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Day 60 (09/14/10)

Hello guys, especially to Jofo who apparently is following this blog. What a coincidence I happen to log on for the first time since July and here you are. I apologize for the lack of updates. I'll go over what went down since Day 15.

First and foremost, I have still yet to let my face touch water. It's been two consecutive months or 60 days so I do believe this is quite a feat, as everyone who attempted this regimen has washed face during the first month. I plan on not washing until I'm completely healed. I can't stress this enough, one of the main reason some people age so fast, is because of washing. Recently, around three weeks ago, I stopped using shampoo/conditioner and washed whenever I feel like it with just water. I used to have dandruff even right after shampoo. Today, I looked into my hair in the mirror, never in a million years I thought this would happen. My chronic dandruff is gone completely with no trace whatsoever. My scalp no longer itches. My pillow no longer looks like an universe. For the first time in years, I feel normal about my hair and scalp. Do try it if you seem to always have dandruff.

Sorry about the hair thing if you are only interested about the condition of my face. My face feels amazing. It doesn't itch anymore for a long time. Although it's mildly uncomfortable when oil builds up during the course of day, it's nothing compared to the itch I got when the dead skin piled up into a mountain. Speaking of which, I no longer gets the huge dead skin that used to develop rapidly when you first start. Most of the dead skin that piled up fell off. The pores on my nose are no longer clogged and look more normal. The dead skin might have stopped developing all together, or at least slowed down drastically to a very slow rate, we'll have to wait and see. I mean it might be still forming, but appearance wise, even if I look super close to the mirror, I still can't see any. The only down side is the oil is more obvious, because it used to get trapped underneath the dead skin. So I stay away from bright lights. Right now, my face looks 95% dead skin free, the 5% being leftover that will probably fall off in the upcoming days. I'm really convinced that my face is improving. When I wake up in the morning with the oil gone and all, I look 100% normal.

With this kind of progress, I don't think I need a full year to heal. I mean after all, I did tried this regimen before last year so that might have given me a little head start, even though I did somewhat re-damaged my face with washing and other stuff. Just a list of some things I do that I think everyone should aware besides waiting so you guys can perhaps incorporate some you feel appropriate in your regimen.

1.) I eat healthy, you know, plenty of fiber, low high-GI carbs and high low-GI carbs, just an overall balanced diet. Supplements I use are multivitamins and fish oil. I don't think diet can help you a lot, to me it seems like a mental thing. Knowing that you're doing everything in your power to accelerate the healing. Drink a lot of water is always good.

2.) I exercise a lot. I used to do a 20 minutes high intensity cardio 3 times a week. Now I do a medium-to-high intensity cardio for 10 minutes every weekday. I find sweating helps hydrate and balance the skin and the damaged oil glands or whatever you call it. As long as you don't overdo it, I think it helps.

3.) Letting water even just touching your damaged skin area sets you back. When I eat, every once in a while, the sauce or oil or whatever liquid accidentally drips down from my lips. The area that the liquid touched inflames moments later. A thick dead skin develops quickly in response too. So be careful and extra careful when you eat messy food

4.) If you use a commercial toothpaste or one with sodium lauryl sulfate, don't ever let that touch your skin EVER. I got eczema patches on my left arm because of that. Whenever you see toothpaste dried up on your skin, wash or wipe it off immediately. My eczema never heals or at least will take a really long time from what I've been able to understand. I've been using a toothpaste with no SLS for quite some time now. Protect your skin at all cost.

Just to sum everything up. Dead skin forms very slowly or doesn't form at all. Oil is still there. Skin isn't itchy but only mildly uncomfortable. In terms of hydration, if I didn't mention it, skin is no longer tight like when you wash your face with soap, and that was what I felt constantly. I would describe it as not ideal, but not to the point where it's super dehydrated. What did I miss? Well, I guess that's it guys. If you have any question, feel free to post it as a comment and I would gladly answer it. I'll update less now since I'm spending less time on a computer. I'm feeling confident enough to go out and do other things more. I have school coming up on the 20th of this month, which is about 2 weeks away. I think I'm ready because I feel I actually look decent enough. I'm a bit oily and it's obvious. It's still better than having a thick layer of dead skin sitting on your face looking like a infested mess. I think the worst has already been done and I've gotten pass the "outburst" stage and entered the "healing" stage. Hopefully, it keeps improving so I don't have to deal with the dead skin when school starts. It was miserable last year and the humiliation was enough once.

That's all today. Have a good day.


Day 15 (07/24/10)


I getting a lot better now. It's 95% less painful and tight today than the worst day.I think the worst has been done now. The thickest of deadskin is flaking off and a much thinner deadskin is covering those areas. Overall my face is looking pretty damn good. It is still oily but it doesn't appear to be oily because the oil is trapped underneath the thin dead skin. Besides the obvious flakes, I'm looking good today, damn.

I'm sure within a couple of days, the remaining large flakes will fall off, leaving only a thin dead skin mask, covering the damaged skin. It is then from there, I must not do anything to it until the real skin inside is completely healed. Today reminded me of something.

Looking back at my high school years, it was all a blank. They say those are happiest time of your life, apparently not me. It all started when I was 8th grade in middle school. I was developing acne rapidly. Not knowing anything, we all thought washing your face is going to reduce the severity. It got worse and worse, especially my forehead. When I got to 9th grade, my face was clear while my forehead could be described as beyond all repair, and that's why I had long hair to cover it up. Then the worst mistake I've made. It was in 10th grade when I used proactive. It was also the first time I've used a cleanser. That damaged my face terribly, causing me to lose years of my life.

