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So i have been on this stuff for a one week and 4 days. My Lips are dry but nothing unbearable, my skin is slightly dryer but nothing drastic. i hardly feel like i am on the stuff. My skin has continued to break out more. it is kinda getting frustrating because i feel like nothing is happening.

Can someone please tell me how long it took them to get dry, really dry????

How long there initial breakout lasted???

(please include starting amount of dosage)

Also does anyone know if it is bad to use clay masks while i am on it since i am not that dry yet???


OK so today is my 5th day on the stuff. still not much to report yet.

My lips have been a little bit more dryer then usual and underneath my nose has been a lil raw like how it would feel after blowing your nose a lot after a cold. My face gets a little dry after i run in the morning along with my lips but through out the day while i am working and have my makeup on my face it is still pretty greasy. I have also noticed that my mouth has been a bit dryer then usual, so i am drinking more water then I usually do though i already drink a good amount everyday. But i have not needed to pull out the face moisturizer yet. Starting this week 4 new cyst have developed on my face ugh i hate them they hurt!!! AND they are gross feeling!!!!! I just cant wait till accutane starts doing its job!

I have also made a point to tell pretty much everyone i know that i am on this stuff so A) they know i am aware of my acne and i am taking the most extreme measure to get rid of it and B) so everyone is aware that i am going to be going through some changes physically like flaky face cracking lips and such and so people can watch out for mental changes as well. I dont really like keeping stuff a secret nothing in my life is to personal not to tell everyone I know.

My sister when she was a adolescent had way worse acne then me. I got mine pretty late i started getting cystic acne when i was 17 and now i am 19 and still have it. i was on antibiotics for 2 yr and that cleared me up good but i had to eventually get off it plus i was getting yeast infections from it and that was when i started to break out again beginning of fall 2009. So here i am on the strong stuff! My sister was on accutane when she was 16 and her face cleared up real well her face is so clear and she is 21 now and still has not had a bad break out since i just hope it works as well for me! :|


Hey everyone!

So today is my second day on claravis! Not really too much to report yet, except for that my skin seems to be breaking out a little more.

The month before my doctor started me on claravis she put me on a anti-biotic to help with initial breakout. My skin appeared to calm down a bit not as much inflamed acne than I had been used to. Anyhow right before she started me on claravis she just pulled me right off the anti-biotic completely and i know that i read somewhere that not coming off antibiotics gradually can cause your face to break out worse.........so I am not sure if this sudden breakout is from is from that or if my initial breakout is already beginning.

Other than that no drastic changes have occurred yet, as i expected.


Hey everyone!

So today i went to my derm and they finally put me on claravis today. :/ kinda scared....but excited. Today was 30 days after my first blood test so everything came out good. They gave me a prescription for 60 mg ...which i thought was kind of high for my height and weight..and from what i have noticed a lot people have seemed to start with 20 to 40 mg..............but i just hope everything goes well. i really hope there is no extremely large initial breakout. I went to the the store and i bought aquafore chapstick and cetaphil face moisturizer with spf 15 in it. so tomorrow i will take my first pill. Weeeeeell wish me luck and i will post again tomorrow!! :|

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