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First, an acne.org Regimen Experience; Later, a search for a less BP-centered approach to permanently clearing acne

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Hello everyone,

First of all, thanks to everyone who followed this project for their support, encouragement, and kind words that I had somehow inspired them. It really means a lot; having acne is a very isolating experience, so I'm really happy that this blog could make some people feel like they're not alone and that the DKR experience is often a collective one.

I had always been bothered by acne, and I distinctly remember thinking any number of times that I'd simply never be one of those people with beautiful skin. I didn't wear much make-up, though, and didn't really think about it to the point of detriment.

Almost two years ago-- which I cannot believe-- I moved to Japan to teach English in two rural public schools. The experience has been absolutely incredible, but along with the highs came some intense lows: I developed severe acne. It was gradual at first and because of how happy I was by my entirely new life in Japan I didn't really notice. But by February 2010 I hit rock-bottom and broke down crying after catching sight of myself in the mirror. On top of all this, my body had broken out horribly and I felt like my naked body was destroyed: my back was covered in cysts, and my chest was also affected quite badly.

My experimentations with prescription acne and non-acne medications (antibiotics, Marvelon birth control and Differin) yielded some positive results but nothing so dramatic that I was eager to continue; that is, I was always curious about DKR since I had kept coming back to this site for questions regarding acne, acne treatments and for the emotional comfort that came with knowing that I wasn't alone. By May of 2010, the acne on my face and body had mainly deflated, for lack of a better term, but I was still plagued with pustules, blackheads, whiteheads, loads of red marks and cysts. I wore makeup as if it were my war paint, and at my low point it took me about half an hour to cover my acne in the morning. It was still visible, and I hated the feel of such heavy makeup and the fact that I had to do it, but I felt like I needed it in order to be seen in public. I was miserable and would tear up at the sight or thought of my skin.

In mid-May I caved and bought Dan's BP and AHA as a last-ditch effort. I was impressed and surprised with how quickly the materials arrived, and I immediately began the Regimen. Unfortunately, I began too fast and my face was red, irritated, broken out and flaking off, giving it the appearance of some bullshit desert landscape in Arizona or something (lol). I actually once told my principal that I had to go to the post office during work hours when, in reality, I went home to exfoliate and re-apply my makeup, lawlz...

But despite the rocky start, I had faith that DKR would work; I just had a gut feeling, as hard as that is to explain, though perhaps it was in part due to it being a last-ditch effort to clear up the infection once and for all and I simply had to believe it would be the treatment to work. Around three weeks in I started to notice a significant improvement both in the acne and in the dryness, and the AHA was wonderfully fading my body acne red marks. I was starting to feel filled with hope.

By July, I went in public with no makeup and went swimming with my friends; no one noticed my skin.

By late July, I hiked Mount Fuji with no makeup and felt good about it-- a goal I had set for myself and reached.

By August, I was going days at a time with no makeup but mascara and my bacne red marks were totally gone.

By September, I no longer feared my makeup sweating off in the course of a day.

By October, I was getting compliments on my complexion for being clear, soft and smooth.

By November, my red marks were finally starting to disappear, even on my chest.

By December, my face was nearly flawless, except for a few boxcars on my forehead.

After deciding to use L'Oreal's home microdermabrasion kit and Mederma scar gel, my boxcars went away and my face was taken to new levels. Now, in April of 2011, I get compliments on my face almost daily, and I am 100% comfortable without any foundation. My skin is so clear, milky and smooth, and I have 0 scars, 0 red marks and 0 acne. It's rare for me to even get a clogged pore at this point.

Admittedly, I do not do the Regimen nearly as strictly as I once had, but it is a total non-issue. As long as my face gets some BP action and some moisturizer, I'm good to go. I no longer wear heavy foundation in any capacity and usually go with a tinted SPF and pressed powder. It's a feeling that will never get old... the days when I thought about my skin literally constantly are no longer a part of me. That personal hell is finally over. My anxiety about acne is gone, and I feel like-- and have felt like-- I can live my life to the fullest yet again.

My skin has been totally fine for a number of months now, and I know that if I keep doing what I'm doing now nothing will change at all. That being the case, I think it's time to retire this blog.

There is tons of stuff in here about the ups and downs of the Regimen, about folliculitis, body acne and face acne (obviously), and dryness. If you take the time to read I'm sure you'll find some answers.

Thank you so much again for all your support. You've been wonderful and I wish nothing but the best for all of you out there. I feel like I've graduated from this site... I hope you feel the same one day too.

Take care, and clear skin ahoy!


Week 47, Day 5

I have nearly nothing to report anymore. I get compliments on my complexion all the time, and my face rarely ever gets pimples. If I do ever get a zit it goes away, doesn't really leave a red mark, and that's that. My body remains totally clear.

I almost think it's time that I retire this thing. There is nothing more to say... I'm a total success story though!!! I LOVE DKR, and I love microdermabrasion and Mederma scar gel. My skin hasn't ever looked this good, I don't think, except for one other time in my life after puberty.

Good luck to everyone on their journeys!!


Week 43, Day 3


Well, my upper back is completely clear now. Crazy, it cleared up so fast! And it left no red marks at all. It cleared up way faster than I thought it would, and this is fantastic news.

My face is still really, really good. I have no complaints... my students tell me all the time now that my skin is really beautiful, and it's a fantastic feeling not needing makeup in the morning. UGH, it'll never get old!!!

Other than that, nothing else to report except that I feel so badly for those up north in Japan. I live by Osaka, so we weren't affected by the quake itself, though given that I live 5 feet from the ocean on an island we were evacuated for severe tsunami warnings. Scary, but not nearly as bad at ALL compared to what is happening up north. Keep Japan in your thoughts!


