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Emma :)


Sorry for the lateness... but yes, my course is finished :) and has been for about 2 or 3 months!

My skin looks incredible (I never would have said that before). I feel normal again and my skin is just as good as other people's, if not better :D

For all of you still on accutane and waiting for clearence but waking up with breakouts each day or just generally having a hard time- please don't lose hope, it will work- I promise. You'll be having the last laugh when you're skin is spot-free :)

Don't get me wrong, i'm expecting to still get the odd spot now and again like a normal person...but when I do, I might even enjoy the novelty of a tiny, normal spot that goes after a few days later. Trust me when I say that life after accutane and hard times is BLOODY WORTH IT <33333 good luck everyone, i'm sure you'll all be writing about your clear skin soon too! xxx

Emma :)

Day 50.

Apologies for the lack of post, I spose I've been a bit lazy and just been enjoying my summer holidays :D

but anyway, roaccutane...

so, i have some more side effects since i last blogged including; dry lips, dry and delicate skin, back pain, decreased night vision, aching joints on some days- particularly as it comes to the end of a day, reaaally dry hair, feeling a little more tired than usual.

But none of these have been that bad at all, I carry my vaseline EVERYWHERE with me though.

I actually feel lost without it now, haha. But that hasn't caused me any pain, they just peel alot and crack but that still doesn't hurt :dance:

erm, the dry hair thing is the only thing out of the side effects which actually bothers me. However, it does mean that my hair never gets greasy, which is a big change to before cos I had to wash it every 2-3 days :L but i've seen my hairdresser since and she is absolutely positive that after treatment, everything will return to normal (: waheey, thank god.

umm, so my actual skin...

for about 90% of the time i've been on roaccutane, i have seen improvements almost daily :( and about 4 days ago i had no spots and just the red marking remained which accutane will also aapparently get rid of. However... seeing as it's my time of the month, i got 3 rather large whiteheads grow on my left cheek, these weren't a big deal... until i picked them :/

which okay, i know i shouldn't have done, but seriously they were like about to explode and i thought it would be helping my face?! turns out it didn't :D

So, where my skin is so delicate, after squeezing them away, i then woke up in the morning to 3 lovely patches of bright red broken skin. That's the frustrating thing!... they weren't even spots, just broken skin ¬¬

Anyway, i left them alone and they have slowly calmed down 3 days later, but one is still quite bright red! I have the dermatologist tomorrow, it's a shame because she won't see it at it's best, and this is the only time it hasn't been as good! However, i am still happy with the improvment, as i know that when these three things have gone, my face will return to how it was before and improvement can continue :(

I'm also annoyed at myself because I was doing so well with not picking my face for so long!

I vow from this day forward to never pick my face again. Tbh i know my skin will be so much better if i don't!

Hope you're all getting on with you're treatment okay and are making slow improvements. After a few days, mine should be better and i hope from there on in it's a steady improvement to CLEAR SKIN ;) ahh, i actually CAN'T wait :)

anyway, laters guys ;)


Emma :)

Day 5.

So... day 5 and so far not much has happened :pray:

Umm I've been kinda preparing for the whole dry lips thing by now and again applying Vaseline but I don't think it's like even dry yet, I'm probably just being over cautious. If it's not my imagination again, my nose has been ever so slightly dry and a teeeeny bit sore, but vaseline has solved that fine. waaaheey.

My skin is looking clearer, but I don't think this is necessarily down the roaccutane because I think it's just that my scarring from the hyfrecation treatment (see my first blog entry) has healed significantly. I still have a few red pin pricks on either side, but nothing totally embarrassing which is making me feel any worse about myself.. thank god :surprised:

I spoke to my brother and he reckons that I should start to notice a big difference in my skin by about the 2nd month, but obviously I'm not necessarily expecting this because I know there are some people where their skin only begins to significantly improve in much later months.

In about the last two days I've had some red spots on my tongue which are a bit weird and irritating when I brush my teeth and a bit sore. This has been making my throat itch and I can't help but think it might have something to do with the Accutane. But haaaay like I said, maybe I'm just being paranoid.

I've been keeping a day to day picture diary of my skin (each side of my face, cheeks) so that hopefully I can begin to identify when I am beginning to benefit from this miracle drug.

Ahh, I'm so happy that things are finally going to be sorted... even though it may be a long time with some very hard times ahead, maybe even my hardest. Anyways, let's hope this run of enthusiasm and lack of side effects continues? (yn) tee-heeee.


Emma :)

Hayyy guys...

Well i'm hoping for support and advice as I begin my roaccutane or 'accutane' course, hopefully there are others of you in a similar situation? :pray:

About me...

I'm 15 and as you can guess, I suffer from acne. I have suffered since about the age of 9 but at the beginning it wasn't severe. I went through countless medication, topical treatment e.t.c. through my doctor which resulted in nothing but frustration. I took tablet after tablet... none of which worked. As I grew up and became a teenager and started secondary school I'm sure some of you can relate the the psychological effects of acne, that being low self confidence, no self esteem, difficult to trust people, self concious- the list is endlesss :surprised: I have many friends and I usually make a point of telling my close friends how I feel so that they can understand to some extent the moods I go through and how I sometimes feel uncomfortable in various social situations. Obviously they insist they understand but no one truly understands unless they are going through it, hence this blog :(

Anyways, my close friends are nethertheless very supportive and I appreciate their efforts to understand and sympathise. My acne has bothered me more and more as I've grown up and has now reached a point where I think my acne has made me into who I am today. Don't get me wrong, i'm not some hermit who locks herself in a room all day and refuses to leave... I socialise and minus my acne I am a happy person. However I do believe that without my acne I would be a more confident and self assured person. Since being refferred to the dermatologist I have been through my hardest days, including some where I just cried every morning when looking in the mirror first thing, because it really has become my life. Every morning and night, I look at my skin, I don't seem to notice anything else... not out of vanity but more out of insecurity :cry:

Yeah so mornings can be the hardest, when I know I have to go to school and face hundreds of people with clear or acne-free skin while they stare at my face. Although I am assured it's all in my head. This resulted in mornings of crying and not wanting to go to school.

My dermatologist has been excellent and very understanding, I went through duac, differin, conraceptive, antibiotic, before being assigned hyfrecation and accutane.

Hyfrecation is where my face was covered in local anaesthetic cream and then covered in cling film for an hour to be absorbed, It was then removed and I laid on a bed. They used a small machine with a blunt electric needle to open up all my blocked pores (mainly on my cheeks and lower face) so that HOPEFULLY the roaccutane won't make my face get diastorous before it begins to improve. I am prepared to suffer the full effects of accutane if it means the clear skin I so long for! My brother used roaccutane as he suffered from very severe acne so I am fully aware of it's effects as he suffered from depression and dry lips, sweating e.t.c. But now has skin which I strongly envy! :( He has reassured me that this will be the best thing I ever do in my life. And I already agree :(

I am classed as moderate to severe acne and am on day 2 of roccutane, so far no side effects or other effects on my skin. For now I have been prescribed, 30mg a day.

I'll keep you posted now and again and I hope some of you guys can help me through my course and visa versa. Much love! The beginning of the end BEGINS :(...


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