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Just thought i'd pop in and let you guys know how i am going. I am in such a good place right now with my skin. Its the best feeling in the world to wake up every morning and never have pimples on my face. Im happy with my skin tone atm too. I think a lot of my happiness is also due to the fact that im not obsessing over my face anymore. I know some people still get upset that even though they dont have pimples, they still have red marks/blackheads/uneven skin tone. Honestly i dont even care about that stuff. its so insignificant, no one is looking at ur face that hard!! I have some red marks still on my face and i also have a broken capillarie on my cheek that is red but i dont even care. If i want i can cover them with concealer but most days i can't even be bothered. I wanted to get rid of my pimples and i did! so a few imperfections is nothing compared to the hell i was in only 9 months ago. Im now focussing on getting my body in shape and im excited that i dont have to ever think about pimples again! I LOVE U DAN UR A LIFESAVER :)


thought id let you guys know i dont use mandelic acid anymore i ran out like 2 months ago and my skin is so nice still so i didn't bother repurchasing. Not that it is a bad product, its great, and i can see myself using it again in the future as it is anti ageing. Right now my regimen is


wash with cetaphil oily skin cleanser

use dans moisturiser


wash with cetaphil oily skin cleanser

3 pumps bp cream

use dans moisturiser

2-3 times a week i will use his aha at night instead of his moisturiser


Day 128

wow long time with no updates!

so i dont need to use this blog as regularly coz im pretty much clear now. I started using Mandelic acid when my skin was mroe stable and i wasn't going to destroy it by adding another product! so i had an IB from the mandelic acid but since that went away i have literally had no pimples. Im not even joking! i am sooooo happy :pray: the mandelic acid is an absolute god-send. It has evened out my skin tone heaps and is helping a lot with my super stubborn blackheads. I even go out regularly with no makeup or only a bit of powder. I can now wake up every morning and not spend 30 minutes trying to cover up everything on my face. Also i have been eating soooo badly lately and doing no excercise because it is exam time and im stressing AND I STILL HAVE NOT BROKEN OUT! so bascially i'm really happy right now and i think if ur skin isn't super sensitive you should try mandelic acid. At first it will make your skin look worse because it makes your blackheads more obvious but as it slowly exfoliates, your blackheads will basically fall out or slowly go away. And if you decide to use mandelic acid START SLOW! it is an acid so it will make ur skin flake and if you insist on using it every day when you first get it your skin will not cope. I started using it every third day and my skin still flaked a crazy amount until it got used to it.

i hope everyone can get clear and i really recommend the regimen it helps sooo much. STICK IT OUT! i really only started seeing tremendous results around month 3 so dont give up. :wub:


can't believe its been only 2 months. seems like way longer! well i have to say i totally agree with what everyone says about sticking out the regimen. At first it feels like its not working coz pimples are still coming up but now i never even worry about getting big white heads or blind pimples. The most i get are like teeny red bumps that dissapear in 24 hours. My skin was REALLY dry this morning, i think i over did AHA last night oops but i did a really long jojoba oil face massage and that made my skin feel much better. phew!

anyway im still using acne org cleanser/bp/moisturiser and sudocrem every night and red marks are fading so fast. love it.



day 59


sorry for not posting in ages i have been busy at uni.

So skin update:

my skin is looking good right now. I kept having little break outs of like a pimple or 2 a week so i went back and read the regimen over and decided that i would boost up the amount of BP i was using. right now i only use 1 finger-length and only at night so now i am using 2 finger-lengths (although still only at night i dont like to use BP in the morning). THis had made a huge difference in only 4 days so i think that was my problem. I'm still using sudocrem and it is helping with the red marks which is great. I also use BB cream as my foundation and i loooove it. Its so nice on my skin and doesn't irritate my skin at all which rocks.

ok that is all for now.



Day 46

NOOOO i got 2 tiny whiteheads on my cheek!! they are really small but they are really annoying me so oops i picked them. i couldn't help myself! i dont know what they are from, maybe aha, maybe diet, maybe touching my face? i really dont know.

Aside from those everything is looking ok :)


Day 43

i cannot believe it has been 43 days since i started the regimen. thats seems really long!

ok so skin update

Out of nowhere i got a whitehead on my chin the other night so i popped it, iced it, and put some aha and sudocrem on it. Quess what? that sucker has completely dissapeared! no marks left, no bumps, just flat smooth skin. i was so shocked as i expected something bad to happen but i think the aha/sudocrem combo must have killed all thr bacteria or something? My skin is clear except for that one red bump on my chin that is slowly going away (i mentioned it in a previous post). AHA has made my skin a bit dry becasue since i got it i have already used it 3 times...i think i may have overdone it! oops :) but the regimen is amazing. i can eat whatever i want and i dont have to worry about any huge pimples yipee! I might do a jojoba oil massage tomoza to take care of my flakes, they always work really well.

ok thats all im off to bed



day 41

hey another quick update.