Week 41, Day 6

Yo yo,

Well, since my last update my upper back breakout has made a lot of improvement. Pretty much all of the bigger stuff has shriveled up, and the under-the-surface stuff seemed to go away, for the most part, without even purging. This is a huge relief-- I think it'll be totally back to normal again in a few weeks (PIH and all), which is good because I'm going to THAILAND for spring break! Wahoo! Beaches and THAI FOOD and ruins and temples and FUN!

SO, I think I pinpointed the real reason why my upper back broke out. It was totally fine up until around a week ago, and I THINK it's because I had a Bhutanese massage in Korea the week before (2.5 weeks ago). I was really stupid and didn't wash the oil off, and then I went out with friends and didn't shower/do any regimen/have... consciousness... hahaha, oh god, Korean soju is like tequila-- it goes down a little TOO easy, and since it's hard for me to gauge my tolerance on a drink I don't have all the time it turned into one of THOSE nights. Anyway, I think that is what made my back break out, but I'm doing everything right now to help it out.

I also got some of those awesome topical antibiotics from my derm <33333, whom I hadn't seen in about 5 months. He was so surprised and happy to see me! But I've been using a shit-ton of BP, followed by this stuff, and then AHA at night (and during the day I just use the antibiotics and AHA so as not to bleach my clothes). Again, things are cleaning up nicely so I'm happy about that.

As for my face: it's almost fucking airbrush flawless these days. I am so happy I tried out microdermabrasion/Mederma. It has really filled in whatever little marks I had. Again, I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with very shallow and mild scarring, like me.

Take care, and yeah... let's hope i can retire this thing altogether! There is almost nothing at all left to say, but I hope that my journey has helped and will continue to help those just starting out on DKR. Later!


Week 41, Day 2


Well, it's been a while AGAIN. But this time I have something more to talk about!

While my face looks SO FUCKING GOOD (0 pimples, practically 0 scarring/PIH, really smooth and glowing and youthful and YAY), my upper back has broken out!!!!

It's mild, but it's bothersome because it's so sudden and my back was flawless for so long. It has erupted mainly in the past week, though I felt some clogged pores from a while ago. I'm not sure what did it, but all I know is that I'm going to the derm today for the first time since SEPTEMBER. Yup. I want to go on a course of antibiotics and kill this before it actually gets bad, because I'm so used to having flawless skin back there that THIS MILD SHIT is freaking me out.

Needless to say, I've been rubbing a zillion layers of BP and AHA all over it for the past day or two so hopefully that will make a difference soon. Unfortunately, it has made my back a little sore in spots and I think some things are coming to the surface.


Actually, the main cause is probably because I've been slacking hardcore on my body regimen lately. My chest is flawless, which is really awesome, but I have been skipping applications of AHA and stuff for a while. Looks like I need to go back to treating twice a day... wearing a hundred layers each day too probably doesn't help.

Alright, that's it-- I'll keep posting to track how my body looks. I really hope the derm can help me out here... I love having nice skin.

Toodle oo.


Week 38, Day 2


Well, there isn't much to report. It's kind of sad to realize that I have nothing really interesting to say in this blog anymore, but who wants to read about a person saying "Yo, my skin is the exact same as when I last wrote"?

Actually, I have two tiny tiny zits on my FOREHEAD! That's right, the part of my face that has been without pimples the most consistently. They are tiny and pretty much unnoticeable pink bumps, and that's pretty much that. It's probably due to stress and the fact that I haven't been doing the Regimen ENTIRELY strictly anymore... all I mean is that I don't wait a whole lot of time between steps anymore. It's kind of a pain to wait half an hour after a shower, total, and 15 minutes after washing your face. But then again, it's WAY more of a pain having acne.

In other news-- I'm leaving Japan in 6 months and I'm devastated. It is my choice to leave, but I care about my students so much and I'm really scared my grad school applications didn't work out. If not I can always try again next year, but until I find out I'm going to be looking for jobs like a mofo. Wish me luck.

My scars are pretty much completely gone, too. I still keep up with Mederma twice a day and microdermabrasion once a week. After microdermabrasion my skin looks a LITTLE more uneven than usual, but by the next morning it looks very good. I look forward to doing it every week!

Anyway, time to go ask the principal if I can leave. The students went home an hour and a half ago...


Week 36, Day 6


Sorry I don't update this thing, like, daily anymore, but there really isn't much to report these days. I'm actually quite happy with where my skin is. My back remains utterly flawless, and my chest PIH is no longer noticeable pretty much at all. I'm so spoiled now with my body that it feels completley removed from my identity now that I would have any kind of body acne/folliculitis when not too long ago I felt like it helped SHAPE my identity.

My face is also continuing to look really good. I apply the Mederma gel twice a day on my forehead scars and it just seems to be helping so much. Again, my scars were extremeley shallow and were barely noticeable to anyone, but they were noticeable to ME and I wanted to fix them. I am also continuing with weekly microdermabrasions, as it seems to be helping even things about a bit. I mean, really, my scars were slight but they WERE there, and in the 3 solid weeks I've been doing microdermabrasion and Mederma my scars have made far more progress than they have in the course of 9 months. I couldn't be more pleased-- they're pretty much gone.

So, my red marks are pretty much imperceptable at this point, but they are still EVER SO SLIGHTLY there. I went to the public baths for the first time in about 2 months a few days ago and usually the marks would get super red. This time, though, they weren't really that red at all and a few more seemed to have disapearred for good. This is fantastic news because I was SO WORRIED that these places would stay red forever whenever I got hot! Yay!

