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Day 33 Not Much Change

Day 33

No real big or deep pimples today, my black heads are finally starting to clear up, but I can't stop picking the current ones I have. I have always had a hard time not picking my face; I do it now with out even thinking I’m so bad. Today at work I picked just about everything I could and now I am upset with myself. I don't think my face would look nearly as bad if I could just quit picking it, and this makes me sad.

I have not noticed any changes so far from increasing my prescription. But for the past week my lips have been peeling badly. They don't hurt at all and I keep loading up on chapstick, Burts, Aveeno, or whatever I have at the time so that is helping.

Can anyone recommend what their favorite lip moisturizer is?

Ok I’m going to write personal information now so if you only want to read about accutane you can stop now! So I have been engaged for just about 4 month now and planning has been stressing me out. Why do other brides feel the need to book up vendors so damn far in advance! With that being said I have been really stressed out about find a place to actually get married. We are looking at a Lutheran church right now but for some reason it just doesn't feel right nor does it have a center aisle! I'm sorry I only get to be a bride once I don't want to walk down the side of everyone and into the musicians. I am also having troubles getting married in a Lutheran church since I was raised Catholic, yet I don't want a Catholic wedding nor am I practicing any more ... so what’s my deal! My fiancé doesn't care what we do just as long as I’m happy, but I don’t' know how to make myself happy. I suck at making decisions sometimes. I'm sure this isn't helping my skin at all right now.


About Me!

Well I have just finished my first month on accutane, well I guess it is actually Amnesteem, and I’m not noticing too much of a difference. I decided to track what was going on and hopefully this blog can help someone else. A little background on me is I started going to the dermatologist when I was 15. I had horrible deep purple acne mostly on my forehead. The kind that is very pussy and nasty. I was started on antibiotics, tetracycline was my first, and stayed on them for about 7 years and stopped when I was 19. I also tried every topical and face wash under the sun, and while it did get better, my face was just never as clear as my friends. At the age of 21 I started proactiv and saw some better results then just OTC acne face washes. I was still seeing acne and clogged pores but I figured I would grow out of it, well I didn't and it only got worse after I got engaged!

Now i'm 24 getting married in a year and I want clear skin! I am sick of having the skin of a high schooler! So I turned to accutane which is basically my last resort and I am praying that I will have beautiful skin by my wedding next September! :pray:

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