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day 35

just home from work and thought id drop a line! Day 35, that was quick enough! Going back to see the derm on the 11 of august for blood tests.

Progess so far is good! Skin is crystal clear :pray: has been for couple of weeks. Have more confidence bacause of it, dont have it in the back of my head all the time that my skin is shit! Feel free to live my life now. Back in the gym aw yeh :surprised: happy chappy!

Side effects, the usual! Dry lips, skin not so dry but moisturising properly so not letting it get too dry! Pretty stiff in my legs and lower back quite alot,some of it from training though. no night vision which is kinda weird but sure what are lights for!

gona try keep a cleaner diet because I know roac puts cholestrol up, will be better when comes to blood test time.

all good in the hood!


Day 28


day 28, just coming up to my second month now and it all good baby!

Skin is nice and clear, am enjoying clean shaving again. Such a luxury when your used to spots!

Must say though I feel the side effects! I seem to be tired alot more than normal and my legs are always pretty stiff! Have a rash on hands and arms it itchy. Be at the docs tomorrow so see what he says. But I can hack it, least I can look in the mirror now.

Still using the avene stuff! Swear by it!!!!!!!!!!

Going the gym tonight aww yeesh


Day 20

Hope I am not speaking too soon but I think the initial breakout has passed. Skin is clear and has an even tone! Havent seen that in a while..

The avene products really helped i must say, they calm the skin and are very gentle. Highly recommended. Also cutting the washing down to once a day with a cleanser had a positive effect..

Not alot to report, feel better about myself now that the skin is looking better. Confidence is up!

Feeling the power of the drugs more on this course than the first.

Skin all over my body is very fragile and pretty itchy, I have noticed my concentration is affected too.

In work on monday I had to do a stocktake, which takes around an hour and a half, I made so many mistakes that I had to do it again. ha bummer!

I get fatigued easier and my joints can be so stiff at times. Mainly my pelvis.

Getting back into the gym this week, so some streching and lifts should help there! cant wait to get pumpin iron again :pray:

"Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-... That's all, folks."


over two weeks

skin has actually calmed down a good bit! I think only washing once a day with a cleanser was a good idea!

Only a couple of spots, some redness hidden by stubble :pray: but dryness is crazy! Ive had to put moisturiser on four times already today! Have that flaky skin from like when ya get sunburnt!

Started taking a supplement called zinc ace, its zinc obviously with vitamin c & b. Should be good for repairing skin.

just back from boots, bought the last of the supplies! 45 euro buying no more!! :(

avene gentle gel cleanser - used it on my first course! great stuff

avene skin recovery cream - specifically made for skin which has become upset due to different reasons! one being dermatological treatments! this the third moisturiser ive bought so im hoping it the one for me.

neutrogena 6 hour protection lip balm - if the fishermen in the baltic use it, it has to be good! taste ok too so dont mind eatin some :surprised:

omega 3 capsules - made sure they the ones without vitamin a! have good fats, natural vitamin A and glycerine :cry:


day 14


captains log supplemental

id rather we at war with the klingons than acne

but one thing I have noticed down the years is that when my skin goes bad I wash my face too much making it worse! Vicious cycle :surprised:

so the past two mornings I have only used warm water in the morning to wash and cetaphil face wash at night! Redness has died down somewhat, and there less of the yellow fellas! Thank God!! :pray:

Bought new moisturiser today, "Boots expert sensitive daily defence moisture cream spf 12"

bit of a mouthful :( has aloe vera and vit e and sun protection. Cetaphil very greasy so going try the new one and see how it goes!

Had a look on a site called "Reclaim your skin.com" They have a great roaccutane survival guide.

Lists a variety of good products you will need for scalp, face, lips, eyes etc

:( good stuff

come on clear skin :(


Day 13

Ok so ive decided it not neccesary for me to post everyday :pray:

But while im here I will say that there is obviously not much improvement from yesterday

although my face doesnt feel as sore. 13 has been my lucky number on occasions so hopefully its the start of better days

heres a joke to give a giggle :surprised:

A man and his ever-nagging wife went on vacation to Jerusalem. While they were there, the wife passed away.

The undertaker told the husband, "You can have her shipped home for $5,000, or you can bury her here, in the Holy Land, for $150." The man thought about it and told him he just would have her shipped home.

The undertaker asked, "Why would you spend $5,000 to ship your wife home when it would be wonderful to be buried here and you would spend only $150?"

The man replied, "Long ago a man died here, was buried here, and three days later he rose from the dead. I just can't take that chance."


Day 12

Im avoiding mirrors today :pray::surprised:

Its crazy the amount of little whiteheads I have! Id love to know how long this IB is going to last but its hard to get an idea because each person is different. Hopefully not much longer!

I didnt go into much detail yesterday as was kind of in a hurry so....

I am 24 year old chap, since the age of 12 I started developing acne. I began taking antibiotics which where generally succesfull for a number of years! But last year their effectiveness had completely wore off and I began roaccutane. I was delighted with the results, the freedom of having clear skin gave me a new lease of life. I became popular with the ladies again, was in the gym most days :cry: got a good job! It was great!! My GP suggested roac, he started me off on 35mg, after a couple of months that went to 40mg. Altogether the course lasted 8 months, ending in December 09. My skin remained nice and clear till around april this year.

When I went back to my gp he refused to put me back on roaccutane and prescribed me antibiotics again!! If I went to him with my arm blown off I bet he would just put me on antibiotics :( So I went to one of the best derms in the country and right away he suggested another course of roac! This time im on 60mg, I think the IB is worse this time because of the strength of the roac this time!

I must say I was delighted leaving the derm office that day because I know how effective the medication can be!


First entry! Day 11

Never had a blog before but here she goes! Hope it helps someone!

Today is 21 june 2010. Im on day 11 of my second course of roac. Four months after first course the pesky acne reared its ugly face again so after a visit to the derm im on 60mg a day.

A higher dose compared to 40 on my first course!

Dryness started straigth away, lips skin scalp now arms too. Had a lovely clean shave on day 4. thought I was great going around the place with my clear skin. But then the initial breakout began :( dont remember it from the last time! It consists of a lot of yellow heads and d odd big one! They consistently coming but disapearing quite quickly! Had a big one on my nose! Tried to get off work that day :pray: I put yoghurt on it and you wouldnt believe it, practicly disapeared :surprised: delighted!

I havent really bought the essentials yet but I have just been using a sensitive face wash, cetaphil moisturiser and vaseline/blistex!

Have to run guys but il be back tomorrow :cry:

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