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ok wow srry everyone

I am discontinuing dans regimen. yes i know that almost 1 month is not even close to long enough to see results and i know that it does get better before it gets worse bbut i can't take it any more. its been almost a month and my face is covered in pimples, my skin hasn't been this bad in half a year. im going back to using the clinique acne solutions kit(also uses 2.5%bp) which was what cleared my face a while back, idk why i ever stopped but ya sorry anyone who may have been keeping up with this and sorry dan because i know it was my fault this didn't work(didn't give it enough time) but whatever, im getting so many negative comments lately going back to scholl and all and ya. ok peace.


Week 3 Day 4

Ok so i have this one really nasty discusting pimple that has been on my face forever! and its in the most noticable place,(right above my lip). its been there for almost a week and is showing no signs of dying down.... anyway other then that my face looks... ok. i have a few active pimples on both of my cheeks but they kinda blend in with my red marks so whatevs. really havin a tough week andhopefully it will get better soon. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Week 3 Day 1... i think?

Well that past couple days i have been very optimistic about my acne even tho it still looks as bad as ever, but umm well i took care of the breakouts (thanks bp:)) and now just have one pimple above my lip. everything else is just red marks and a few more pimples that are hibernating, also non inflamed acne is still on my face but all around im doing alright. its hard to face that ima just have to wait for the millions of red marks all over my cheeks to go away since they look so much like active acne but o well ive been through harder times then this. also the best thing happened yesterday. my ex girlfriend who i hadn't seen in 2 months saw me yesterday and the first thing she said was "wow your face really cleared up" note that when wwe were going out my face was discusting but it is just getting better and better:) thank you acne.org and i will continue to post as hopefully my red marks will start to fade and my few remaining pimples dissapear and my face just gets better:DDD . GOD BLESS


Week 2 Day 3

Well the past 2 days have been a little depressing since ive been breaking out but not too bad, they are livable but it just sux. too early in the regimen tho. Still hoping to see major improvement in the next month so ya could use any positive comments. breakouts are hard. anyway i just stopped taking doxycycline a week ago so maybe that is why im breaking out? o well peace


Day 5

Had a minor breakout on my chin, not that bad. barely noticable cuz it kinda blends in with all my other acne/red marks. o well no problem there. had a hard day tho, just one of those days where you look in the mirror a little too often and wish for a miracle cure but i am in no way going to stop doing the regimen. i have soooo much hope in it after being on this site for as long as i have. cant wait for results!:wub:


Day 3

I might stop updating every day but i have broken out, its livable since you dont really notice my breakouts since i have acne/red marks all over my face but no worries. just hoping to start improving a little more. its so early in the regimen tho


Day 2 on the Regimen

Well a couple things, my face is really dry right now. not red but definitly dry. i think i should get some jojoba oil with all the great things i have heard about it but i will hold off for a little while longer to try and save myself a little cash. anyway (even though i know it hasn't) i like to think my face has improved in the slightest bit.(tryin to be optimistic) but so ya, o also just realized that the clinique foaming cleanser is medicated 2% BHA which dan does not reccomend. i will continue to use it tho since i have used it for a while and my skin seems to like it, but if i dont see results by the first couple months then i will be forced to drop it. anyway thank you for reading. GOD BLESS and GOOD LUCK to all you other acne sufferers.



Finally got my stuff to begin the regimen:) wish me luck. i hope to be another great success story posted on this website


Skin History

Well this is the boring part, the part where i get to tell you all about my skin history and my acne and what ive used and how bad it is etc. Well i am going to shorten this as much as i can to try and save myself and the reader(if there are any) a little bit of time.

Well i've had acne since about 6th grade

6th=Just a little acne, livable

7th=Getting worse, still considered mild acne

8th= Prettty bad acne, didn't really use anything though

9th= Terrible Acne, went to a dermatologist, kind of depressed....

10th grade(which i am in now)= i have been going over acne.org trying to find all of the best proucts to use, the dermatologist stuff(duac and tretinoin) helped me a lot but not even close to where i want to be, acne still all over my faces, sooo many redmarks and still occuring breakouts.

Well im ready to try the regimen, its about time after being on this site for so long. I will not be using dans products(no matter how much i want to) because my parents will not order them for me so i will be using other products like them. hopefully i will have as descent results as Dans.

anyway here they are

Clinique Foaming Cleanser

CVS generic brand of Neutrogena on the spot treatment(2.5%bp)

Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion

I will be getting these products in 2 days, to prepare my skin for the regimen in the next two days i will be using a 2.5% bp cleanser(night) and 2.5% bp moisturizor(morning) because i found them in my closet, can't wait to start and hopefully see results:) GOD BLESS

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