What else... oh, a clogged pore I had back in December turned into a CYST. It's at the edge of my chin/jawline, so I don't really care, but I forgot how much these things suck. It stays hard forever, has been on my face festering for about a week, there's a lot of pressure under it and it's gonna leave a huge red mark. Again, I don't really care, especially when remembering that it was a YEAR AGO this time when my acne started to get really really bad.

Anyway, my face has finally returned to its pre-Japan levels, I'd say, if not surpassed it in overall quality. It took about 8 months on DKR to get here, but it's just absolutely awesome. GO DKR!

THAT SAID, I've been SO SLOPPY with it lately-- I missed an application, I don't wait between steps, I don't apply gently-- and nothing has changed. Still extremeley clear with beautiful, glowing skin. Take a look at my gallery, too-- I just posted it!


Week 35, Day 6

Hey all,

Well, I really, really don't want to jinx anything, but... remember those scars I was complaining about? I wrote a couple of posts on the scar boards that got some good, solid responses and also some bitter ones from people saying that my scarring was not worth complaining about. I mean, I'm really sorry that other people have it worse than me, but I'm also entitled to want to bring my skin to the next level and erase any memory of this breakout from nearly a year ago.

Anyway, back to the "jinxing" thing-- I have been using Mederma twice a day, morning and night, and L'Oreal's home microdermabrasion kit once or twice a week and my scars are practically gone. Like, usually they were pretty filled in by mornings but gradually depressed throughout the day, but now they DON'T. It's incredible. They are also a lot less red-- though they weren't that red before anyway, more of a pale, pale pink-- and my face is looking fucking awesome. It's seriously glowing, soft, beautiful skin on my forehead now. I'm ecstatic... I think this combo is really working for me! Plus, both the Mederma and the microdermabrasion kit were cheap and will last me forever, so 40 bucks a year to maintain scars is totally not a big deal. Yay!!

That said, my scars were so shallow that they could have just filled in on their own, which my skin has a history of doing ANYWAY. But the improvement I saw within the first two weeks of these treatments-- especially the Mederma-- has been fantastic. To anyone reading with very, very shallow scarring and no active acne: I highly recommend this combination, and it's cheap, nearly riskless and pain-free. Try it!

My acne is practically non-existent and its rare that I get anything anymore. Occasionally I'll get a small, pore-sized red dot thing but it means nothing to me.

A year ago the breakout to end all breakouts was starting and under my skin. Now, my skin is beautiful, milky, even, smooth, and now practically scarless. I am so happy about it... oh, and no dry skin! And no RED skin! (SO again, to new readers here, the redness DOES go away with time). I also do AHA a few times a week but make sure to not overdo it. It makes my skin red and irritated if I do it more than 3 times a week, so that's something to consider.

Anyway, I'll continue to keep you guys updated on my scar treatments and on DKR.


Week 34, Day 2

Hey all!

I haven't updated in a while, so I'm sorry to anyone who reads this thing. It's kinda nice to let go of the boards, truth be told, even though they have helped me tremendously on my journey to clear skin. I do still think about my skin a lot but I think that's a byproduct of obsession and anxiety, and I have a very obsessive personality. My skin is fine.

As for my acne: I went to the US for Christmas and New Year's for about 2 weeks and it was amazing. I saw friends I haven't seen since I graduated college in June '09 and I was kinda worried that they'd notice my skin or something, since my breakout occurred after I moved to Japan in July/August. But, obviously no one did and I even got some compliments!

I wouldn't go so far as to say my skin is perfect, but you know what, it's pretty good. My PIH is mostly gone and whatever is left is barely noticeable at all-- literally. I do have some pitted scarring that is also so slight and so few that it's also barely noticeable at all, and it all happens to be on my hairline except for one tiny one on my forehead. Literally no one can notice, though, and it seems to be filling in anyway. Plus, it's still slightly red and I think that means it's still healing...? I'm mostly happy with it.

I bought L'Oreal's home microdermabrasion kit and have used it a few times. I don't know if it's going to yield, like, amazing results, but I'm going to see out the kit. It leaves my skin super smooth and I don't seem to be breaking out from it at all, so that's nice. If it doesn't work I think I want to get subscision done for my tiny boxcars. It seems vain, and I'm sure it is, but after all this I feel like I really deserve perfect airbrushed skin. That is my goal.

My chest PIH is also about 95% gone. It barely remains at all and I feel totally confident about it now. Luckily, I can finally say that having chestne or folliculitis seems like a distant, terrible memory, haha.

OH, but I will say this: I don't really get pimples anymore, but I think my sloppiness with the Regimen/lack of stress/sleep before going to America made me break out slightly. I had three tiny pimples and within A SINGLE DAY of being in the US they shriveled up. I'm not kidding... it was literally remarkable, and they barely left red marks at all!! WTF? It REALLY IS JAPAN after all! It's nice to have that reaffirmed.

What else, what else... basically no pimples at all, skin looks good, and I feel really good about where I am. That's pretty much it, I guess.

Keep on keepin on!!


Week 31, Day 1

Wow, I haven't updated in a LONG TIME.

So, the little things on my chest turned out to be folliculitis. I went to the derm and he solved a mystery for me-- I'm allergic to a kind of fabric that's really popular in Japan called "heattech". Since Japan doesn't have indoor heat (........) people just wear 908214 layers and lots of "heattech" because that stuff warms up with your body heat. I figured wearing the layers is what gave me the folliculitis, but the derm scratched my arm with the back of his pen and it turned bright red and raised within seconds. He said that this means my allergy-fighting whatever are out of whack, and said that the folliculitis is a reaction to some kind of clothing. I COULDN'T figure out what it was until I realiezd-- it's heattech!!! It all makes sense! I broke out last winter on my body because I was wearing heattech every day!

