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day 90 something...

three words: i love accutane.

i am completely, completely clear.

my skin has never looked this good before.

still no side effects, at all.

i am soooo so happy i took this medication. i still have 2 and a half months to go, but its so worth it i dont even care.

i thank God for my clear skin every day, honestly i'm like a completely different person now.


DAY 53

i seriously can't believe that time is going by so quickly. my skin is completely clear, and i havent gotten a pimple in almost a week. my skin is sooooo sooo so much better. the only thing that needs to get better are the red marks, but they cover up quite nicely with makeup. i am so happy, its unbelievable. best feeling in the world to wake up with clear skin. its not perfect yet, but its definitely getting there. i am about a week away from starting month 3, and after that i have 3 more months to go. no side effects at all, except for dry lips and eyes. my skin isnt even unbearably dry. hopefully all continues to go this well.


DAY 43

finally, some change. my skin is definitelly a lot better. ever since my derm increased my dosage to 60 mgs a day, ive seen nothing but improvement. the first week it got a little worse because i got an IB from the increased dosage. I am breaking out less and less now and my skin is getting dryer and my lips are getting chappier but those are the only side effects. i'm so excited because i can finally kind of see what i will look like now without acne all over my face. hopefully it doesnt get any worse now that i've kinda jinxed it..but ya day 43! time goes by super fast ahh almost done with month 2!


DAY 26

i dont update this thing daily because i feel like a lot of the days my face stays the same.

however, since i am nearly at the one month mark for accutane, i decided to update on my skin.

it's been improving a LOT, my friends have been noticing and telling me that i'm clearing up which makes me really happy. i've been getting really flaky and dry lately, but im noticing that i break out less and less everyday. i have two small cysts on my forehead, but my cheeks and chin are clearing up. at my derm appt on friday, she bumped my dosage up to 60 mgs a day. im starting that dosage on saturday, so we'll see how that goes. overall, no new side effects, the back pain has subsided almost completely and i feel great. sometimes i even forget that i'm on accutane. hopefully it continues to improve from here on out!


DAY 22

almost at the one month mark! i graduated high school today, thank gawd! my skin is improving, its not oily at all. i used to have to powder my face at least like every 30 minutes or so and now i dont even bring powder with me at all whenever i go out. i have a cyst under my eyebrow and its pretty painful, and i have about 2 cysts on my forehead. my chin is clearing up very nicely, i had a bunch of black heads on it before but now its all smooth. oh i have a cyst on my chin too. pretty sure my IB is happening as we speak...it might have been going on for a while now but i can't even tell. i still have some white heads that need to go away...i try SO hard not to pop them so i try not to look in the mirror. my nose still has a few black heads that need to come out, but the huge pores i had on my cheeks have disappeared. my skin is still somewhat bumpy and when i put makeup on when i come home i have flaky skin around where all pimples are. as for side effects, dry skin (but not unbearably dry, ive had much much MUCH worse), very chapped lips (we couldnt bring anything to the grad ceremony so i was without my aquaphor for 2 hours and my lips were seriously dead), and my nose bled again today. my back is sore whenever i lay down but its not anything bad.

still drinking lots of water and eating very healthy. my derm appointment is on friday...we'll see what she says!


DAY 18

honestly, i've had absolutely no side effects from accutane except for the occasional lower back pain, which feels a lot like the back pain you get after doing a bunch of crunches, so its not even anything bad, and the obvious chapped lips and dry skin, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere i go to blow my nose and oh hello, blood! yeah. i got a nosebleed. it was kind of scary considering i haven't gotten a nosebleed since i was probably about 12, but i guess its because the accutane is drying out my nose. i just hope i dont get anymore because it would be really embarrassing if i was out with friends and then just suddenly started gushing blood. it wasnt that much, it just felt like a lot because i havent had a nosebleed in forever, but i guess ill be trying that thing where you put aquaphor in your nostrils. my mom freaked out over my nosebleed because she had no idea it was a side effect. ha welllll other than that..everythings all good.


