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still breaking out

my acne s annoying me~!!

its mild when controlled with bp but PERSISTENT also the acne that i get HURTS.

its like theyre sore. i have another cyst on my chin and a nodule or watever on my cheek.

i had one on my cyst under the surface thingy area ut thats healing now.

I WANT ACCUTANE. but i kno the derm wont prescribe it to me. :):doh:

my face is dry, scaly and itchy. i cant mover it comfortaby. its like ive got onld peo[les skin

or like ive had botox or something done eirghghh guess i have to deal wth it and cotinue the bp even after nearly two years of use and never skipping an application

FML im feeling uterly depressed i have no hope.


yet again breaking out

my breakouts were stopping and my marks were nearly gone and then bam i break out again.

i have one on my chin which hurts like helll damn i dont know how people deal with chin acne its one of the most painful things. eurghhhh its a nodule or a cyst too early to tell eyt. though one good thing is that you cant see it yet so im going to see my gf today before it gets nasty. funny how i pan things around my stupide acne!!!.

got one or two on my left cheek.

right cheek was clear but now im getting two here too.

these arent little ones! theyre painful nodules or whatever which are really hard to go away!!!

i shall be spot treating with mario badescu drying lotion. for the chin thing wi spot treat with a masque it has saliyic acid in it and it eases the pain for the painful forehead ones i get once in a blue moon so ill be trying it on my chin and hopefully itl stop hurting god damn it!

still on dans regimen. stil drying flaking. i only add metazine sometimes because its drying ontop of bp with my moisturiser though it does make my skin look good when i use it like this when i go out and it makes it easier to cover acne and exhisting marks.

taking turmeric capsules, evening primrose, vit e and have also ordered garlic caplsules. and aloe vera gel.

hopefully garlic will be the miracle thing for me lets see.



still breaking out. i think one of the spots is a cyst thatll turn nasty. its under the skin atm and really hurts to the touch, also its right next to the cyst under the skin thingy which is annoying.

ive ordered turmeric pill which is antiinflmatorry and should be beneficial acne and health wise aso ordered vit c and niacin lets see how it goes.


im thinking that it was so not worth using bp only once a day i know have to suffer and deal with the consequences!!! FML i feel so angry and mostly upset i feel so sad and tired of all this :cool: i havnt seen my gf either im too disgusted with myself :wacko::(

goiing to search and order more acne produts as usual.



still breaking out i really want to see my gf but i cant bring myself because my face is revolting and new breakouts keep popping up fml

ive added jojoba to my left cheek so i might have new little friends again tonight .




i feel total crap i dont even want to talk much about my skin.

anyhow i havnt used the aha since. its not moisturising for me and my skins extremely dry :cool:

i think ill probably use it tomorrow. i dont know well see.

ive also ordered olay regenerist night cream hopefully thatll be my missing piece . its coming on tues so well have to wait and see


feelin shittt

i feel so shitty right now! i feel depressed and angry at my acne and my face for making me go through this, i feel angry at myself for letting it get to me and for letting my gf down on thurs but ill make it upto her, hopefully shell be k with it fmllllll i hate myself for this!!!!!! i hate myself for letting it get to me ughhhhhhhhh.

skin wise ...

left cheek is being a fkkkiin pain in the a**!!! ive got "something" (i dont kknow whether itll be a cyst, nodule or whatever, its just slightly raised and hurts to the touch like its still developing))) ive also got the same thing on my cheek at the bottom where i applied emu oil it isnt ready to scab over its more like a spot which also hurts to the touch.

right cheek.

the whitehead looks a horrible dark colour. i popped it as it had a little head but not much came out. ive spot treated all the above spots with mario badescu drying lotion, wich is also running out fml!!

anyhow going to apply the aha tonight again over the bp my skin is looking horrible and i need to see how much my skin can handle it!

i dont like how my skins looking and i have to deal with te shitty marks after which though is frustraing it isnt as bad as having the actual bumps! i hate the dull and dry skin.

acne i hate you go away!!


still fighting!!

ok so the spot i got on my right cheek is infact a whitehead!! im soo glad its not a nodule!! im putting mb drying lotion on it and it seems to be coming to a head and drying. i think (hopefully) it wont be too hard to deal with.

wel wel wel my left cheek is annoying!! i have something coming up next to the cyst under the skin thing. its too early to tell what it is but im hoping :cool: its not a cyst nodule or anything too hard to deal with. ive blobbed alot of bp on it today, which kind of worried me now actually because i have i dont irritate it too much. anyhow it might deal with it if its one of those little red ones i get near my nose. only time will tel i can hope for the best.

