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Start of Month 3

I can't believe how fast and well Acutane is working for me. My skin is COMPLETELY different from when I started. Currently, I only have 1 active pimple on my forehead and a few little ones on my neck. For the first time in years i can wash my face, touch my skin, and not feel all those gross little bumps hiding underneath my skin!! Just that thought alone makes me incredibly happy.

There still are side effects, dry lips and skin, and I have rashes on my hands that itch but nothing I can't manage. Other than that I haven't experienced to harsh of side effects, except the occasional back pain or being really tired for no reason. I honestly think that once I stopped fretting and worrying all the time about this medication, thats when the side effects seemed to fade away.

All my blood work has come back perfect and my Derm told me she was very surprised about how well my body was taking it so this month I got bumped up from 60mg a day to 80mg. I'm hoping that means I won't have to take it as long.

I guess only time will tell.

Stick with it, no one said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.


Day 30 on Accutane

Today marks my one month on Accutane! Hooray! I can't hide that is has been rough through some spots, I've had a couple break downs where I just cry because I am so sick of this medication. I just keep reminding myself that in the end it will all be worth it to never have to deal with this skin again.

In the bad though there have been glimpses of hope. MY SKIN IS STARTING TO CLEAR UP! I have almost no breakouts on my forehead despite one small blemish, which is almost unheard of with my skin. Also, along my checks and jaw line has been clearing up, though there are still blemishes, most of the red spots and discoloration are scars which I plan on having those taken care of six months after Accutane when my skin has healed. My roommates and family have all noticed and commented on how much my skin is improving. Hearing that makes me so incredibly happy that all the awfull side effects seem to fade away. Yesterday I literally ran up to one of my roommates, no makeup on and said, "Look! Look at my skin!" and he just laughed and replied, "Yeah Renae, it is clearing up fast, I told you this last week and you didn't believe me!" I replied that last week wasn't nearly as good as this one and that for the first time in a long time I am proud of my skin even though it is still not perfect.

My goal: To remember that even the smallest improvement in my skin is an accomplishment and just one more step to the clear skin I haven't seen for over 8 years.


Day 25

I was fully aware when I started Accutane that the side effects would be harsh but I didn't realize they would come this soon. I'm almost done with my first month and I just keep telling myself that after this it is tops only 5 more months. It is just hard because I don't even want to go into public anymore. My skin is so dry from all the way to the top of my left eye brow, down the sides of my nose and around my mouth that is flakes off in huge chunks throughout the day. I work in a coffee shop where I am around people all day so that is frustrating because I feel like people are always looking at me due to my skin, and no amount of makeup will hide it. Also, its really hot where I work so that doesn't help the drying. On top of that my eyes and hair are really dry, I've heard of dry eyes as a side effect but does anyone else get dry hair? This may sound gross but i seriously haven't shampooed my hair in over 2 weeks because last time I did I got awful dandruff, on that note i still condition it but it has become very dry and fragile which is odd for my hair because it is usually fairly healthy. To top off my side effects I have four new rashes. This is odd for me because for as long as I can remember I've never had a rash in my life. My first one started as a small dry patch on the back of my right hand and has since spread to cover my whole hand. I have a smaller one on my left hand and just tonight I noticed two twin ones, one on the left and right shoulders. Does anyone else get rashes?

Anyway, trying to keep a positive attitude about this all and just looking forward to the results.

Oh, one question. Does applying mass amounts of moisturizer kind of counter act the effectiveness of accutane? my skin is so dry that i apply mosturizer about 3 times a day, but will that stop the accutane from drying my skin and clearing my skin?


Accutane Day 6

Today has been the worst so far when it comes to dry skin and chapped lips. I've had to apply chap stick all day non stop, I'm loving the Neosporin Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy chappstick, and it has SPF 20 so that helps when outdoors. Yesterday, the temp. was reaching well into the 80's so my roommates and I decided to bring out our inner child and run through the sprinklers. I loaded up on the sunscreen but I think most of it washed off and I still ended up with some color, luckily most of it not red. I'm thinking that the sun exposure could be the reason my skin is so dry and irritated today. I searched some home remedies for dry skin; the site I found most helpful suggested massaging olive oil or almond oil into your face nightly, along with some othe mixtures you can make at home. Has anyone tried these or other remedies with any success?



Today is my 3rd day on Accutane. I just wanted to know on average how long it took for the 1st IB and how long before you started to notice side effects more frequently? Any advice would help as well, thanks!


I started my Accutane treatment yesterday, for now I am on 60mg once a day. I didn't feel any of the side effects until a while into it, right after I tool the pills I took a quick nap, when I woke up I was really dizzy, shaking and my head was spinning a little. After I ate a little more and had some water to drink I felt a lot better. Luckily, after taking my treatment today I haven't had as much side effects I felt slightly dizzy and light headed compared to yesterday. So far though, no dry skin or sensitivity yet, I guess it is only my second day though.



I've suffered from sever acne for close to eight years now. I, like most of you I bet as well, have tried everything from ProActive, drugstore cleansers, topical cremes, Differin, and the list goes on, with little to no improvement. Finally, I've decided my last choice is conquer my acne once and for all is Accutane. Three and a half years ago I contemplated Accutane but backed out when the potential side effects of the drug scared me to badly. Now, the thought of having this skin the rest of my life is a worse fear, and I start Accutane tomorrow. I'm still worried about the potential side effects, I know that they only happen to a small percentage of people, but what is deciding I'm not one of those cases? Any advise from people who have been or are currently on Accutane would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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