DAY 15

half way through the month.

time goes by really fast while youre on these pills...i went to the beach today and didnt get burnt or anything, my skin is a lot more sensitive though and i got a tan even though i applied spf 30 religiously.

i have absolutely no oil on my face, and the best part is that i only have to wash my hair like 2 times a week. its awesome.

my forehead looks like its clearing up, and my skin feels a lot smoother, but there are still a loooot of pimples and cysts that need to clear up.

aquaphor is seriously the best thing of my life. i put it on and i can feel my lips again.

i got some cetaphil yesterday, because the area on my chin and around my mouth was super dry, and it works really well. i wasnt as flaky in that area today.

my skin has been overall really flaky though. it grosses me out. i love peeling the dead skin off my face, even though its really disgusting. haha. but yeah. hopefully my skin clears up sooon...i hoped it would look somewhat normal for my graduation, which is on the 23rd, but i dont think thats going to happen.

oh well! i dont really care anymore. it'll clear up eventually.

havent really had any major side effects besides the dry skin and chapped lips.

my back aches occasionally, but its not even bad.

most important thing is definitely diet and water. i think if you eat well and drink lots of water the side effects are substantially decreased.

so its been pretty good so far!



so today is day 5, i just took my second pill of the day. nothing too major has been happening, all the gunk out of my face is coming out and i have a lot of underground cysts. i'm guessing this is my initial breakout. my lips are chapped, but not severely yet. its kind of annoying but i can only imagine that things will get much drier from here...

i've been drinking soooo much water, its not even funny.

3 huge fiji bottles a day!

as for side effects, i havent really had any yet.

the first 3 days i had some minor headaches, and my back has been a little sore lately but it comes and goes. also, my appetite has been either completely gone or sometimes i get so hungry i feel like eating the world.

so far, being on accutane has been a piece of cake...knock on wooood!


DAY 1/2

Hey everyone, today is my second day of being on Claravis, the generic form of Accutane.

Let me just give you a brief history of my acne struggles:

I started breaking out when I was about 12. I am now almost 18. At first, the breakouts were nothing to be worried about, I only got about 2 pimples or so, but since the beginning they have always been cystic. When I was a freshman in highschool, I started breaking out pretty badly but it was still considered moderate. I started getting facials done with AHA's and BHA's and my aesthetician recommended me to go to see a dermatologist. My skin did improve slightly with the facials, but not enough to satisfy me. When i visited my derm, she prescribed Duac gel and Clenia. Duac in the mornings, and the Clenia cream at night. These creams were a miracle. My skin cleared up completely. I would be able to touch it without worrying that I would wake up the next day with a pimple. For about 2 and a half years after that, I pretty much never broke out. I started breaking out again my junior year, but it was nothing bad, just a few pimples but it was still a pain in the ass. When i visited my dermatologist again, she told me to continue using the gel and cream and told me to cleanse my liver by doing this liver flush, and also told me to get garlic cayenne pepper herbal supplements. I followed these steps, and my skin was once again clear. That same summer, I discovered that I had a lot of annoying black heads and I wanted to get rid of them. So I would pick them. This is where my major problem began. My whole life I've had very sensitive skin, and the slightest picking or squeezing would make my zits so much worse. Of course, after squeezing out the black heads, my face started breaking out with white heads. I would pop those too. Pretty soon my face was covered in zits, and once again, i visited my dermatologist. She prescribed me tetracylcine and a new cream called Aczone, neither of them helped me at all. So we started doing these facial masks that were supposed to clear up your skin, along with microdermabrasions. These helped slightly, but still no significant improvement. After doing these masks and micros, we decided to try the IPL laser, along with the Laser Genesis. These helped a lot, but then my skin was covered in a lot of tiny pimples that looked like milia bumps. After doing about 6 laser sessions, we went back to the microderms and the masks. Then my derm suggested doing 30% salicylic acid peels. These peels completely burned my skin and didn't help much at all, so finally my dermatologist recommended Accutane. I've always heard of Accutane, but I was always too scared to do it and the thought of it made me cringe. However, I was also sick of having acne because it seriously ruined my entire social life. So one day I gave in and decided that I was going to take it after all.

The iPLEDGE crap took forever, and the waiting period of 30 days was the longest 30 days of my life. Throughout these 30 days, I talked to a lot of people that I knew that were on Accutane, and read a LOT of blogs about peoples' experiences with Accutane. Reading and talking to people helped me feel better about my decision, and I wasn't scared anymore.

I am taking 40 mg a day, 20 mg two times a day. Yesterday was my first day, and I'm not experiencing any side effects yet.

I really hope this stuff works for me, because I honestly have not been myself ever since my acne came back at the beginning of my senior year. I'm ready to get it over and done with, and forget about my acne for the rest of my life!

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