So, he gave me some allergra and told me to be gentle with it, and though I was skeptical I did as instructed and sure enough shit went away on its own, no PIH. That's all I care about. I still have maybe 3 tiny dots left, but whatever. It's seriously nothing.

My face still looks good, but I've had a few zits. I chalk it up to insane stress, not sleeping, getting my period and being sloppy with the regimen. I really only had 2-3 zits, and one was in a spot with a clogged pore for months. Whatever.

I have a few permanent scars MAYBE. I'm not happy about this at all. I'm sure most of you would say I had really nice skin, but it's not good enough for me anymore and I'm going to try microdermabrasion. Hm.

I guess that's it. Sorry I can't update more!


Week 28, Day 6


I finally am allowing myself to be happy with my skin lately. I don't know WHAT it was-- maybe the dip in the iron-rich hot springs in Gunma prefecture this past weekend?-- but my red marks are seriously vanishing. I think it's also possible that they've been so light for so long that, now that they're disappearing, it seems strange just to not see them anymore.

My chest is still fine, but it's breaking out slightly. Again, thank god, THANK GOD that it's nothing huge, deep or painful like before, i.e. it isn't the kind of shit that leaves PIH. I put the band-aid smothered in AHA and BP on it today and it seems to be working very well. WHICH, by the way, is good because it means it's not folliculitis. That shit was fucking hard to get rid of. All I have to do now is make sure I smother the BP on generously at night and the AHA in the morning... and really make sure I shower at least every 24 hours.

NOW, what I mean by that is that I usually shower at night, but sometimes I'm super lazy and just tell myself I'll shower the following morning instead. But whenever that happens my body will break out; it's like clockwork. In fact, that's exactly what happened.

That all being said, my back is still perfect. Thank fucking god, seriously.

My skin hasn't been dry at ALL lately; glorious!!! For the past 2 solid months now my skin hasn't really been dry at all. Up until I started using AHA I had huge problems with flakiness around my mouth, and then the AHA took away the flakes but then gave me shoe leather. Since I quit Dan's AHA and only used Walgreen's AHA (which I love) once every 3-4 nights my skin texture is amazing, even, NOT red and dewy. It's not leathery at all... but anyway, since then I only have had ONE slight bout in dryness that lasted maybe two days.

I am really in love with my skin texture these days. It's just so soft and dewy and nice... and my PIH from the September breakout is starting to totally disappear! Yay! When I wake up and even after BP and lotion my skin is SO CLOSE to utter flawlessness. I still have a little tiny bit of PIH but I literally think it's unnoticeable to anyone but me. Like, I'm not kidding. I'd say it's 95-6% gone.


-I want my skin to be looking REALLY good by Christmas. Almost flawless.

-I want FLAWLESS skin-- no makeup needed flawless-- by February 1.

-I want my chest PIH, which is already mostly gone, to be totally gone by the same date as above: February 1.

I guess there's nothing else to say.


Week 28, Day 4

Hey all,

Well, it's certainly been a while! I didn't check my dates so I'm ASSUMING it's been almost 28 full weeks. Holy crap, that's a long time.

Status: My skin just looks good. I really have no complaints.

I think that drinking water dramatically helps PIH. Well, what I mean is that when you don't drink enough your PIH may seem a little bit redder. Same with getting enough sleep.

My body is still good, and my chest PIH is nearly gone, but I am starting to get a few more of those tiny, pore-sized red zits. I'm not worried, though, because they don't leave PIH. Really, that's all that matters. They also go away in like, one day, so who cares, right?

I just got back from a pretty crazy weekend in Tokyo/Gunma prefecture. Ugh... work tomorrow... not exactly feeling it.

Anyway, yeah, my skin just looks really good, smooth, even. No pimples, one little clogged pore that doesn't matter, and almost 0 PIH. No one can tell anyway.


Week 27, Day 6

Hey everyone,

Well, it hasn't been so long since the last update, but I'm bored at work and have nothing else to do. So here I am.

Skin: Still no pimples. Rockin'. Well, I actually got a freak zit on the back of my neck, but I really don't give a shit. It's not a sign to come because my back still looks flawless, smooth and even... again, I cannot emphasize enough how my back used to be SO BAD; even before Japan I always had a few spots around my bra strap hooks. THIS IS STILL NOVEL TO ME, PEOPLE-- MY BACK IS PERFECT. PERFECT. TANK TOPS, SPAGHETTI STRAPS, BEING NAKED, ANYTHING!!!! Oh, and my chest is still 100% blemish free and my red marks fading. They barely register to me anymore and, in a way, I kind of like them. In a much more accurate way, I still want them gone 100%, haha.

My face: I probably have 3 miniscule clogged pores but they seem to be going away. Again, to even elaborate on these things is pointless because they are NOTHING. This is seriously imperceptible shit here, and I don't really care. If my acne was going to come back it would have already... and besides, they're so small that even my OCD self doesn't care. My face with just a tad of concealer looks really fucking good-- again, better than normal people's skin-- and I'm so grateful that my complexion is so nice.

I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again that my skin, when it's clear, is really beautiful (and hey, I'm allowed to say it because it's my damn blog!). On the surface that sounds like a dumb thing to say, like everyone's skin is pretty when it's clear, and while that's true to a degree it's not completely accurate. Some people have a beautiful, glowing complexion and others don't. I don't have enlarged pores, blackheads, or a ruddy complexion. The undertones are a light pink on my cheeks and the rest is a consistent, even white. I used to not like being pale but now I kinda do... I think the color of my skin is pretty and I'm so happy that it's looking so nice.

