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Seeking Participants for Trial on a New Line of Skin Products.

NMC[Natural Magma Cosmetics] is a time tested product from South Korea

and it is planning on making its way to the U.S. We are looking to run a trial

to demonstrate NMC's effectiveness and are seeking 10 volunteers.

We are looking for 10 white women, in their 20's/30's to get a feel

this particular target group. If you are a women who fit the

description and suffer from acne, black heads, oily skin, oily/dry

combination skin, sensitive and easily irritable skin, and other skin

blemishes, feel free to contact me.

The participant will receive a package of samples from NMC and

would be asked to try it until they run out. During the trial, the

participant will be asked solely NMC. Once the sample package is finished,

the participant will be asked to write a review on NMC.

Understand that your reviews and comments will be used for two things:

Accessing how effective NMC will be to this particular

target group, and the reviews and comments made by the participant

might be used as a testimonial in promoting NMC.

If you are interested, fit the description give above, and agree to

use solely NMC and review afterward, please respond with

your email address for further inquiry. Also, feel free to ask any

questions. E-mail : chankim153@gmail.com

Raw material of our cosmetics is magma ( volcano ash ) and it's very good

for troubled skin such as acnes, dead skin cell, sebum, black head, and

pore minimization.

Easy and effective troubled skin care

Cleansing dead skin cell and body wastes & Pore treatment effect

Active trouble care & Preventive trouble care

Sebum treatment & Skin tone treatment & Elasticity treatment

Skin relief & Moisturize & normalization of PH balance

Products and order

1. NMC Magma Foam Cleansing (2pack)

Foam Cleansing for effective and clean skin, soft for troubled skin

2. NMC Magma Pack ( 2 pack)

Effective for acnes, dead skin cell, sebum, black head, and pore minimization

3. NMC Magma Toner (1 small bottle)

Clean, fresh toner that is soft and effective for troubled skin

4. NMC Magma Lotion (1 small bottle)

Moisturizer lotion that hydrates dried skin

5. NMC Magma Essence (2 pack)

Providing resilience, smooth and non-oily, soft, fresh skin essence


Magma Pack: once a week (10 to 15 mins) for sensitive and weak skin,

twice a week (20 mins) for insensitive skin

magma Lotion: take the right amount of lotion and begin with the inner crease of your nose.

Apply lotion gently across your cheeks towards your ears.

Afterwards pat the lotion lightly so your skin may absorb it.

E-mail : chankim153@gmail.com

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