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Week 2

So no real obvious differences. But my skin is definitely doing the drying thing, which I figure is good because it's as if the dead blemish cells are sloughing off. I just hate it when the corners of my mouth, corners of my eyes, and under my chin are so dry. I'm trying to perfect my technique in applying the moisturizer without blending BP to these areas. Here are some pics.




Week 1

I'm going to track my progress weekly. I'll take a pic each Sat or Sunday and see how things go. Even though I've been on the regimen already, I'm making this week the first week that I've been getting into the hang of doing the regimen exactly. For instance I just started w/ applying the gel on in the morning, I didn't do that before. And like tonight, I'll be adding moisturizer for the first time in a while; usually I wouldn't moisturize at night. So we'll see :pray:


So I just took some pics of my face and...damn...it's worse than I thought. My face feels relatively smooth since I don't really have any bumps. But those scars are horrible :pray:



My morning routine includes makeup that does an excellent job of covering up the blemishes. I look picture perfect when going out. But I definitely want clear skin for lounging around the house and for when I wake up for ppl to see.


From Regimen Log

So I was going to track everything with a regimen log, but figured a blog would be better. Here's my entry in the message board:


I always come back to this regimen because it works for me! It instantly clears my blemishes. I'm now working to clear the leftover scars and marks so I plan to maintain consistentcy by doing the following:

  • Apply in morning
    Tyically I would only apply at night because I had more time to follow the steps correctly and could apply more BP gel w/o interfering w/ the consistency of my makeup. However, I will give myself enough time to apply gel in the morning even if it is not as much as at night.

  • Wait for face to dry b/w intervals
    In the past I have rushed through the steps and not given my face sufficient time between washing and applying BP and then again between applying BP and applying moisturizer. There is a very obvious distinction b/w when I wait and when I don't.

  • Clean makeup brushes nightly
    My makeup doesn't break me out unless I don't wash it off nightly (it'll clog my pores) or if I use a dirty makeup brush. Ideally, I want to wash it nightly, but technically I can go up to 3 days.

  • Change pillowcases regularly
    So I had a recent breakout and I believe it was because of dirty pillowcases. It was due to going to sleep w/ my hair still wet from washing it in the shower and I think w/ the water on the pillowcase, there was also some oils leftover and it was very bad :/ The bumps have since cleared, but I do have scars leftover from them now...eh. But I want to change my pillowcases 2X a week to prevent this in the future.

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