Again, I never moisturized before I started DKR nearly 6 full months ago (the anniversary is on Thursday) and I think that alone has done wonders for my skin complexion. The BP kills the zits, and the gentle cleansing and moisturizing (and jojoba, IMO) even out your skin and make it incredibly soft and smooth.

I dunno what it is, but when I get out of the shower my face is extremely pale with NO red marks whatsoever. It used to be that my face got really RED in the shower, but now it doesn't... and I take extremely hot showers and always have (sorry, not going to make that sacrifice for my skin, haha). In the morning my skin looks flawless too. In fact, my red marks only show up when I put on BP and especially moisturizer (of which I've heard jojoba is the culprit, but whatever, fuck that, I need jojoba) and as the day wears on. Maybe I should drink more water... I sort of stopped that when it got cold.

Anyway, this got long and I didn't say anything interesting, as usual. Skin is still fantastic...

I'll end with this: I got really depressed last winter here in Japan for myriad reasons, but probably for the following-- homesickness, my ex-boyfriend (but really it's complicated) with whom I broke up because I moved to Japan and NOT because of us having problems started dating someone (she stopped calling him, yay), there is no heat/insulation in Japan, Japanese people can be incredibly cold, and because of my terrible, horrible, freak cystic acne breakout. It's hard to judge what really sent me over the edge but I think it was acne... it made me feel even less attractive when my former BF started trying to move on from me, it made me feel even more isolated, it made me resent Japan even more (since I never had skin problems like this before moving here). Approaching winter this year seems like it should be a lot harder than it has been so far and that's because my skin is so nice. Every time I got undressed last winter I'd cringe and loathe myself, and now... I think I'm attractive again.

There, I said it.


Week 27, Day 4

Hey all,

Well, it wasn't so long since my last update but I've been kinda lonely lately/kinda down today and of course I always take it out by (mentally) picking apart my skin flaws. And, writing in this thing always makes me feel better.

I take back what I said about my skin pre-Japan being better than it is now. Well, what I mean is that I have fewer blemishes/clogged pores/whatever now than I did then (because I have 0 zits now and haven't had any since early/mid September), but I stilllllll have a tiny teeny bit of PIH, which was never a problem I had in the US. Generally if I got a zit then it'd go away in a few days and wouldn't leave a mark. Now, I still have (incredibly faint) red marks from zits I had in FEBRUARY. FEBRUARY!!!!! Again they're basically gone but NOT QUITE. I feel fine without make-up now, but that isn't enough anymore. I want perfect skin, and I feel I deserve it.

Again again again, I'm sure many of you would say my skin is perfect if I were to show you a pic, but I want NO trace of goddamn acne left on my face. My PIH is 95% gone but it's not 100%. Call me obsessive, but come on, I've been on DKR for almost 6 full months now!

WHICH leads me to the conclusion that I really think all this BP is making my red marks stay longer. I call bullshit on that espouse-ment that "acne makes red marks, not BP"-- that's true, but BP prolongs them and that's sadly a fact. Well, at least for me.

Also, my redness on my mouth area is coming back a little, and the moisturizer stung the other day. WTF? I think this current batch of BP is really potent. It also makes my eyes sting like crazy and the fact that moderators are saying that we should be aware of "allergies" is such a crock of shit. I mean... it's clearly the BP. I know my own body.

Obviously I'm in kinda a grumpy mood, but whatever. Again, my face looks fucking great with just a few dabs of concealer-- like, better than normal skin and the kind of skin I'd have been like "BITCH GIMME" back in February had I seen it then-- but I dunno. Maybe I'm just being greedy, but it's not like I haven't been through acne hell and back.

I wish I could post pictures on the blog. Can you and am I just totally unaware?

What else... Oh, I got another zit on my back last week and I was FREAKING OUT that it was a sign of things to come, but it wasn't. Same with my chest... I got a few pore-sized pink zits (NOT folliculitis) that were literally unnoticeable, but I put BP on my chest before bed (which I don't normally do) and they were gone, no PIH, by morning. I'll take it.

Still, it's super nice having soft and smooth skin. My skin shows NO signs of breaking out, and though I am tempted to reduce the BP on that area by my mouth/chin I'm still afraid. It was my biggest problem area back in the day (it's still so cool to say that) so I really, really want to prevent anything from coming back. All the same, nearly everyone on the Regimen reduces their applications by around the 6-7th month mark, which is where I am now, and experiences no problems. SOOOO, that's really tempting. Plus, DKR is expensive! 32 bucks a bottle without shipping? Ouch!!

Guess that's it for now. Not very informative, but feh.


Week 27, Day 1

Wow, 27 weeks is a long time...

Well, it's safe to say that the Regimen worked. I dunno if I've ever put it in those exact words before, but it has and I am so grateful. Since there are a few people who do read this damned thing, I'll do a little before/after.

FACE, MAY 2010:

My forehead/temples were covered in red marks. They were less severe than they had been, but were still really red. I needed to wear a lot of make up to make them LESS VISIBLE; that is, you could still see them. My left jawline/lower cheek/edge of face/whatever was pretty fucking ravaged, while my right jawline was pretty clear. And by clear, I mean I still had mad red marks. My cheeks were PRETTY much fine since they were never affected, but my chin was terrible. I had lots of clogged pores, blackheads, and inflamed-ass pimples.

