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HEYYY!!! how have you been acne.org?? good? thats great. well sorry i have not been posting anything. with school starting, i have been SWAMPED with homework. i know i said that i would put pictures up, but i am the worlds WORST procrastinator! but i promise soon a picture will be posted.

anyways, ill tell you about the changes my face is going through. i have notice a remarkable change. let be tell you about how my face looked. the worst part of my face is my cheeks. they were RED, there were so many little zits clumped together, that the whole surface of my cheeks were swollen, and they hurt to touch. when i put makeup on to try and hide it, it never really worked. the makeup turned my red cheeks into a almost purple-ish color. for a girl, this equals not good.

after only a month of taking accutane, i have noticed that all those tiny zits have gone down. and the redness has been leaving. now instead of a HUGE red spot on my cheeks, each "used to be there zit" has an individual tiny red spot, and my cheeks arent bumpy. and when i put makeup on in the morning, my skin looks really good :rolleyes:.

the only "bad" things that are wrong, and i put that in quotes because what can really be too bad if your face is getting clear, is my lips and dryness of my skin. i have been putting on chapstick almost religiously since day one, but if i go about on hour without putting on a fresh coat, i can definitely tell. also the lotion i am using on my face is not as strong as i need it now. at the beginning, it moisturized my face, and was kinda thick putting it on. now, my face seems to just soak it up!

i just can not wait to be able to feel like i can go out in public without any makeup on. my sister has really clear skin and doesnt have to wear makeup, and i hate it when she is like"hey you want to go with me to (insert place)?" and im like, "sure, let me just do my makeup, and we can go." it just gets really annoying.

but like i said my face looks pretty good now with makeup. you cant really see anything underneath it. but i am so not used to that, that i still have a problem meeting someones eyes when i am speaking to them. i guess i just have to work on that.

but untill next time..........


hey acne.org!!

so last thursday, july 8, i had my first trip to the dermatologist. i have finally had it with my acne. After asking me a lot of questions about my face, he informed me that he thought that the medicine accutane best fit me for my goal of achieving a clear face.

he let me know that there are some serious side effects, and told me that i should look it up online to read the reviews from the thousands of people that have already taken it. in doing this, i have found this amazing website!!

i guess because im a female or something, i cant immediately begin accutane, and i wont start untill aug. 9. which for me is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! :surprised: (wish i found out about accutane earlier...)

based on what everyone on this site is saying about this product, i am excited to begin my way to clear skin! but untill aug. 9, my dermatologist said that he wanted to "hit" my acne hard and gave me different products to use. now my morning consist of: washing my face with moisturizing facial wash followed my acanya (clindamycin phosphate 1.2% and benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel). in the evenings i wash my face with the topical acne cleanser pacnex which is 4.25% benzoyl peroxide followed by atralin gel .05% and i also take an oral pill called doryx.

so far i have seen that my face is not as RED as usual, but i dont know if that is because of the medicine or if it is because i have been trying to not wear makeup when not necessary. :pray: anyway, as soon as i start the accutane, ill put up pictures to show my progress.

until august 9 or if i see any changes before that........

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