i was also breaking out on the bottom of my cheek, kind of like on the side of my mouth. i honestly dont know what theyl turn out to be like. ive managed to kill one of with the bp, one ive noticed more today and another i cant tell what it is as its red and sligtly raised. i havnt applied bo on that today because im going to be applying emu oil, if it scabs it means the bp took care of it if not ill be spot treating with mb drying lotion!.

these breakout were before the aha. i tried it last night and so far i like it! but i dont want to be keeping my hopes up ill just have to see. how it goes tbh!

my skins obv starting to get the drying and dull looking effect, which im not liking. but id rather deal with that than breakouts and then the hp after that!!!

im determined to fight this thing. and hopefully the aha in the morning will be my missing piece. ill just wait and see, but rigt now im hoping my breakouts go away!!!!!! fml 3 days till i see the gf i might postpone it beause i know ill be self conscious and i wont look at ehr and id rather eait for a better day where i can look her in the eyes, as wen i dont i know it creates problems in our relationship which i cant be dealing with right now as i beleiev shes the one and i really love her.

i ust havnt fully accepted acne. i dont think i ever will and ill only rest till i beat it!!


so im officially breaking out i woke up up breaking out on my left cheek. its too early to say what kind of spot they are, but im also breaking out on my right cheek where id ont usually break out here theres a painful nodule!!

im slapping on the bp did the regiimen in the morning to which is a shame because my skin was looking so glowy and i was recieving alot of compliments!!! fml looks like i have to thinkk if somethig else now!!!

im just planning to stik to regimen morning and night till my breakout out goes, im going to see the gf on thurs so im kind of desperate to get clear by then!.

however im thinking of trying dans aha once again and sticking to it and using it every other night, then replacing the morning bp with aha and paul and oes whitening serum and a spf on top. this should hopefully do the trick but itll be a longer process adding the aha and letting my skin get used to it ughhh!!!!!

i dont think its the paul and joe whitening serum breaking me out because im not breaking out on my forhead chin or nose touch wood. only on my cheeks where im prone to acne, i think they couldnt handle bp only once a day and needed something to fight acne during the day im hoping aha will do the trick.

let see. im so sick of this shit. but im deterined to kill it and get clear skin once in for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i also ordered 100% tea tree oil i thought id try it for spot treatment. so lets see how things go!!

ok im editing this as ive decided to use the aha tonight over the bp as a moisturiser please god dont let it make me breakout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool:


breaking out!! :(

the tiny spot on my right cheek is as good as gone BUT im breaking out on my left cheek FML.

I really like this new regimen hopefully my brekout will be nothing major and ill be able to get through it if i keep breaking out and i break out in big spots im going to have to go back to the old one of using bp twice a day. though thatll be ashame because i love how soft my skin feels, how my skin colours evening out and how i looks more healthier but i dont think its worth if if i carry on breaking out.

i think ill ust have to wait and see what these spots wil be like its too early to tell but hopefully they wont be nasty ones!!!! which leave bad marks behind!!!!!

im going to ditch the cetaphil for dry days and am going to start using dans cleanser twice daily. also im going to up the dosage of bp on a night to 3 pumps and im going to spot treat with bp during the day hopefully thatl kill the spots and illl have clear skin again (though thatl totally depend on the type of spots if theyre big ones i might have to resort to mario badescu drying lotion or aha for spot treating!!) and obv moisturise and use the p and joes whitening serum in the morning as usual.

anyhow lets see how this works out.

please i soo pray that theyre little tiny ones whill dry up with the bp please goddd :cool:



went to weddig and party all went well and i was glad that i went.

anyhow skins looking good.

i have a tiny spot on my right cheek but i think its probaly due to pillow case or irritation its nothing major and is realy small.

other wise all is good.

im really scared that im going to breakout. its like a fear at the back of my mind whichl take some time to go away.

i hope i dont break out, i like how my new regimen make my skin look and i dont want to have to change it again.



well im going to a wedding tomorrow and then party on sunday.

this means putting my insecurities aside and socialising for once. i havnt been out and seen people i havt seen in years for a long time.

hopefully all will go great.

skinwise i think its ok. but my left cheek slightly hurts when i move it, i hope its not the signs of an cyst :cool: i soo hope i dont breakout!!!!!!!!!!!!


ive changed my regimen and ive added paul and joes whitening serum ive been doing this for 2 days now.

i dont apply bp in the morning as the serum contains vitamin c and i believe it would cancel out. so what i do is wash my face with cetaphil cleanser (as much as i love dans cleanser it is too drying for me to use twice daily), moisturise with eucerin wait like 10/15 mins wash hands again and apply 2/3 pumps of serum (this is a little amount the pumps not big but it is enough to go on entire face).

