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If you want to know how MaxClarity is working, don't read this. If you're gonna get it though, you might want to know about how dumb they are.

So I know I said I'd letcha all know how MaxClarity is working for me and, rest assured, I plan to do that.


I STILL have not received my first shipment. They sent it to my billing address instead of my shipping. They sent another one and then, after receiving my SECOND confirmation email that the second shipment had arrived, I called to ask where it had been shipped.

They did it again.

This is their third of three chances with me. Anyway, this sh*t better work.


Ok that's it!

Hey kiddies!

I'm sitting here and it's raining cats and dongs. Monsoon season is particularly unforgiving for my skin. Thanks, mother nature for the genetically horrific skin situation, and now, the ridiculously hot and humid weather. Suck it.

Anyhoo, I had a moment of weakness a couple of days ago. I buckled and ordered MaxClarity. I don't know when it will get here but I've decided that since I can't get the ball rolling on my insurance to get a) the pill b) antibiotics or c) some kind of ridiculously hardcore topical treatment, I might as well try some foam stuff. My skin can't get any worse, right?

I have NEVER had good luck with products advertised on TV (ie: proactiv of murad). They sucked. I have no reason to believe that this will work but I have nothing else to try. All this frog-kissing should lead to my acne product prince, right? Shut up.

Anyway, I don't think that I have any regular readers but, if you're in the market for a new product, I'd bypass Nature's Cure. It has had inconclusive results for me so far. If you're looking into Max Clarity however, I shall update this blog regularly about my experience. Until then...

Good night and good luck, my fellow valiant acne warriors!!!!



Hey guys!!!!

So I'm not sure about this whole "Nature's Cure" thing. I still have a few pimples in the normal places around my mouth and such but recently I got them on my temples. I understand that these can scar something fierce so I have left them alone. I got a few tiny red ones on my hairline but thought maybe it was from not rinsing my soap out enough. These (temple and hairline ones) have subsided recently but now I have pimples on my CHEEKS!!!! I've never had pimples in these areas. It's doubly frustrating because now I have hyperpigmentation AND red pimples but in more places which makes it seem much worse than it might actually be.Should I stick with it or get MaxClear or Carley's Clear and Smooth? These were the two options I was batting around before I found "Nature's Cure" at the store. I've got a paycheck coming on Friday and just want to medicate the SHIT out of my face because I'm so frustrated.

The weather isn't helping either. It's hot and humid where I live and I don't have the confidence to go without makeup to work. Serious frustration is setting in though this is normal when I transition to a new skincare regime.

Anyway, I've just started the second punch-pack in the box and will finish the box. I might stay on them along with MaxClear or Carley's.


I can't go to the pool because my makeup will run and expose my acne... blah blah blah...

It sucks ALWAYS being aware of this stuff. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't on my FACE. If I could hide it, that would be one thing.

All of my friends have normal to perfect skin and I wonder what they think of my skin. I wonder if they think I'm dirty or lazy or don't care.

It's not even like I want to be 100 percent, proactiv commercial clear! I would just like to go without makeup and have a breakout that is normal and not completely debilitating. I would like to take pictures and be able to look people in the face without wondering what they're looking at.

I have a friend that asked me what would happen to my skin if I just "left it alone" (as far as washing and medicating, etc). It was so hard not to just punch her in the face.

I have another friend whose skin was just as bad, and arguably worse than mine. He got on tane and in a few months was COMPLETELY clear. Good for him, but I wish I had a "phase" and not a freaking condition that goes beyond the realm of a few years of awkwardness and into the realm of the rest of my life...


Sorry. Just a bit frustrated. I'm breathing now.


Checkin in

So you ever get out of the shower and look in the mirror expecting that new thing you tried last night to clear up your face to have magically worked and you are met with bright and shiny white heads smiling back at you through the steam?

Ya it wasn't the best morning.

Since I can't afford the pill or my old standby of antibiotics, I went to Frys and saw "Nature's Cure" tablets.

They're like these little vitamins that come for boys and girls and are to be taken twice daily to counteract dietary, hormonal, and/or stress-related acne. They were only 10 bucks so WTH!

I've been on that for three days now and have seen neither horrifying nor fabulous effects. I shall remain loyal to this regimen as I think it should take time for vitamins to work (or not work).

Anyhoo, I'm currently using apricot scrub, panoxyl(10% benz) and aveeno daily moisturizer along with Nature's Cure.

I'll keep this blog updated for those of you who are into more natural remedies and have similar acne to mine (see my first post.)

PS. I have a big cystic bastard on my jawline that I would very much like to get rid of but am trying to practice restraint. Sorry, now I'm just venting.


Hey everyone! I joined acne.org yesterday and want to share my experience and frustrations.

I have SO much to say about acne and the emotional, financial, and physical effects of it. This is my first post and just a little background of what kind of acne I have.

I have had acne since I was fourteen and am now 19. My acne is typically under-the skin and focused around my mouth (like Jessica Simpson in the Proactiv commercial :pray: ) I suffer now with post acne marks, oil, and breakouts that have never really gone away. I have not, in five years, gone out without makeup. I am always aware of my skin and am POSITIVE that people are looking at my pimples when they look at me.

When I first broke out, my mother wouldn't call it acne to spare my feelings. Despite her good-intentioned denial, I did what my friends did and ordered Proactiv. It worked for them completely and for me (at first) but stripped my skin of moisture and redness and inflammation ensued. I learned my first lesson: MOISTURIZE. I am generally oily and by stripping my skin of its moisture with the beads and toner of Proactiv, my oil production increased, continuing the acne cycle.

I have since used a plethora of products both prescription and OTC. The problem is that with trying topical, holistic, and medicinal solutions at the same time, I couldn't pinpoint what exactly was helping. It is very confusing.

Tretinoin, Clyndamycin, Doxicyclin, and other forms of antibiotics have been in my system at some point or another for about two years. I am now financially independent so I am antibiotic free and off the pill since I can't afford it.

Things I have learned:


Don't pick

Be gentle

Don't wash too often

Just because it's natural, doesn't mean it's good

Things I have tried that I don't recommend:

Proactiv (too harsh)

Murad (too harsh)

Neutrogena (too gentle)

Clean and Clear Foaming Cleanser (the one that tingles with the Menthol) (harsh)

I'll remember more and post but this is a snapshot of the kinds of products that have not worked for me)

This isn't exactly helpful for anyone, but I know that I relate more to people with similar skin and acne. If anyone has experienced anything like this, let's swap stories and plans of action because this experience is a lonely and scary one that has definitely affected my life and how I relate to others and myself.

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