BODY, MAY 2010:

My back was clear except for red marks and maybe 1-2 zits, but honestly, it was very well under control. I think my back breakout was exclusively due to that terrible birth control I went on to FIGHT ACNE for 3 weeks. My chest had a few folliculitis bumps (the white, uninflamed ones), one of which I picked at and created a huge pimple that resulted in the monster red mark I've complained about so many times. But, for the most part my chest was clear. HOWEVER, it still had two or three VERY red, VERY visible and quite large red marks.


There is only one small thing on my face that feels like anything close to a clogged pore, and it went away yesterday with some BP action. My forehead is 97% clear of red marks, my jawlines are 99% clear of red marks, and my left side-of-face-no-man's-land area is like, 90% clear (because of that recent breakout I had back in September). My chin is also 95% clear. I haven't had a pimple in 2 months, and my 3 clogged pores are now gone. My skin is soft, smooth, glowy, and youthful looking. I can happily go without makeup and it doesn't bother me anymore. I am really proud of my skin. It's not totally perfect, but it ALMOST is and that's fucking awesome. My skin pre-Japan was actually worse than it is right now... people actually compliment my complexion.


My back is flawless. I mean that. It looks better than average skin. It glows, is completley even, and gets MAYBE one zit every 3 months. My record now is 3 zits in 5 months. Fucking amazing. My chest: NO folliculitis bumps, my PIH is faded maybe 85% and is completely not distracting or noticeable, and is smooth and soft and white and glowy. It still has a LITTLE way to go but oh my god am I happy about it. Chestne is worse than bacne, IMO. Again, all I do on my back is AHA twice a day and AHA once a day on my chest. This has been enough at keeping it all away, even now when I'm wearing 2 shirts and 3 sweaters a day underneath a wool jacket. FUCK YOU, Japan, and your lack of indoor heat!

I am just so happy now... and the best part is that I KNOW that if I keep doing what I'm doing then it won't come back.

Thank you, acne.org.


Week 26, Day 5

Greetings, all.

I've got a few minutes to kill between homeroom and student English interviews, so here I am.

Skin: Amazingly, those 3 clogged pores I was griping about have MOSTLY resolved, and without becoming zits! One came right out and though it left a tiny pink mark I am totally not worried about it. Another flaked off, and the other one... well, I dug at that one. I got about half of it out, actually, so maybe I have half of a clogged pore on my entire face.

HOWEVER, my lower cheek/jawline area that I broke out in back in September has produced a clogged pore/early zit thing, but it's super small and skin-colored. I smothered it in BP yesterday before I went to bed so I'm not worried about it. This makes almost two completely solid months without a single inflamed pimple.

I am also coming to terms with the couple of permanent scars I may have. It's hard to tell now because they are still a LITTLE red and, according to what I've read, that means that they're still filling in. Either way, here's the situation:

-two very small boxcars on my hairline

-a very small boxcar on the left side of my forehead

I saw L this weekend and we had an AWESOME time, and of course I asked her if she could see my "boxcars". She told me I was ridiculous and that my skin was "so nice that I have no right to ever complain about acne again". I mean... I'll take it. It sucks that I came out of this with a little scarring, but it's not really noticeable to anyone and even to me, really. Literally none of it is obvious at all, so whatever. 3 incredibly small boxcars is NOTHING to gripe about.

My red marks are still SLIGHTLY there but are fading and fading. Whatever. My face looks and feels really good lately, and my chest is actually looking fantastic these days. It's almost completely flawless!

That's all for now. If only this Hamaura Sensei would stop snorting like a pig and BLOW HIS NOSE already...


Week 25, Day 6

Hey all,

I will make this relatively short.

Four of my girl students cornered me after track practice yesterday and told me I had beautiful skin.


That is all.


Week 25, Day 3


Well, it's been quite a while since I last updated, I suppose.

My skin keeps getting better, I guess. Still no full-fledged pimples, and this is for almost 2 months now. That's pretty awesome.

I have... 3 clogged pores. Again, none are really visible to the naked eye and I think they're resolving by drying up, not by becoming zits. Cool.

I got a zit on my back, which is the first time since August. Whatever. It still looks so good. My chest is also looking very good these days. I've been clear on my body for months and months now but it's still so nice to see!! It's getting to be winter in Japan now-- as I write this I'm huddled under my kotatsu-- which was the same time my horrendous all-body breakout happened last year (well, about 2 months shy, anyway).

Anyway-- no real dryness to report. This jojoba-before-BP method is really awesome and I really recommend it to anyone still struggling with flakes months into the Regimen. I am curious about waiting 15 full minutes before applying moisturizer, though. I don't have a big problem with redness, but this could help bring my skin to the uber-next level. Or something.

Hm, what else...

My red marks are still there, if only really perceptible to me. There are two that stand out a bit more than the rest but it doesn't bother me so much. Again, let's think about this: two pin-head sized red marks versus a face full of acne... hmm...

That SAID: L converted to DKR... ish! She bought the travel-sized BP to see how it works and was astonished to see her cysts SHRINK OVERNIGHT. She is currently using Tazorac so she can't full-out do the Regimen, but now she's strongly considering doing the BP/Tazorac combo, using the former in the morning and only applying the latter a good 10 hours after the BP. Apparently this yields "superior" results so it'll be really interesting to see if it ends up working for her. I hope it does!

My skin is starting to look REALLY good. I'm excited.

Time to go to a Halloween party!!


Week 24, Day 1

Well, today marks 5 full months on the Regimen. I'm on month 6!!