anyhow at night, i wash my face with dans cleanser then treat with 2 pumps of dans bp, wait till dry wash hands apply a layer of eucerin night cream and then add another layer with eucerin night cream ad 2/3 drops of emu oil. oh i also moistuirse under eyes, morning and night with cetaphil cream as my under eyes cant tolerate eurcerin they become a pinkish colour.

i love the feeling of not putting bp in the morning my skin was just too dry and irritated even with enough moistriser and emu oil. i had tried enough moisturisers and oil methods and had enough so decided it was time to change, surely i liked not getting spots ,which i still do now and again which i think is due to the fact that my skin is being really irriated, with patches that were peeling off. ive been on the regimen for more than a year but still, i havnt goten used to using bp twice a day even if i use only one pump. which doesnt do anything for keeping acne at bay.

my skin was really really irritated, i couldnt move my face properly and it was embarassing. so with this new regimen i can feel my skin smooth out as all the flakes are coming of soo easily. and my skin looks fresher. i LOVE the serum soo far but i hope i dont jinx it!! my skin wasnt where i wanted it to be i have slight discoloration (i have light brownish skin) which is by my chin area and top of my cheeks and welll it was really annoying. i think the serums definately fading this though there isnt much difference i can tell it is slightly better and brighter.

i got a sopt last week before my NEW regimen. this i put down to the irritation as i would scrub my face to get rid of flakes with a wash cloth as i didnt want to be flaking infron of my gf!! or it was due to eating egg or yoghurt which i hadnt had before. ohh it also could have been as i ran out of vit d. which im taking again. anyhow it has flattened and i now have a mark in its place.

im going to continue this regimen. but if i do breakout im going back to using the bp twice a day and ditching the serum. hopefully i wont fingers crossed!!!! :cool:

oh i also forgot to mention i still have the cyst under the surface thingy it hasnt changed or anything its still the same but i can still feel it there pfff!!!


not agaaaiinn!!!

so i was doing the regimen and on the cyst under the surface thing i can feel somethhing!!!

its like a bloked pore only under the skin and i cant see it or anything i can just feel it!!

also when i move my cheek arond it hurts like somethings going to come up like a cyst or something1!! FML I THINK I SPOKE TOO SOON

i hope it doesnt turn into a cyst within time. god i already have scaring on this place and the remaing ugly mark and scar from the trauma previous reoccuring cyst has done!!!

:( pleaseeeeed ont be anything and just go away!!

oh i forgot to mention so far i looovee the aha my right cheek took it well so hopefully im going to put it all over as i night time moisturiser after 3 days.

thats is all.

MY HAPPINESS WAS SHORT LIVED! when i touch the cyst under the surface i can feel a blocked pore under the skin. and i know what it is from experience.

I OFFICIALLY HAVE A DORMAT CYST, and the frustrating thing is that i dont know when itl

come up :doubt::( :(


soo fkin pisssseeedddddd off right now!!


maybe improvement :)

ok so my skin is very nearly near where i want it to be and that is IF I dont break out!!

my breakout that ive had has gone leaving only marks behind which are slowly going away,

i can honestly say if i didnt have have the breakout that ive been through i would have been very nealy completely clear without the marks and all, but hey ho.

so i havnt still used the argan oil just yet im scared to but i will sometime soon.

today ive used dans aha on my right cheek to see how it takes it and will continue to do so after every 3 days if my skin doesnt breakout, im not going to be making any comprimises though if it breaks me out then it a no go. i think ill try this for about 3 week and carry on if my skin likes it. i really want nice texture and the kind of benefit aha gives you.

also sometime soon i will also replace the emu oil with argan oil and see if my skin takes it and if it does then brilliant i get really oaranoid that my gf can smell the emu oil but she asnt said anything though! oh well i would really like to use the argain oil if my skin likes it. and then use the emu oil with eucerin at night when im not using dans aha!

this will surely keep my skin ontrack and keep the breakouts, and marks away hopefully! :( i am planing this strict regimen and will continue to do so religiously as i have been doing anyways.

i will also continue to take vitamin e, evening primrose oil and also vitamin d i ran out of the zinc and nothing changed with or without it, so im keeping it atm.

what ive noticed though is that moisturising enough is a must!!!!! and getting rid of the flakes!!! otherwise they clog up and turn into little clogged pores then eventually at some point get inflamed and turn into spots or whatever may be. i on my behalf try to get rid of these as much as possible by moistursing with eucerin and emu oil and get rid of the flakes when im washing my fae with my fingers and then the towel. it has worked so far, but might not for all you people with really sensitive skin!.