I have been doing some research these last couple of hours on BB creams (blemish balm cream) and i think i am going to invest in the L'egere white all in one BB cream. They are like a tinted moisturizer only better for your skin becasue they ahve healing properties. Because i dont like to wear much makeup i think i might invest in this (over ebay hehehe) and i'll let you guys know how it goes.


day 41

hey guys

So I ordered some more acne org goodies (cleanser, treatment, moisturiser and AHA). The bottles i have right now are still half full but i wanted the AHA and thought i would save on shipping by ordering in bulk.

I used the AHA 2 nights in a row and it is really good stuff. My skin is very smooth and it got rid of this big pimple i could feel coming up. Right now i only have 1 pimple on my chin, it doesn't have a head its more of a red bump, but it is going away. I'm not using the AHA tonight because it did make my skin quite red and i dont want to walk around looking like im sunburnt! but i think sudocrem should help tongiht with the redness.

I still have red marks which is very annoying because i hate looking like i do have pimples when actually they are just marks. I could put makeup on them but i dont really like wearing makeup so i guess i will just have to wait it out. the sudocrem is helping heaps though.

My diet lately had been atrocious and i have done no excercise in forever but the regimen is still keeping my skin clear. I think i will have to start eating fruit and veg and doing some walking very soon to get back into shape for summer. Can't wait for some swimming at the beach!!

Well that is about all i have to update atm. I would recommend AHA to everyone reading this it is amazing stuff!

until the next update heheheh



5th week

OMG I LOVE SUDOCREM! it helps with the redness heapss!! coz i dont have many pimples atm but a lot of red marks so it looks like i do have pimples! but sudocrem is helping a lot with this yipee :pray: it's also an emolient which means it softens skin and wow my skin feels soooo soft right now and i have only used it for 2 nights. it's pretty incredible stuff and im very happy that people on acne org shared their experiences on sudocrem otherwise i would have never found it. it's also super cheap. about $7 australian for a huge 125g tub which will last for ever.

ps sorry for my blog being so disjointed lately i've been updating it at night when im all sleepy hehehe


1 month

hey guys

i have been on holidays, hence the lack of posts! anyway so its been a month on the regimen (3 weeks of those were using dans products) and my skin is looking ok. I had a massive breakout during the 3/4th week, new pimples everyday etc. it sucked. But today my skin is calming down a lot. The spots have dissapeared except for 1 on my chin but it is healing ok. My skin is less dry as it is getting used to BP but i am still only on 1 fingers worth once a day (i only apply bp at night). I'll have to wait and see if i want to go up to 2 fingers worth as i really dont want the dry flakey skin again grrrrr.

Anyway i have some red spots from previous pimples and i'm going to try using sudocrem tonight to get rid of them. There is a huge discussion about it by 'real maverick' and a lot of good things have been said about it so i just put some on tonight and i'm going to see how it goes.

oh also i ordered some AHA from acneorg tonight so i can't wait to try that too eventually (dont wanna try to many new things at once!)


day 14

yo yo

ok my flakies were annoying me soooo bad so i decided to do an ocm on my face which helped SOOOOO MUCH! for my oil mix i just use castor oil and jojoba oil. I honestly dont know how much of each i just tip both into my hands and then mix them and slap 'em on my face. So much dry skin came off it was sort of gross i had to wipe the oil off my face and start again with a new batch it was that bad. But WOW my skin looks sooooo much better now its practically glowing yipeeeee :surprised: i'm so happy. Incase anyone wants to know when i use the ocm method during the regimen i do it like this

1. shower and wash face with dan's cleanser

2. dry face and then massage oils into face for an hour (i know a long time but i love how it feels)

3. wipe face with a hot washcloth to get ALL the oil off.

4. wait 5 min and apply bp

5. wait 15 min and apply moisturiser

My face stung for like 5 minutes when i used the bp and moisturiser, i think because i had just scrubbed away all the flakes so the skin was a bit sensitive but it was nothing super bad.