Something you guys don't know about, I was always the best looking guy by a mile in every school I've been to and that is an understatement. I have an amazingly unique and sexy look that attracts all the girls in school and makes the "cool dudes" to want to befriend with me. Well, also that makes some of the guys to get really jealous too. Suffering with acne back in middle school and now this damaged oily skin condition killed my confidence. When girls come to me and I can honestly say it happens so damn often, they end up getting the impression that I'm some kind of weird human being or an alien. I just couldn't talk to them close up face to face. It was miserable. Not because I couldn't talk to girls, but I wasn't "normal." I couldn't be myself.

That's going to change though. I know I will be restored. Another small step today. Like I said, step by step, you'll past a mile when everything adds up.

That's all I have today, guys. Have a good day.


Day 13 (07/22/10)


First of all, I would like to apologize for the late update. I hope you guys are still checking my blog regularly, though I doubt a lot of people are actually doing that. Anyway, I will be updating this blog more often so you guys have more to read.

These couple of days have been hell on earth for me. I know about the inevitable itchiness but I have no memory about the pain. Yes, you heard me right, PAIN. I couldn't sleep since Monday and it's getting worse day by day. My face looks like an aftermath of an earthquake. In addition, it is painful, really painful on the most flaky red areas, ie my nose, above my lips. I'm sorry, I can't look at the mirror for too long to describe in details. This is hard to look at seriously. It's better to just ignore it since I don't want the image to sit in my mind.

So far it is terrible. Even just eating cause tons of pain, due to pulling of the skin when you move. This actually is taking me by surprise, as I didn't expect this pain. However, it's not stopping me. Every time I get reminded about the past years of mindless searching for a miracle, it puts me back on track. It is taking all my willpower to resist the temptation to itch and to threshold the pain. It's only Day 13 and I still have a long way. A small step by another small step, eventually, you'll reach a mile.

That's it today. And keep an eye out, I'll be putting up updates more often.

Have a good day everybody.


Day 8 (07/17/10)

hello guys

it is day 8 and it has been exactly a week. today i'm starting to look even more terrible. flakes everywhere and due to that, i did removed some flakes that are obvious without touching the dead skin mask with my nails. my skin feels less tight inside but it is tight because of the deadskin pulling on the skin when i move my face. the itchiness is getting worse day by day and i know the worst has yet to come. man i know what i'm getting into so let's hope i can do it again. other than that the dead skin is building up as expected, covering my face.

sometimes, i feel sad, because i'm just pretty much sitting on my computer all day long playing video games, trying to separate myself from reality, so time passes by faster and i can finally go back to the real me quicker. one thing i never said about online is what i'm really like and it's been so long and i've lost track of who i really am or was. i want to go out and hang out and exercise and all these things. my whole life revolves around my face and my fucked up skin. i remember everyday i wake up, hoping my skin would go back to it once was, but no, nothing happened. it's only been a week. a year has 365 days. 7 down, 358 days to go. it's a long long road, yea, that's why i'm glad i started a week earlier, and not after a couple of months.

that's it today yall. i hope all of u will find ur solution to ur problems.


Day 4 (07/13/2010)

hello all

not much going on just trying to stay home as much as possible. one thing very important about going "no washing" is that u can't mix this and looking good together. they don't mix at all. when u go "no washing", u gonna look like shit. i've given up on my looks because trying to balance the two, only would delay the results.

the dead skin is developing good so far. one thing is u want the dead skin to develop because i think it starts the healing process only when the dead skin is in place. my face looks like a infested mess. though i know i have the willpower to stick with this until my face can be described with the word "normal."

i have the most dead skin on my nose so far. all the pores are clogged. i have much too on me forehead and cheeks, more on the right cheek than the left. can't see much of the oil because it's all stuck underneath the dead skin. so far so good. progress as expected since i've been on this regimen last year. my face is less tight but is starting to get itchy. for those who are doing the same know what i'm talking about. the itchiness is the thing that takes even more willpower to endure through than having such a disgusting appearance. it's not so bad now, but i've already been through it once, so bring it on.

that's it day and stay tuned.


Day 1 (07/10/2010)


in a nutshell, 5 things.

1. skin is DEHYDRATED, note that this is different than DRY skin which is a skin TYPE, this is a condition. skin lacks water and is tight like a motherfucker.

2. skin is OILY AS FUCK to the point of madness. it is unnatural. by that i mean not the skin type. since i wasn't oily AT ALL before i used proactive. but afterwards, it is. literally, beads of oil ooze out from pores.

3. skin develops a deadskin mask RAPIDLY no matter what. so no matter how much u exfoliate u still get it. plus exfoliating "dehydrates" ur skin even more. *NOTE* i use the word dehydrates.

4. skin doesn't absorb ANYTHING. from oils to lotions to creams, nothing soaks in. NOTHING provides moisture other than wetting the surface only to have the moisture evaporate within minutes, losing even more moisture.

5. skin was once perfect or normal. up until u damaged it somehow. in my case it was the proactive cleanser.

if yo skin is like the five things i mentioned. we're the same. don't do anything until skin is healed is the whole point of this. so no washing, no touching, simply put, NOTHING TOUCHES UR FACE UNTIL HEALED. i'm aiming for a year. might take longer or shorter so we'll see.

right now my face is shining and oily and tight and uncomfortable ahhh u name it. though like i said this is worth it if u want to undo damage u caused. look a disgusting piece of shit for the entire life OR look like a disgusting piece of shit for a year, then a handsome motherfucker for the rest of ur life. U CHOOSE. i take the latter.

keep an eye out for updates!

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