also on the little marks that i do have and on the cyst under the surface ting which has gone (thank god!!! about time!; also i hope i dont jinx it!) i have used rimmel liquid foundation for a very long time this hasnt ever broke me out, and covers ok and was basicically better than what i had ever tried in making me look "natural".i dont ever use it all over my face just over pimples and marks with a little brush to make it look like i avnt got any make up on. i dont like concealers i can never make them look natrual also i dont like the texture so i use foudation a sa ocncealer if that makes sense. anyways i went out to the store to but the rimmel foundation and was p off as they brought a new one, they might have changed the packaging but this is the second or third time they had done this! i already have revlong colourstay and clinique anti solutions or something and dont like either of them which was obv a waste of money! so then i decided to go to the counter and get samples instead. i went to the estee lauder and lancome one. i lovve the lancome i used it only yesterday on my marks so i dunno if itl break me out or not but i really loved it!!! its buildable coverage, doesnt look like i have it on (so i dont think anyways) and also liked the texture and how it felt light. the estee lauder double wear i hated that i just couldnt get it to look natural and not cakey around the marks even though i had moisutruser on which made it worse and made my marks look like ive obviously tried to hide them. i must say it stays put though!!!!! that will not budge or smear or anything i put it on my had and after it dried, i tried smudge it of and it didnt which is a good thing i guess if you dont want it to come of during the day and we al know that can be an embarassment.

well thats all for now going out with the gf next week and im working on my self esteem issues and looking her in the eye thing. wish me luck!....



FML! cyst under the skin seems red and it looks like im getting something as it looks quite red :(

i hope im just paranoid and that nothing comes up :doubt: pleaseeeeeeeeeee i dont want to break out againnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


update on new breakouts

wel it looks better breakout have healed THOUGH i can steel feel bump under the skin where they were ughhh!! wel atleast theyre not hurting or anything.

the one on my cheek and chin have heaked leaving brown marks behind. the chin one still has a little bump but theres nothing i can do about it. also the one on my cheek has a bump when i touch it. now i dont know if i have to wait for the whole cycle again for it to come out or whether itl go on its own. only time will tell.

im doing the regimen still and spot treating those areas with an extra it of bp. i managed to zzap the one on my cheekbone before it came up with bp which is good and im happy about.

also ive been using more bp. usually when i go out i only put a small amout of bp all over face and then the whole moisturise and everything. and then do the regimen at night with 2 pumps of bp. this was a great combination for some but then i got the breakouts so upped the dose to 2 morning and 2 night and its been working. but my face is like the sahara dessert ughhhhh its flaky and everything which is equally upsetting. ordered the argan oil will be putting that soon if i have the ourage as im scared ill break out but lets see.

if i didnt have these breakouts again then my skin would have been fine. my other marks are very faint and light. i have a few minor scars on my right cheek which actually look better than before but they have their days. but im not too bothered about the scars on my right chee because theyre not so bad for me to get so conscious about.

thats all



tired right now so wont update much

all i can say isthat myskin is still hurting especially the chin spot when i move my face talk lough etc.

and the cheek one hurts to touch fml

the cheek one; dunno wat its doing its just there

this sucks!!

(note to self look more into argan oil and where i can buy it from for a reasonable price)



skin still lookin not good i just hope i can get past these breakouts and that i dont have anymore coming up because i dont think i can deal with anymore seriously it too drAINING!!!

i dont know what to say about the clinique spot gel. i obviously put it on but i kept getting the urge to peel it once it was dry then i applied some more and peeeled until my skin became raw and started throbbing so you can imagine the trauna ive done to my chin!!!!

so this morning i put mario badescu drying cream on had a shower and some more skin peeled off. but ive made it look so disgusting and it pains so much that ive dapped alot of emu oil to heal the top wound for the most part its too deep to do anything else

the one on my cheek. welll all i can say is thank god i put aha because in the morning a there was a little head on it, i left it and then it kindof got bigger and i thought i could pop it so after the shower i popped it and dapped it until no stuff was coming out did the regimen obviously avoided thee areas as i ddint want the spots to spread. though i dont think i fully popped it because i can see a little head thats just forming. oh well atleast it has got a head and isnt deep under i dont think. pff it still hurts a little to the tough though :( ive dabbed emu oil on it toheal it.

the one on my cheek bone is doing i dont know its just red and whatnot, ive been blobbing bp on it though. in the morning i mite spot treat it with aha. well see.

