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my day

wel today skins is quite the same.

because i dont have that much money to keep buying dans cleanser i have switched to cetaphil and sans moisturiser didnt do much for my flaking skin during the day so ive switched to olay sensitive spf15 this way i will get sunscreen too! and i think its been the best out of what ive tried previously so im going to stick with those and see how it goes from there.


well im on dans regimen and although things were looking up since ive started, i now have got 3 spots and although they look ultra crap they are not so bad and could have been worse.

its been about 45 days since ive been on the regimen and i havent fould a really good moisturiser so im going to keep looking and testing. also ive just started cetaphill cleanser today and it felt great so well see how my skin reacts to it.

going to continue dans bp

my diet suckkkksssss!!! i am going to change that hopefully

cut out sugary things from my diet and see from there

and drink lots of water!!!!!!

also moisturise i get lazy!!!

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