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I used to have aweful chest and bacne which can sometimes seem impossible to treat. For years now I have been using Clean & Clear astringent, the pink liquid, and it has almost completely cleared the acne on my chest and back!!! I am VERY fanatical about it but I think that is part of why it has worked so well for me. I use a paper towel and apply it to my chest, shoulders upper and lower back, and more recently, to my butt and back of my thighs. Astringent absorbs oil, cleans deep and kills bacteria. I wish it worked as well for my face but that is a different story.

I use it always after showering and before bed. Since using it my skin is almost always clear with one stray pimple now and then. If your skin is not as oily I wouldn't reccomend using it as much because it can be drying.



If you have oily skin you can't exfoliate enough! It makes a BIG difference and my skin couldn't be smoother :pray:

I use a loofah in the shower and textured hand glove thingy on my face. The facewashes with the beads are good too but not as effective.


Hi All!

Just to reiterate:

I'm here posting my progress while trying to change my diet and lifestyle to decrease my pretty bad cystic acne. I want to talk now about what has worked for me, at least temporarily.

I want to start by talking about anyone's best bet to help with severe acne:

BRAGG- Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

I have seen good results after drinking 1-2 tablespoons a day with cranberry juice. It can also be applied directly to your face. WARNING: the smell and taste is extreme but in my opinion well worth it. Organic apple cider vinegar has show to have many great qualities. It is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. When drinken it helps to boost the immune system by detoxifying the body. It increases circulation and has also been known to increase energy and stop fat from being absorbed when eaten. So, for all these reasons I would reccomend everyone trying this product. Even if you have no results with your acne, there are so many other health benefits!!I personally drank it everyday for a few months while binge eating junk food and didn't gain a pound. Then, I continued eating the same amount and stopped drinking the ACV and gained 10 pounds! Coincidence? maybe, but I have experienced enough benefits to use it religiously. For me, it isn't quite enough on its own to completely cure my cysts but I KNOW that if you have cystic acne, the only effective way to treat it is from the inside out.

You can buy the ACV online or at health food stores. Trader Joe's has an organic ACV but its not Bragg. Bragg is the best possible form of apple cider vinegar because it is organic, which is essential, and its the only brand I know if that is unpasteurized. This means it has what is called 'mother' (I know, weird name). Thats the gunk that settles on the bottom and it contains the most healing properties. I reccomend anyone who reads this to do their own research if they are skeptical. I have done extensive online reseach as well as obviously my own personal experience.

I drink more than a tablespoon to be honest but research says only 1 tbs before during or after a meal is enough. I would reccomend using it topically to treat existing pimples too. I have started doing that regularly now and I'll let you know how that goes!!

Ta ta for now :0)



I want to start out talking a little bit about who I am.

My name is Michelle and I live in Massachusetts, USA. It just occured to me that a lot of people on this website are from other countries, which I find awesome!! I am 23, half Nigerian and half Italian. I have suffered from moderate to moderately severe acne for almost 10 years. I can safely say that I have tried almost everything short of Accutane. I have been very desperate at times but I still have not seriously considered taking the said product because of all the negative things I have heard upon researching the product.

I suffer from EXTREMELY oily skin, mild skin sensitivity and get frequent cysts that either come out of the blue (as I see it) or are clogged pores that get infected.

I have tried:

most OTC products







plus others but its been too long to remember

The point is, in my opinion, sooner or later these products are less effective or stop working completely at which point you need to try something else.

The one thing that I have not tried consistently is changing my eating and lifestyle habits.

It has come to the point where I realize this is the true problem. Of course I am genetically predisposed to have acne but I know now that my poor eating habits and poor lifestyle choices are what keeps me from seeing long lasting results.

This is Day 1 of cutting out refined food and most sugar from my diet.

In addition I have stopped smoking marijuana.

Both of these things I have been doing pretty much the whole time my acne has been bad and I didn't want to admit that these could be the causes.

Thank you for reading my Blog!!!!

To make things more uniform; I will post one right after this talking about what HAS worked for me. Thanks again!


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