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So I woke up this morning expecting my skin to be horribly sore, red and peeling off.

I was really surprised that my skin felt fine! I washed off the gel which come off like a cleanser, that was pretty handy but the shocking thing was that when I looked in the mirror...

Two spots had dried up overnight and I'm sure that the pores on my nose are ever so slightly smaller.

Keep it up Isotrexin!!


I took off my makeup with baby lotion and cleansed properly with clearasil and applied my Isotrexin.

It wasn't what I thought it would be, I was under the impression that my skin would burn and redden and it would be totally unplesant. I must say that the only thing that is really unplesant is the smell which when straight in my nose and throte so I could hardly breath! I experienced a little bit of stinging around a couple of tender spots but that's all. I'm more concerned about how itchy my face is having this gel on it!

I'll blog again in the morning and let you know how my face has coped :pray:.


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