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I have been using neutragina micro-clearing power coverup thats supposed to help clear up the skin while serving as its coverup purpose. I've been using it for about 6 months. Now this stuff isnt cheap. Just for the small circular case, its $14 and comes with a crappy little applicator with a mirror. The question is, is it even worth it when I can just get like a regular coverup for like $8 with the same applicator and mirror.


So I've now been using Epiduo for about a month now and in the beginning your acne could get worse because it says that on the warnings lable. Well my acne on my face definatly got worse but about a week ago for 3 days only my acne really started to clear up, and now its practicly back to the bad it was. Now I follow the directions, I use it everyday and wash my face everyday, blah blah blah. But Epiduo isnt cheap. Like $35 for a decently sized tube. BUT I go though it faster than what I'm supposed to because I use it on my chest, face, and back. So the point is, I want my acne cleared before school starts back up again in August. What should I do?


Pros: -clears acne over time

-easy to use (Doesnt have many steps)

-easy to find (at drs. or derm.)

-You can use other face wash products so its not a drastic change to your face

-Works other places on your body besides the face

Cons: -Expensive (not as much as Proactive though)

-Doesnt work immediately, could get worse in the beginning

-Makes skin vulnerable to sun

-You have to use it EVERYDAY, its a prescription

Bottom line:

I have had acne since I was about 10 years old and not just on my face on my back and my chest. When I was younger my face was sensitive to everything and I tryed everything you could think of. Then when I got a little older you know my hormones where making life miserable. One of which was oily skin including hair. :pray:( So in the process of trying to find an acne treatment I was trying to find hair products to help with oily hair. And of course the two were contradicting each other. Some hair product would make my acne worse and then on.

I finally went to my dr. and they prescribed Epiduo. Now after many years of experiementing and searching for the acne medicine that would work I was kind of fed up with the same old thing. "Just 3 steps, 3 bottles. Now you have to wash with THIS every night and morning and do this and do that" it was the same old thing with every treatment but they didnt work.

But now with Epiduo you can use any face wash and moisterizer you want. You get to choose.

Now I wouldnt recommended this to anybody who doesnt have good health insurance because WITHOUT it, its $200

I havent been using Epiduo for very long, about a month and only this last week I've noticed a improvement. But it says on the warnings that in the beginning the acne could worsen. And it did for me. But I use my Epiduo ONCE a day on my face, chest and back and use sunscreen everyday!

Recommended: Yes

Price paid: $35.00

Acne severity: moderate


Thats it I've had it, I'm ending skin picking. This includes the obvious part but also my habit of my hands on my face, in my hair...its horrible! AND IT ENDS HERE! I will be blogging my progress as often as possible.

Wish me luck! Just a constant reminder "HANDS AWAY FROM FACE!!!!!"

DAY 1:

ooooo this is going to be a long day. But its only half way over! and then on!!!!!

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