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Day by day description on my arm & chest acne and how the products I am using are either helping or NOT helping.

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Woke up this morning with a big pimple in between breasts that had burst overnight. Took a shower and scrubbed my arms,back and chest with PanOxyl acne soap. Got out of shower and cleansed the area with two apricot scrubs to smoothen the area (arms,chest) then added astringent to the arms (bad choice) since the area reddend due to the astringent, I did the apricot scrub again. I then sprayed Nature's Cure Body Acne Treatment spray on my arms,back and chest. Followed by an application of Clearasil Mark Treatment and ScarZone and another application of the acne spray. The acne has mad my skin dry also I have a sunburn on my arms from my recent trip to Florida so my skin is scabby and dry so mother told me to put some Dermasil Dry Skin lotion on them wich seems to be working well. Almost out of PanOxyl so I need to buy more and also I want to try the BP cream as it is summr and I am going to be swimming alot.


PanOxyl Acne Soap ---- Doing OK

Nature's Cure Body Acne Treatment spray ---- Works well if you remember to put it on 3 times a day

Equate Astringent ---- Not doing well. Reddens EVERYTHING

Clearasil Mark Treatment --- Not sure [just started using it] DO NOT put on open acne

ScarZone ---- Works OK

Dermasil Dry Skin lotion (lab treatment) ---- Works very well. :pray:

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