription have arrived on the same day!! Good Times!! I do an initial examination of my face and see whats going on!!

Well I've started, I really hope this works I would loooove to be able to wake up in the morning and see a clear face in the mirror (something which is never far from me as I have to know how bad I look)

I went to see my family this evening and got back late, therefore didn't have enough time to include the avon routine, I shall begin that tomorrow.


I've had it!!

Me a few weeks ago:

Right I've had it!!!! I'm fed up of feeling shit all the time! Stopping myself from doing things and sick of not feeling human!!!!

I'm 22 and for the last year and a half my skin decided to errupt, as a teen I had the odd spot, which as a teen I moaned about (would have held a party for the little bugger had I realised what my skin would be like in the future) Doctors would say I have moderate acne - when you take into consideration the confidence and social factors I'd say severe!

At 22 I'm to old to have a face like this, its crushed my confidence, killed my self worth and just made me feel awful!! I am also currently looking for a real, career starting job and feel my skin has caused me to loose confidence and therefore suck in interviews! At college I was very out going and very bubbley now I feel like a completely different person!!

So I decided I'm not being palmed off by my GP any more to use clean and clear and other useless products like those.

In January (6 months ago) I was switched from my old contraceptive Mycrogynol to Dianette to combat the problem!! As a contraceptive I have got on much better with this pill, however as far as my skin goes no improvement!!

I booked myself an appoinment to see the doctor determined to be refered to a professional dermatologist so I could talk to someone who really understood the issue. My GP's first reaction- 'We'll just leave you on dianette for a while see how that goes' My reaction - utter disappointment so i drew together all my confidence and requested she refer me to a dermatologist. Success!! I've just got to wait a month and a half til i can get an appointment :)(

Fastforward to my dermatology appointment: Excited, nervous, scared - I know I'm hoping for a miracle cure but I also know these just don't exist!! I sit nervously in the waiting room, this is the first time I've gone out without any let alone full make up on in about 2 years!! Seeing the dermatologist I must admit I'm disappointed, she's not really bothered, she's see lots of cases like me no doubt and has no real sympathy really for my issue. I was hoping for support, confidence that she can clear my skin, a friendly face. Nevertheless I am prescribed Differin topical cream and Lymecycline. I suppose if the treatment does the job it doesn't matter that the doctor was a drip!!

I also ordered some products from Avon that are designed to help Spots as I have read some good reviews of: ClearSkin Professional 3 step: Step 1 - Facial Scrub, Step 2 - Toner Pads, Step 3 - Correction Cream

Sooooo a week and a half later (the doc messed up my prescription and couldn't be bothered to fill out the prescription until then) I get my prescription.......................

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