Status: 0 pimples, 1 clogged pore that is completely invisible and the only reason I mention it is because it's literally the only thing on my face that isn't perfect. Redmarks: pretty much gone. My face without makeup looks really fucking good.

And when I say that, I mean it. It looks the same. My red marks, which are so faint that I doubt anyone else even sees them, really, are entirely gone under the tiniest bit of makeup, and I have no like, moral qualms about wearing a little bit of it (before I felt like I was "hiding" my "true self" under makeup, like I was lying to the world). Going without makeup in public no longer bothers me; it's totally natural now and I don't feel weird doing it. It's an amazing feeling to be given back this confidence.

When I look in the mirror I no longer cringe. I'm guessing that acne.org is the only place that understands what I mean by that, haha.

Makeup is fun for me again. Back before my breakout I used to like playing around with colors, blushes, powders, mascara, etc... but then makeup became my shield. It was like I was in an extremely abusive, codependent relationsihp with makeup where I hated it but I NEEDED it, and even though putting it on was the worst part of my day (having to look at all your flaws closely in the mirror to paint your face) it was also the best; I was putting on my defenses.

I am SO HAPPY that's done.

I'm so far removed from acne now that I don't really remember what it was like. I have kind of blocked it out... it seems so hellish.

I haven't had a pimple in a month, by the way. This is a big deal!!! Even PRE-Japan I wasn't this clear.

I suppose that's all. I hope anyone out there just starting the Regimen can read this and know that it WORKS-- it may take some time, but it works. Seriously. If it works for me, it can work for anyone. My skin was FUCKED. UP. The first few months are rocky, but then when you're clear it feels all the more delicious...


Week 23, Day 4


Well, I updated yesterday, but since I'm bored and procrastinating on all I need to do I figured I'd just write in this thing. Plus, yesterday's post was bullshit, haha.

My face is about 95% back to pre-Japan levels, and I mean at the times when I was at my clearest. In fact, I usually had a few zits on my face, although they were very small and never left PIH, before Japan and now I usually have zero. ZERO!! My last pimple was 4 weeks ago and it was because of my period. I would ask if you knew how amazing that feels but I am guessing you all do. My skin is so damn soft and smooth, too... glah!

My PIH are pretty much invisible in the mornings and after washing my face. They stand out a little after I put on the BP and moisturize but it doesn't really matter. I still wear a little bit of make up just to cover up whatever remains of my red marks, but I suppose that they have mostly gone away by now. This weekend was actually the exact time when my derm said my PIH would be gone, so I guess he knows his stuff!

On whole, my face looks pretty fucking good. My chest does too... the PIH is to the point now that from 2 feet away in a mirror you can't really see it. I think it'll actually be gone by Christmas. My back is still utterly flawless.

So on my chest my derm has been recommending that I use that Tera-Cotryl (?) cream two times a day, but I did a little research on it a while back saying that TOO much of this stuff actually causes you to get redder. Well, I've laid off on it a little and only use a little during the day and just the AHA at night and things seem to be a bit better.

That's all, I guess... time to get back to being kind of productive. I need a haircut.


Week 23, Day 3


Well, my skin is still good. My PIH is continuing to fade and it looks better than it did back in early September. Yay! I love seeing old facebook pics that recently get posted, allowing you to see your progress.

That's all.


Week 22, Day 5

Hey hey,

So, I've been on the Regimen for quite a while now.

My face has 0 pimples and... maybe 3 tiny, skin-colored, completely-invisible-to-anyone (including me; I can't see them and can only feel them if I hunt) clogged pores. The last zit I got was 3 weeks ago because of my period. Right on.

My PIH is so funny. Generally it's pretty much not there anymore and is TOTALLY not there under a tiny dab of concealer but it gets darker after I do the Regimen. When I wake up my face looks almost flawless (except for the new PIH I got from my breakout 4 weeks ago), but after I do the Regimen my face gets a little red and my PIH stands out a little more. I suppose that's normal and it's not a big deal, but yeah. I'm getting REALLY close to having really, really, really clear skin.

I will say that it is so smooth and soft, and I'm really loving that. For the past month or so it has been baby-smooth. I haven't had any dryness for 3 weeks under my lip/chin area, which is awesome... I put on a little jojoba (maybe 2 drops) before putting on my BP in the morning and BOOM, no problems.

I am so happy the Regimen worked... it's so nice not having acne and not really having PIH anymore.

Again, I am still THRILLED about my back. I actually don't know if it has ever looked this clear except for my time on Yaz.

My chest is still fine; the PIH is there but it's fading. It's the same deal as my face PIH-- some days it looks great, other days not so much, but whatever. I was actually going to wear a very low-cut shirt yesterday and I wasn't concerned at ALL about my PIH! The only reason I didn't wear it is because it didn't go with my jeans. Oh well... there will be another time.

Keep on keepin' on, I guess.


-Totally free of PIH on my face by Christmas

-Totally free of PIH on my chest by February (but again, until then it doesn't even look bad anymore)

-Be gentle!

Thanks to anyone who has been following. It's cool that people kinda graduate from acne.org. I admit that I still come here pretty much very day, but it's so interesting to read up on stuff related to skin, ESPECIALLY now that I'm clear and it's not painful to read stories about people with flawless skin anymore.

Also, realization: I think it's possible I had severe acne, not moderate, back in February. I also think my use of milk of magnesia fucked up my acid mantle really badly... I used 3 coats a night and slept with it for a solid month.


Week 21, Day 7


Well, it wasn't too long since I last updated. Boring afternoon at work today so I may as well talk about my fuckin' acne.