please please face :doubt: dont break out anymore i beg of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i might start looking into niacin, msm ive vaguely read about them and dont know much so i might start taking them along with the usual which i take regulalrly such as vitamin e, zinc, vit d, evening primrose oil.

i might also start looking into th eolay regenerist night moisturiser as ive read in these forums but im still abit iffy about them right now.

that is all.


getting worse!!! :(

as if it wasnt bad enough enough im gettingone on my cheek bone now too!!!! FML!

this is so fkin annoying im so done with this s :(

the one on my chin isnt doing anything infact it still hurts and is sore!!!!! not to mention the massive ugly colour of it like ive burnt it with a cig!!!eurghh

also the one one my cheek loos the same these are big nasty one that hurt that are sore big with no f head and nothing seems to do the job.

for my chin today ive been spot treating it with cliniqie spot treatment gel thing, i dunno if its wokring or not or whether its too early to tell.

my cheek one ive spot treated with aha but i dunno if itl make much of a difference as aha is best when a spot just comes up and have this one lingering for ages.

the one on my cheek bone ive just spot treated wit bp.

lets see which method works best. other areas ive done the regimen as per usual.

i dunno why im breaking out surely i should be clear by now been on the regimen for about 9 months now!!!! ive had ups and down with it so i dunno.

my right cheek is clear touch wood. but thats probably because ive had my constant breakouts on that side before the regimen and ive dealt with the outbreak maybe i have to wait it out and keeo doing the regimen on my left side too? who knowsss

anyways i realy realy hope i dont get more spots my skin is looking a mess as it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant even use cover up on these nasties it will loook blatant and flaky and sore and just disgusting.i want to hide in a black cave and not come out till my skin clears!!

going to try stay home and kill these suckers!!!!



cyst or nodule on the chin isnt doing anything eurgh it still looks a nasty mess and most of all it hurtsss!!!!!

one on my cheeks coming up 2!!!!! bleurghhh i need a good spot treatment nothings working as good.

this is getting me down!


stupid chin cyst

i forgot how nasty these chin cyst can be! omg it f hurts!!

also its not gone down or showin signs or coming to a head fml

i am really anoyed at it meeting the gf today and gosh ill be facing my right side to her soshe dunt spot it and hopefully itl be dark by the time i see her!! ffs its so annoyinn and silly how this can get to me but it is! its just i really expect not to be dealing with this right now!

anyways i think its because for one i dont do the regimin on my chin as i dont really get spots here and 2 if i do the regimen here y chin just gets tooooo dry no matter how little bp i use!!

my cyst under the skin mark thing looks kind of raised i really hope i dont get a cyst there!!!!!! please i really do!! i dunno if im being paranoid or what or if im examining my facet too much, i hope its just normal and doesnt turn into a spot or anything! :(

also i tend to get dry skin on my chin i dont exfoliate here, on my cheeks i do, like with my hand when im in the shower or washing my face to get rid of dead skin. i think thats how its come as it was a blocked pore amongst dead skin which then after about 1 or 2 weeks turnd into a cyst. maybe i should have tried squeezing it out? owell have to deal with it.

anyways the one on my nose god ive been picking at that like god nows what.! hopefully itl heal over the weekend.

i also cover my acne during the day i know i dont break out from this foundation as ive been using it for some time now even though i read that it an be comedegenic on these boards but its been fine withme ive been using rimmel foundation and i think its ok. i only use it on my hyperpigmentation and that red cyst mark to make going out more bareable. i put it on using a little brush only on areas where i need it to make it look natural.

thats is all i really want nice skin for the sumer i think ive had this crappy skin for too long!!! and its time it looked good!

acne go away already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i dont whether to be upset or abit relieved.

im upset as i have a cyst on the side of my chin which was a blocked pore.

but happy because its on my chin and not my cheeks, my cheeks dont need to go through

the cyst trauma, seen as though its likely to scar and i already have a few little scars.

meeting the gf on fri!

gosh i feel so paro about this cyst thingy eurghhhhhhhh

i hope it goes down. im just going to keep slapping mb frying cream on.

ill start doing other stupid stuff after fri as i dont want it to be horrible and sore when i go see er.

i also have a under the skin thing whih i stomped with mario badescu it seemed to be getting nasty but when i started putting the drying lotion it went away fast, only thin now though is that its under the skin and im afraid it may come up anytime grrrrr




the cyst under the skin thing mark looks awful :)

also that dot on the left side is stil there and i duno what its doing;

this is realy realy frustrating because i dont know whats going to happen

whether things are going to get worse or better :D

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