My skin is looking ok atm. The pimples from the breakout are slowly going awayand i just pray more aren't going to pop up in their place :pray: I would say the only thing i'm having major issues with are the flakes but OCM will take care of them so i guess i can't complain.



quick update. My skin seems to be clearing up nicely and the break out i had is slowly going away. My skin has gone back to being flaky again mainly around the areas where i have red marks. I think this is good because it makes them fade as they are flaking away :pray:

I have decided to stop using bp in the morning mainly because i dont really like the way it makes my face feel during the day, sort of like its covered in so many products. So now in the mornings i just wash with acne org cleanser and then use a neutrogena spf 15+ moisturiser. At night i still use the acne org cleanser, bp, and moisturiser. My pimples aren't super bad so i think my skin should be fine only using bp once a day.

OMG also i got wrinkles around my eyes coz i put the bp to close OOPS!! hehehehe i'm not worried though because everyone says they go away when you be more careful with the bp and moisturise yours eyes phew! but it was pretty funny seeing them :surprised:

ok thats all i'm off to lunch



OMG I CURSED MYSELF! I'm pimplicious at the moment noooo!!

So the congestion around my mouth is dissapearing but some of them turned into small pimples under the skin. They arent as bad as normal though so im trying not to touch them and hopefully they will dissapear soon. I also have a stupid red pimple on my forehead which is annoying coz its so obvious. I ended up giving into my need to exfoliate my forehead and i think that is what caused this little sucker to appear, so im not going to deviate from the regimen again.

My face is a little pinker today i think from all the BP. I have used clearasil ultra BP 5% for years so i started off on the regimen using a full finger amount twice a day as my skin is fairly used to it. The flakes arent as bad for some reason these last few days which is odd. Its like they flaked off and havent come back. But i'm not to optimistic and i think the flakies will come back soon because my skin is pretty dry from this regimen.

I'm not sure if the regimen is helping my blackheads, i will have to wait a while and see what happens. I was using mandelic acid 15% for ages and it got rid of soooo many of them but i think they might start coming back seeing as i'm not using the mandelic acid while im on the regimen.

hmmmm i can't think of much else to say... I think my skin will clear faster if i make myself do some excercise but its hard coz its cold and overcast here like every day so i dont want to go outside! brrrrrrrr! maybe i'll try doing that tommorrow...

i'll update again soon :pray:


update from 1st week


WELL i did a bad thing today! i popped a pimple :pray: !! i couldn't help it i have a party tonight and din't want to go with a big whitehead on my face. But amazingly its almost vanished. seriously all i have is a small red bump and i only popped it about 3 hours ago. I definantly think this is thanks to bp and dans products. I have never seen anything heal so quickly!

my face is getting dry and flaky and all i wanna do is exfoliate the hell out of it but im being good and holding back and doing dans system exactly as he says to. I am in love with his moisturiser and it really helps with smoothing my dry skin while not leaving it a greasy mess. I know some people have had issues with it such as stinging and red faces but i haven't had any issues with it at all luckily.

my skin is looking nice, no new pimples yipeeee. i bet i have cursed myself for saying that lol. My forhead has these teeny bumps on it that feel really dry and (like i said before) i am almost dying wanting to exfoliate them! but other than that i am quite pleased with the results.


1st week

Hi guys

I just started the regimen (11/06/2010) and so far am liking it a lot! i did the first week with OTC products (cetaphil cleanser, clearasil bp, cetaphil moisturiser) while i waited for dan's products to arrive and they just got here today! so excited! I love his bp already. Gel rocks!

Anyway lets start with some background info:

I always had gorgeous skin in high school. My friends would always comment on it and i felt very lucky. I thought because I went through highschool with nice skin that i would never get acne as I grew older. But then out of the blue a few months after my 18th i started getting pimples on my cheeks and chin. It was like as soon as i got rid of one batch a fresh wave of them would emerge. It made me feel self concious and for a long time i wore makeup everyday even though i hate wearing it. A few weeks back i started getting horrible congestion around my mouth because i was very stressed from uni exams. I thought 'ok this sux but i'll deal with it' but then I started getting painful blind pimples, sometimes 3 at once. It was the final straw and I felt terrible and looked terrible. So i decided to start dan's regimen and already i have seen a great improvement. My congestion is slowly going away, the blind pimples are nearly gone, and i feel good enough to go out without makeup :pray:

Its a kind of relief to start dan's regimen because he tells me exactly what to do. I dont have to wonder if im using a product right or run out to the stores and buy some new product out on the market that costs $$$ in hopes it will work. Its nice knowing that this works for real people and its extra nice being able to treat my skin gently without lots of scrubbing and harsh chemicals.

Anyway sorry if this sounds so disjointed! I just kind of typed whatever came into my head. I'll keep this blog updated with my progress


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