Anyway, current status: counting absolutely everything on my face that isn't perfect, and I mean perfect, I have maybe 3 clogged pores, but I'm not even sure they're that. You can't even see anything besides and they're so small I can barely feel them.

My red marks are still there, mostly on my forehead still. I don't get it, my chin cleared up pretty nicely in these past 5 months and has barely anything on it at all anymore. The red marks are literally no longer an issue to me... my forehead though STILL struggles a little. Like, I haven't had anything close to acne on it since May, and so that's 4.5 solid months of being clear yet my skin still hasn't healed completely. I don't know if I have permanent scarring or not... one of these days I will post some pics up but I'm embarassed and still don't know if I feel comfortable posting more pics of myself on a public forum.

But anywho, my face still looks fine. I still over-scrutinize but it generally looks good. In fact, I went out with some teachers on Thursday and we all got blasted, and the nurse said that my skin lately has looked so smooth and soft. I know she was telling the truth because a) she was fuckin plastered and b) she followed it up with saying "Before you had an acne problem and now you don't." Jesus. That's nice, but it's like telling someone "Hey, you lost weight! You're really thin! You were a real fatass before!"

My chest feels really good lately. There are no small white bumps at all still (thank God, over a month now! I think the infection is finally gone!) and the PIH continues to fade. I have been using that Teracotryl stuff my derm gives me on it every morning and night and AHA every night. I've also been using it on my face some...

That said, my PIH from my September/August breakout is continuing to fade, which is great, but I still feel like ass about my forehead. JUST CLEAR UP FOR GOOD ALREADY, DAMNIT!

Realistically, I think my skin will be crystal clear of my PIH in December. But again, for now I'll certainly take it. I wouldn't be embarassed to go without makeup in public at all anymore, really, and that's pretty much a fact. Obviously I still prefer it but yesterday a friend from work came over-- and the last time she saw me without makeup was in February when my acne was hideous-- and I had just barely washed my face. I don't think other people can really notice my PIH anymore. It's still there, but it's basically faded.



Week 21, Day 5


Current status: 0 acne except for a tiny red thing like, on my neck. My face is entirely clear. I have 0 clogged pores.

When I run my fingers over my face my skin feels entirely, completely smooth and soft.

I freak out about my PIH sometimes but it's really so faded at this point. My webcam barely picks up anything anymore, so to log my progress I'm currently taking pictures of myself ONCE a week under the worst light in my house with a flash. Even then my marks aren't so bad... with makeup I look flawless, and that's not an exaggeration.

Nothing else to report, I guess, other than JUDO GUY IS DRIVING ME NUTS. UGHHH JAPAN ><


Week 20, Day 4

My oh my, how time flies.

Current status: I don't think I have anything active at all, and that includes clogged pores. I have a dying PMS zit, the zit dying from last week, and... that's it? These zits too are not big, not noticeable, and will not really leave PIH (at least, it won't leave it for more than a month). These were previously 2 clogged pores from that irritation fiasco back in August so they're not out of the blue.

Again, the skin that has cleared up has stayed pretty much entirely clear. I have not had a full-fledged pimple on my forehead since literally May, which was right after my IB. My chin hasn't had a single pimple in 2.5 months, which is remarkable because it was pretty fucking bad for a while. My PIH is nearly gone. I know I say this all the time, but I think it will be almost entirely gone in 3 weeks, and by December 1 my goal is to have flawless skin. I'm talking magazine airbrushed skin. I think it's totally possible; acne is not a problem for me anymore if I'm sticking to DKR precisely, which I do most of the time.

HOWEVER, I am guilty of not letting the product get totally dry when I'm getting ready on work days. I only wait about 5 minutes before putting on the moisturizer, which I guess is OK but isn't necessarily ideal. Oh well. I'm also guilty of touching my skin all the time and fucking with the flakes I still get sometimes on my neck/jaw area, but whatever.

My jawlines have 0 PIH. They haven't been this clear in literally a year (it was around this time my jawlines were breaking out last year).

My skin is baby smooth, and makeup is now an accessory and no longer a necessity. I still prefer to wear a little on my remaining light light light pink spots, but it's seriously almost nothing. The amount of makeup I wear is about a 4th the area of a pinky nail-- literally, just a tiny little drop and that's ALL I need.

I'm also finding that my cheeks have a really nice pink flush to them. I don't use the Regimen there but I do moisturize now, which I never did pre-Regimen, so I think that must have something to do with it. But who knows; my skin on my cheeks was always LITERALLY flawless, even for most of this winter.

My chest is also looking good. No new bumps, no signs of new bumps, old PIH literally just fading away, fading away. I think by Christmas/New Years that it'll all be back to 1 color again, but it's at the point now where it doesn't even matter to me. I'm not stressed about it anymore.

In fact, I'm not really stressed about my skin anymore. It's also behaving a lot more lately and not getting as dry or flakey... and, AHA every 3rd night seems perfect for it.

ON THAT NOTE, the past 2 times I've used AHA were right before sports festivals at my schools, so I was out in the sun sweating the entire following day. My face got really blotchy and irritated looking (at least to me), so I dunno what's up with that. Because AHA kind of fucked me with a train for a while I took a week break from it entirely and now it's burning again, but since I only use it twice a week it's not a big deal. Also, it's officially FALL IN JAPAN <3 so it's nice and crisp here all the time now instead of 35 degrees with a humidity index of 95%. It literally was 35 last Wednesday and 20 on Thursday. Japan is so weird... but yeah, I don't have to worry about sweating anymore (or sweating off my makeup, since I don't really wear it!)

That's all. Skin is yay! Only a month or so until utter flawlessness, and for now my skin looks PRETTY much flawless : )

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