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Low-dose Accutane Diary for Seb Derm

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Well nothing new to report

The 5mg per day dosage has been much better on me. I have reduced flushing and it is 90 some degree here. It is kind of scary but my flushing is almost normal with slight residual pink in the cheek/nose area. My skin feels very smooth and soft. After halfing my dose some of the seb derm came back around my nose and eyebrow region. (I notice the day before my period this is worse) My mouth area has been very clear since I started keeping my lips hydrated with eucerin healing ointment.

To address the dry scalp I started to used sulsun blue dry itchy scalp, it hasn't dried out my hair like the other shampoos did. The only symptoms I have are some dry skin on my arms and my lips if I don't use chapstick. The skin on my face is slightly dry and tight.


So basically I have the dry scalp, chapped lips and the black heads in my nose are falling out. I went to my Dermatologist today to get my second month prescription. After looking at my face should couldn't believe how bad it dried me out only being on 10 mg/day. She said that we should cut my dose in half and take it every other day. My seb derm has been gone for some time now, I just need to tackle the dry skin. I have been noticably flushing now and my face skin is very tight. The flushing comes and goes, I just hope it isn't too permanent. I would hate my rosacea to get any worse. I am also on 1 pill of 200mg of ketoconazole every other day.


Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo

Ketoconazole every other day 200 mg

Isotretinoin every other day 10 mg


Vitamin E and D

Other Stuff

Auqaphor Healing Ointment

Cetaphil Wash and lotion


21 Days on Accutane

Well, today was one of those days I just wanted to blow my head off. It's almost 100 here and my face is acting up really bad. I have a presentation in 3 days and all I can think of is why now! I'm not breaking out as bad as I normally do, but I just want this crap gone. My face is so pink looking today. I broke out on my eye brows moderately and on the sides off my mouth pretty bad. I hate it when I break out around my mouth...it seems to happen when I get stressed out.

Anyway, I guess accutane is working....just not fast enough. I hate to vent about this, but some days this gets me very depressed. I'm a research chemist and mostly don't have to go in front of people.....I'm mainly in the lab lately....thank god. I wish I could just wake up and this just be a memory.


Today is day 10 and I finished a pack. Well so far this is how it is going. I have noticed a significant improvement in my rosacea symptoms. I am not burning or tingling anymore. My skin is a little on the dry side and pink.

The initial flare that I had of the seb derm is actually peeling away and is no longer inflamed. I think it may be too soon to say I'm defeating this, but I am having high hopes. I was so overjoyed when I threw my first box away. This means that I have been on for ten days, and no side effects have been too bad. Only time will tell if I can adapt to this.

My derm wants me to go up to 20 mg a day if I wish. I'm getting dry on 10 a day so I feel that may be too strong for my condition. I would hate to mess something up that is starting to go well. My face has looked the clearest it has been in about 6 months. The residual pinkness and flushing from my prior breakouts bother me, but they aren't nearly as bad. I was originally worried that the accutane would cause my rosacea to go out of control, it still could happen but knock on wood.

Washing with Cereve

Moisturize at night with Cereve PM facial lotion

Cutting out the Ovace because my skin is drying out

Eye Drops

Ointment for inside of nose


So today is my third day of treatment.

What I have noticed so far:

My mouth feels dry

lips feel a little dry

skin peeling in eyebrow area

I think I may have an initial flare coming on, but I'm probably just imagining things.

Overall, my skin does seem less oily. I'm not expecting anything until about two weeks into it.


On Monday I'm starting Low-dose accutane for my severe seb derm on my face. I also have mild rosacea that seems to flare when the seb derm goes crazy on me. I have tried every topical product :| and finally a dermatologist (I went to Johns Hopkins, I live in the Baltimore Area) offered me the option of 10 mg per day of accutane. Of course it was a pain to get with the i-pledge program.

Mainly, I'm just going to keep a diary of my progress.

Currently, I'm taking an oral anti-fungal(Itra 100mg) twice daily which has cleared my face to almost normal. However, because it can cause liver problems I chose to try accutane out. I don't use too may topicals on my face because it just gets irritated and worse. I find that minimal is best for me.

Morning Routine

Cereve Wash


Cereve Wash or Ovace Face wash as needed (tends to bother my skin if used too much)


Itraconazole 100 mg twice daily

Ortho Tricyclen-Lo

The Acne.org Regimen
The Acne.org Regimen
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